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Part 16: Prep: The Man Who Would Be Dord

Part 12: The Man Who Would Be Dord (Prep)

Welcome back. Last time Big Boss died, and Marth muttered about the Patriots for like 3 hours. Also our jerkass boss Lang told us to go stop a Rebellion in Macedon.


Marth demonstrates his ability to run on water.

...Why doesn't that prison cell have a back wall? Minerva, don't lean back

Narration: They landed in Macedon; their new mission to rescue Princess Minerva. After the War of Shadows, Macedon was led by Minerva, who exiled the oppressive generals and attempted to reform the military. However, the influential General Rucke opposed Minerva's peace-seeking ways. He assembled the exiled officers to instigate a coup d'etat. Caught unprepared, Minerva was captured by Rucke's followers, and his rebel army seized control of Macedon. Then, they dispached powerful dracoknights to guard the country's forested borders.

(I didn't include screens for all of this this time, because I noticed they were getting way too long. I got the picture and the map.)

Also insanely good in this game. Seriously, fliers are ridiculous in FE12.

: Macedon's main force consists of pegasus knights and dracoknights... Both are fast and highly mobile units. In particular, there are the Whitewings, who fought under our banner in the last war... There aren't many in these lands who could match their terrifying speeds.

: I would have loved to witness their prowess...

: Steve, while we're on the subject of speed...

This line changes based on MU's speed stat, which is kind of neat.

This is the "Middle" result.

The fuck?

: Hm? You're...? Why do I feel like we've met somewhere before...?

Anna here is a recurring character in the FE games. She was in the Character Creation screen, if you remember that.

: Oh, don't worry about little old me. The important thing is that I came here to share a wonderful tip with you. Have you heard about How's Everyone?

Solid Steve.

: How's Everyone is all the rage! By checking it, you can see how everyone in your army is faring. You can watch your allies train, discover useful items, or even listen to their thoughts... So if you ever want to know how everyone is, then take a look at How's Everyone. Easy, right?

Listen to their thoughts? That's a little...uh...intrusive?

: I...see. Thanks?

: The more time passes, the more things you'll be able to see. If you ever feel the urge, then go ahead take a peek! Well, I'll be off now. Buh-bye!

So, How's Everyone is a new feature to the series. Every 15 minutes (IIRC) of System Time, it gains a "charge" up to 4 charges. Checking it in the menu consumes all the charges, and can give all sorts of bonuses, including bonus experience, free items, and temporary stat boosts.

Here's the overview screen for Chapter 2. First things first...

I actually got Malicia's stats this time. Her magic is abysmal, but that Luck stat is nice, and can help her survive a sudden "oh shit" moment if an enemy sneaks up on her.

Malicia is probably the most widely used cleric in the game, but the thread seems pretty happy with her as a mage? I'm going to get another healer soon, so if you guys think 2 female mages isn't overkill, well, let me know, and I'm willing to try it.

Here's where we start on the map. That village there is super tempting, I know. I'll get to it.

The boss here is of a promoted class, but honestly not a huge deal if you have a powerful archer on your team. That's about the only major weakness of fliers.

This guy has a face! We'll get to that.

Anyway, now I check How's Everyone.

This gives Cecille 12 EXP. Yay?

...Ryan. Do you really not know...never mind.

The Frying Pan is a joke weapon. It's the weakest Axe in the game. On the plus side, it looks hilarious.

Anyway, talking time.

Luke Support 1: Slightly Risen

Yeah, get a decent Mag stat first

Even Luke thinks this is dumb.

Damn. Steve is cold as ice.

This is a quality blink.


Actual Quote from Lang:

I love that Jagen describes this as "EXTREMELY RUDE".

One Prince/ss out of 3 ain't bad.

[img] Marth's Minerva/Michalis/Macedon Memory Minute [/img]

I guess I was a bit early on giving this exposition last update. I forgot the game did this. Eh.

So, that was representing a special technique in Shadow Dragon where you could surround an enemy with Palla, Catria, and Est to do a special attack that did a ton of damage. Sadly, it's pretty impractical to deploy all 3 at once.

Well, that's about it for this update. However, there's a bit of a poll I want to conduct.

People have mentioned that Ryan would make a pretty good Myrmidon due to his impressive Strength and Skill stats. So, I'm putting it up to a poll.

Should we reclass Ryan to Myrmidon?

Here are his initial stats upon reclass.

-A really strong melee unit.
-A decently fast melee unit.
-Very high crit chance.
-Ryan sounds like Raiden so I can make a bunch of dumb MGR puns.

-Losing out on bows will hurt when fliers get popular.
-Starting at an E-rank in Swords.
-Only one range.
-Ryan sounds like Raiden so I can make a bunch of dumb MGR puns.

Just put your votes in your posts. I'll announce the decision before the battle update goes up.