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Part 22: World's Best Disguised Paladin

Update 15: World's Best Disguised Paladin (Prep)

The votes are in, and we are shaving with Wrys. As for the actual plot, Marth is going to find Ogma at Wendell's house to try and help protect the kids he previously allowed Lang to kidnap.

Hmm, I wonder which of them is the full grown mercenary?

Narrator: in order to help Ogma and the Grustian royal children, he decided to visit Wendell, who was once the childrens' guardian. However, the "Holm Beach" where Wendell resides is dominion of the infamous Macedonian Vikings. Countless pirates await in Marth's path. Will Marth be able to safely rescue the children...?

: Steve, may I have a moment?

Welcome back, smug Marth.

Sounds good!

As you can see, we already have a much bigger deployment roster than last chapter, because this one is a lot bigger.

This map has a lot of enemies, but they aren't too high level.

This guy has an amazing portrait. Also, I was told there would be vikings. These look like pirates to me.

And this fellow looks rather suspicious, but we'll get to that.

Preliminary lineup here. We're gonna try this shaved Steve thing and see if it throws any Mag her way.

Now then, How's Everyone time!

You don't want that, Bord. That's the joke Tome.

Still not enough to make me use you, Rody

I hate you.

Base conversations time!

Chillin' with Catria

: Excuse me, you are Steve of the Royal Guard, right?

: Just Catria is fine, thanks. We're comrades, so I'd be happy if we could talk normally between us.

: All right, I'd like that too. We've already fought together for a while.

Steve evidently remembers Catria a lot better than Malicia.

: That we have. I've seen you battle many times. You fight with peerless devotion to protect Prince Marth. Just as I'd expect from Prince Marth's Royal Guard.

: I'm honored. Thank you for your praise. I've watched you fight too. You're incredibly powerful. I admire you as a fellow female warrior.

I like how there are slightly different base conversations for both genders of MU. Effort!

: Ha... you embarrass me.

: In the coming battles...I believe we'll fight together many times. I'm counting on you.

: Yes, likewise.

She's probably right, Catria is seriously really good, and she's a strong contender for slots on any team.


: *huff...puff...*

: *pantpant*

Uh...Luke? alright there?

: Luke, are you listening? Let's continue training already.

: D-don't talk to me please... I'm dying here...

R.I.P. Luke. Died inbetween chapters. Guess we have to use Rody now.

: What are you saying? We aren't even half done.

: Y-you're joking, right...?

Isn't that what you do all the time? Well, without the running. That's what the horse is for.

: H-hey, why do you look just fine...?

: That's because I'm accustomed to this since my childhood days.

: Y-you've been doing this training from hell since you were a kid...?

: Now, that's just rude.

: Scratch that, I'm starting to wonder if you're even human...

: Okay, you've gone too far now. Fine, if you can't move then I'll just have to drag you along.

Luke has the best supports. This next one is...uh...something, though.

Naked Body

: Hello, Steve. Yes, but it's nothing important.

: There is no need to concern yourself; please tell me what you wish to do and I shall do it in your stead.

: Thank you. But it's okay, I'll be back soon.

: Then, I shall accompany you.

Steve. Social skills. Come on.

: I appreciate it, but...Steve, I'm not going anywhere dangerous.

: Still, it would be terrible if anything were to happen to you, sire. It is my duty as your Royal Guard to protect you at all times.

: I-I see. Hmm...the truth is...


: So you just wanted a bath...I'm sorry, how embarrassing of me.

: Oh no, it's okay. I'm really happy that you'd go that far to protect me.

Well, that was sufficiently awkward for today.

Anything Bad.

: If only we had met the princess, we might have been able to avoid confronting Lang like that...

Well, Minerva probably would have bashed his head in, knowing her.

: I myself have no regrets. The question is how he's going to react. I just hope he won't do anything bad...

I sure hope the creepy bastard who slaughtered innocents, kidnapped children, and abducted women from random villages doesn't do anything bad as well, Jagen.

: According to Lang, Sir Ogma took the prince and princess of Grust and is going to meet Lord Wendell. We, too, came here to join Sir Ogma, but this is pirate territory. We must proceed carefully.

I was promised vikings!

Dead Sirius

: Sir Jagen, I have returned with the scouts. These are the details.

Jagen can see the map screen. He's in my head!

: The details are unclear. The scouts say he's a masked man of unknown identity.

: Hm... But if he's a paladin, I doubt he's conspiring with those bandits.

They do tend to never bother with mounted units.

A few more hints here for good measure.

And that's all for prep on chapter 4. Next time, a ton of new units, Pirate/Vikings, and sand tiles.