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Part 21: Battle: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance

Update 14: The Bald And The Beautiful: Wrysvengeance (Battle)

Welcome back. This time we face a decision that could change the course of the LP, nay, history, forever. Also Wrys is in it so that's cool.

We're starting with How's Everyone, because it's recharged now.

This is a Stave that increases Speed by 2 for a short time.

Like the other Glass weapons, the staff is very effective at healing, but only has 3 uses.

I'll go over this more later, but Rody's Lance is pretty unremarkable.

Steve. We need to talk about your Strength obsession. It's just not working out.

I'm okay with this, but it's easily the least interesting of the lot. Anyway, time to free up a mage slot.

Yes. Yesssss. She already has better Mag. than Steve. 7. Levels. Lower.

So, you might remember that Rucke dropped the Taurus shard when we took him out in the last chapter. Any character carrying the Taurus shard gets a boost to both Strength and Defense, which is a pretty good deal, even if it is only by one point each.

I'm going to have Luke hold onto it. I'm sure he'll take good care of it.

And filling in for Malicia today we have Steve, trying out Cleric because...why not.

This is the party I'm going with for this chapter. There were other good candidates, but only 6 deployment slots means I have to be more selective than normal.

Oh, and here's Malicia's inventory. Note the Nosferatu. That is an incredibly good weapon, and all female characters can use it at E magic rank. This will come in handy.

Here's the stats on Rody's Lance. Pretty nice for an E rank weapon.

I also gave Luke Ogma's Blade for this one. Now then, I think I've dithered around this long enough. Let's start it up.

Wrys is in a precarious situation immediately here.

And these two are back from the prologue to cause us more trouble.

: Tsk! What a nuisance. Eine, I hate to admit it but you were right about this outcome. Alteans never abandon their comrades... You sure learned a lot about that trash from your time staying with them.

: ...

The ellipsis is going to get another workout in this conversation.

: My job is to kill, one by one, everyone who sided with Marth in the previous war.

This line might make Kleine the most genre savvy villain in the entire series.

: ... Kleine, are you really up for the task?

: I don't need to get MY hands dirty, do I? My underlings can get the job done. We're hardly dealing with strong enemies.

Someone hasn't seen Luke's last few level ups. Or has seen Steve's.

: You'll die if you underestimate Steve and the others, Kleine. I served as Steves tactician, but I wasn't much help as one; I didn't give them the advice a tactician should give. Even without me, Steve and the others are strong.

: What? Have you become attached to the Alteans after your little frolic with them? Then, just sit there and watch. Watch hard and well as I kill your beloved companions. Oh yes, and please... don't get in my way, okay?

Kleine isn't the most unhinged of the villains in this game, but she's pretty high on the list.


Over on the other side of the map, Marth one rounds a Knight with the Rapier.

Pretty satisfying level there.

This is a crit. Have I mentioned how great Ogma's Blade is?

So, here's why I'm a fan of Nosferatu. That's not only pretty good damage from a character who just class changed into a Mage, but some of that damage is healed onto the user. This can be vital in keeping squishy mages alive, like Malicia.

I'm trying to get Catria and Palla across the map ASAP to save Wrys, but those archers present a problem. All in good time, I guess.

Pictured: Nosferatu owns. Malicia did get hit by that knight, FYI. She just doesn't give a damn.

The archers ran for Marth and Luke, so I have Steve patch the prince up before starting the turn for real.

Marth just barely doesn't finish this enemy.

Malicia manages it.

As do Catria and Luke on the other archer.

The bulk of our units are advancing quick, but Wrys is running out of room to flee.

: If by some chance those rats aren't dead when I return... I'll make sure YOU'RE dead, got it?

At the start of this turn, Kleine leaves. Yeah, this chapter has no boss. She just decides to screw off, despite Marth literally being right there. Interestingly, Kleine does have quotes for fighting and being defeated in this chapter, but I can't think of a feasible way to see them, aside from maybe having a Dracoknight Arran making a literal beeline for Kleine here. For completion's sake...

When attacked:

: Wait... what? Where did you lot come from!?

When defeated:
: Tsk! This is bad... To think I'd run from the likes of you... I'll remember this!

So it doesn't affect the plot in any way, but it's kind of an interesting touch.

Catria and Palla are hot on Wrys' heels now, and Steve is still patching people up in the back.

Cutting it so damn close now.

But the Cavalry (peg knights whatever) has arrived!

Catria runs like hell to join her sister, but I can't kill that knight this turn. That means Wrys is going to have to take a hit.

I also forgot something important. Remember when Kleine mentioned reinforcements?

Oh fuck reinforcements!

This is much less worrying.

So, here's the issue here. Marth is just barely out of range. Steve is dying. Malicia cannot double this knight. But in the nick of time...

I am saved by How's Everyone. I have never even used one of these before.

I can't even be mad about that Mag growth anymore. Just stare blankly at the screen.

And thus, Malicia's streak of godly levels was broken. And she still gets Mag.

Luke demonstrates the application of Ogma's Blade to a random knight.

And Palla takes care of the other one. Just 2 left on the map now, and Wrys is safe.

I celebrate by having him heal Palla. Now that we have Wrys back for good, I guess I should go over him again. Wrys is pretty much worse than Malicia in almost every way. He doesn't have her stats or her exclusive staves. Prologue usability only gets you so far, sadly. Although I still love him.

Nice of you to join us, Marth.

This Knight tries to fuck with Catria and eats a crit for his troubles. One left now.

And that's all she wrote for this one.

Steve, you can heal now anyway!

: We have repelled the assassins, but we cannot afford to linger here.

: I agree. I'm worried about Ogma. Let us hurry to Lord Wendell's place!

I love how Marth calls it his "Place". Like it's Wendell's bachelor pad, filled with lava lamps and pin up posters of the world's sexiest pope hats.

: I warned you. The Altean army is strong...

And that was only 6 of us!

: Gosh, Eine. You can be annoying sometimes. Whose side are you supposed to be on? Don't tell me you're thinking of betraying Lady Eremiah?

Important name alert.

: ...No. That thought could never cross my mind. We all live for Lady Eremiah. For her sake, I must defeat Steve... I know that well enough.

I'm sure that'll all be explained later. But for now, AN IMPORTANT CHOICE .

We missed you too, buddy.

:Not since knight training, eh, Sir Wrys?

: Indeed, and you've become even stronger than you were then... ...Oh, did your hair grow a little?

how can he tell

: Really? Well, it is true I haven't had the time to take care of it since we left Altea...

: You know, a haircut like mine is astonishingly easy to take care of.

: I-I can imagine...

: If you so wish, I could shave your head, so it's like mine.

: Eh?

That's 2 "eh"'s in this conversation alone. Did a Canadian translate this bit? I know you're there, Gnar avatar guy! (who has been super helpful in providing info on the fan translation and such thanks man)

: As I'm a monk, I'm quite used to shaving heads. It's quite alright. If you don't like it, you can just let your hair grow and have your previous haircut back.


Will we abandon the trademark mop to follow in the path of Wrys, our best friend (Shut up, I have declared it canon )? Or will Steve keep her hair? (If we vote for "shave" and regret it I can reverse it almost immediately afterwards so it's not a huge deal, but eh.)

Here's the dialog for if you choose to shave, because I think it's funny. (The other option is literally one line of Wrys going "oh okay".)

: Yes, please.

: Very well. Then, give me a moment to prepare. ...Are you really sure?

Does he just carry the scissors everywhere? Can that be a new class? Scissormancer?

: Y-yes...

: Then, please sit down. Now, close your eyes...

And, uh...that's that. So, between now and this weekend, I'm going to leave voting open. WILL WE SHAVE THE STEVE? Just post your vote, bolding it helps. For reference...

Marth's reaction is gold.

Anyway, cast your votes, and next time we'll go into:

Update 15: World's Best Disguised Paladin