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Part 20: Prep: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance

Update 14: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance (Prep)

Last time, we did a really boring chapter and got the best Jagen scene in the game. Thankfully this next one is much shorter and less...mind numbing.

...Oh. Well, there we go. Not much to say about that.

This chapter isn't very big. We only have 6 deployment slots for units, and this is the extent of the height of the map. It is a little wide though, but we'll see that when I actually start playing the map.

Oh, and here's Kleine. Haven't seen her since...Prologue 5? I know those stats are scary, but don't worry about it.

Here's my preliminary lineup for this map. Marth is required, Steve will be good against the huge amounts of Knights on this map, Arran is still useful, though I could probably replace him with someone like Warren for more ranged damage or Bord/Cord to use that Hammer we got. Ryan is still demolishing all in his path, and Luke/Catria provide mobility, which is good here for reasons that will become apparent.

I'm also considering maybe Palla instead of Catria, or a reclassed Malicia instead of Steve. Feel free to let me know your opinions.

(Also Marth still has the Bridge Key)

Heading into How's Everyone, we get the usual:

Ooh, this is nice. Ogma's Blade has the Might of a Silver Sword with the 20% Crit boost of a Killing Edge. And it's C rank. Definitely going to have to put it to good use.

Simple, but appreciated.

Eww. No wonder you're so sick, you're just drinking shit you find on the ground.

(blink animation i missed you)

This would be cool if taking Julian into a map filled with knights wasn't suicide.

Steve makes progress towards her next inevitably disappointing level up.

Now for the bulk of this update, talking. Look at all those Support Conversations!


: Forest?

We're in the mountains. Steve is rightfully confused.

: I'm a hunter, after all.

Warren's social skills are...lacking.

: I'm glad you understand. I thought you didn't like me.

: It's just that I'm used to being alone. I'm not good at talking...

: I see. But, I heard you're acquaintanced (sic) with Dame Catria?

: Yeah... A long time ago I treated Catria's pegasus after an accident.

: I see, so that's how you met...

I just noticed how often Steve says "I see,".

: Oh dear, does he not like me after all...?

Poor Steve. Forever confused.

Malicia's Steamy Fan Fiction

: Yes, that's right. I am Steve. And you are?

She's been here for like 3 maps Steve, are you kidding?

: I'm Malicia. There's something I wanna know. About my dear prince...Prince Marth.

I am not making up any of the following dialogue.

: Your dear prince? Well, he is a prince, but...

: You see, men are such disgusting creatures, but Prince Marth is totally different.

What's the reverse of ?

: He reached out to me, gently, with his comforting eyes. He even promised to marry me, right in front of Granny...

: Really? I find that difficult to believe...

: Prince Marth came gallantly galloping to my rescue riding a white horse...

: My liege doesn't ride a white horse.

: Let's not fuss over the details.

: Prince Marth might want it in Altea, but I want Granny to see me in a wedding dress...And then, after the wedding...We'd look up at the night sky from the castle's balcony, just the two of us...And I'd say "isn't it beautiful?" Then he'd whisper into my ear, "Not nearly as much as you are..." And then, and then, we'd kiss gently under the moonlight...

Well that was...something. Moving on. Quickly.

Arran's Knighthood

: To be a knight...?

: Yes, sir. What is it that really defines a knight? I've always pondered this. Be it prowess, nobility, or loyalty...Each knight seems to have a different answer. I want to know what you think, Sir Arran.

"Mr. Knight, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Knightly-Pop?"

: The way of the knight, huh...? Sadly, I can't teach you... Argh! Cough! Guh!

: Sir Arran, are you all right?

: ...Yes, this happens all the time. No need to fret. Steve, before serving Prince Marth...I used to be a wandering knight. I have served two masters. I am not worthy to speak about what it means to be a knight.

: But that's exactly why I wanted to ask you, Sir Arran. I've been thinking...Perhaps there's more than one way to be a knight. Maybe each knight holds his own meaning in his or her heart. I am inexperienced as a knight, so I was hoping you could help me find my way, Sir Arran...

: ...Sorry, but I still haven't figured it out for myself. I'm afraid I can't help you.

: I see...that's a pity.

: I'm sorry.

This is fraught with "..."s and foreshadowing. I'm sure this won't lead to something heartbreakingly dark and sad.

Sibling Rivalry

: Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to have a big sister.

: I understand that feeling. What if I had a sibling...? That question often crosses my mind. I wanted a brother, maybe. A younger one.

Ryan's supports are pretty dull. Steve has no siblings. That's about the most interesting thing you'll get out of this.

: Really?

: Yes. If I had a little brother, I think I'd pamper him a lot.

: It'd be nice if you were my big sister, Steve. Then us three would be siblings...

The first person to photoshop Ryan, Gordin, and Steve onto that stupid Mt. Rushmore thing on Ocelot's boat in MGS4 gets an imaginary promotion to Thread Co-Chief.

: Heehee, you're right. Had I been born in your family, Ryan...I think we'd make good siblings.

: Yes, I can picture it. If I had a big sister who's strong and pretty like you, Steve, I'd brag about you to everyone.

I wonder how different this conversation is if you have a male MU.

Three Box Strategy With Jagen

Well, that was...enlightening.

Next time we'll get back to the gameplay.