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Part 18: Prep: Old And Senile

Update 13: Old And Senile (Prep)

It's time for another adventure with Marth and the gang. Today, actually helping our old friend instead of being distracted by a nearby fort.

3 people. 0 eyeballs.

Narrator: A century ago, the dragonkin rulers sent many slaves to these wild forests, to excavate ruins and build a country. Many slaves were forced to work to their limits, barely fed, and then slaughtered. A young man stood up against such tragic conditions. Iote was his name. He and his companions fled to the forests and fought, astride wyverns, to free the slaves. After Dolhr's demise, the slaves established their own country in these now abundant lands.
And the hero Iote was chosen as their first king. And so was born the Kingdom of Macedon, later feared as the domain of dracoknights.
However, the mighty Macedon was stripped of Prince Michalis, said to be the second coming of Iote, and is now on the brink of losing Princess Minerva, the so-called "Crimson Dragoon."

Here's some backstory that actually explains one of the series' recurring items, Iote's Shield. Michalis had it in the last game.

Steve? The fuck are...

That seems counterproductive.

: A strong offense and a tough defense are obviously important, but... You cannot afford to neglect your skill. Without the skill to deliver it, it matters not how mighty your attack is if it does not reach the enemy. Speaking of which...

Another one of those sections that varies depending on MU's stats. I really like these.

Eh, mages. Not the best.

: Yes, Sir Jagen!

Well, let's get to the ol' prep screen. First things first, we got Linde last time...

Little underwhelming at first. (4 mag.) But she has good growths, and can use the female only Tomes, Aura and Nosferatu. Speaking of Aura...

It's damn good. And Linde can use it early. But we have eh.

Here's my setup for this map. I'd like to bring Gordin too, since this map is chock full of Dracoknights, but I already have two bow users, so it should be ok.

Give that stick to Mallesia, Marth! You can't use the healing stick.

Time to check How's Everyone. I got 5 scenes this time, for whatever reason.

Marth's deforestation effort is going well.

Stop giving me things for Cecille

Ooh. It's a weaker version of the Brave Lance, it hits twice as many times. It's not bad, so I might toss it on someone.

Time for some base conversations.


"I mean, the kid's a huge fuckup. Don't tell him, but jeez."

Jagen understatements: "Rude." "Drama."

Fuck Mathis

This is good advice, there are thieves on this map who can ruin villages.

It's Fire Emblem, that's gotta be a hell of a big orphanage.

"There was also a bandit named "Hymen". Cain kept giggling."

He really talked like this.

"He sucks."

"It makes me feel like kicking a puppy."


Next time, the map begins, and we're introduced to two obnoxious mechanics!



Join us next time for Marth being ruined by a bridge.