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Part 12: Battle: The Art Of Foreshadowing

Part 8: The Art Of Foreshadowing (Battle)

Last time, Katarina betrayed us and let a pack of assassins into the castle. Now, we finish off the prologue with the biggest battle yet, and the showdown starts with...Roro.

I suppose this confirms Roro was behind the events of Prologue 5, but I doubt he really needed to do it. Marth trusted Katarina just fine. He's not really the skeptical type.

So, there are a ton of enemies on this map. I'm marking these Hunters in particular to make a Caeda No Fly Zone.

Ryan and Luke double team the Thief on the left here.

Steve and Draug go right.

I'm moving Cain here to block the hunter from hitting Steve. This is a dumb idea. But you'll see that in a minute.

And I want Marth in range too.

These Barbarians have Silver Axes. That's a rank B weapon, and outside of special cases, the strongest a weapon can get.

Alright, this is the part that almost got bad. That Barbarian would have taken off nearly half Cain's health, but he missed, thanfully.

Cain doesn't miss.

Hey, whenever Luke gained Def or HP in the last few updates? Thanks.

And some chip damage on Cain and Draug. I guess Cain wouldn't have died if the Barbarian hit him, but better safe than sorry.

4 enemies left in the northern part of the map, and 8 units to kill them with. One is Wrys, so more like 7.

Holy shit, Ryan. I am sorry for all the times I made fun of you, you're pulling MVP in this run.

Some more Wrys healing here.

A Wrys level without Speed and Res?

Cleaning up the three enemies on the right side here.

And Luke disappoints me

Just the hunter left, and Marth softens him up.

Uh, Steve? Why are you stopping to read?

Oh. Critical. Yeah, those animations are dull as hell in the DS games. For comparison, in the GBA ones, Mages would draw a magic glyph in the air and shoot spells through it. Steve just kinda...leafs through the pages.

Overkill, but eh. Enemy Phase starts, and two more thieves flood in.

That was the only one that could reach us.

Marth and Steve run cleanup.

Wrys is blocked off by that damn blue box, but trust me, he's there. Ryan doesn't have magical self repair. Behold the power...


Cain ends the parade of embarrassment by smacking this thief to death.

And Luke, also ashamed of Wrys, just Vulnerary's himself.

Smooth moves, Marth.

Those enemies who were towards the bottom of the room at the start are in range now, and they begin their assault.

So, these are the enemies left on the map for now, along with Katarina and her two thief bodyguards at the bottom. Two more thieves are going to spawn in, but for now (Lost a run right before this to that happening), it's just these guys we have to worry about.

So, I make a mistake here. This range is for the thieves next to Katarina, but they won't move until she does. I...might have forgotten that.

I love when Ryan kills a guy and I screenshot it as he blinks, because it's just this empty hallway.

Marth is able to reduce this Barb to critical health, and avoid the counterattack. Good start to his career.

Luke doesn't dodge as well, but it's not all bad.

Yay. This will help in the coming...actual game.

Draug's decent attack power is really helpful here.

Another rather lackluster level from Steve. But hey, at least she's not in the teens for HP anymore.

But that was the last use of Steve's original Fire Tome. Goodbye, old friend.

Holding out here for the last few reinforcements.

Who I finally remember to screencap

Unfortunately for them, their attacks do little but give Draug a level up.

The mighty prince will not be outdone by his personality-less bodyguards!

But Draug...

Will not be outdone that easily.

And with that heal, Wrys is totally useless now. I mean, I had an extra heal staff. But I forgot it.


Well, not totally useless. Cain can still steal his Vulnerary.

And now, a Vulnerary montage.

This has been a Vulnerary montage.

So, this is the most annoying part of the whole map.

If I send in Caeda to soak up Katarina's first hit, one of her thieves does enough damage to kill her afterwards. I can't pull Katarina without pulling the thieves. So, I have to find the one character with enough HP to withstand Katarina's attack and a thief follow up. Thankfully, Cain serves that purpose.

And yes, I tried to use Wrys, but the thieves made it impossible. Sorry.

Although, oddly enough, the Thief doesn't even bother attacking Cain. He goes for Draug instead.

The thief also throws in with a sweet jump.

Now for the cleanup.

Damn. Cain does not disappoint.

Luke finally gets revenge for the infamous "personality" of Prologue 6.

But the only one who can end this


Dude, if you had helped, this map would have been near impossible. You have only yourself to blame.

Luckily, outside of the ending there, that map wasn't so bad.

: I am prepared to receive any kind of punishment.

: Steve, Katarina looked at you with such kind eyes...

Marth has never seen the blink animation.

: To think you would be concerned for the very assassin who made an attempt on your life...

I know Jagen is supposed to come off as the grumpy old man who doesn't understand the power of friendship here, but I kinda agree with him. She did just try to murder ALL OF US.

Look, if I have to fight fucking Dr. Peace again, the LP is over.

: We must prepare a guard who will defend you, sire, with his or her life...

: When the time comes, I want you to guard me. And, if possible... I want you to help her.

And, on that note, I'm going to cut here. Next time, we say goodbye to our companions, and learn what's next in store for Steve and her remaining non-murderer friends.

Also, a look into what would have happened had I answered a few questions differently.

See you guys for Part 9: Prologue Wrap-up.