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Part 26: Prep: Any Number Of Puns Involving The Word Lang

Update 17: Any Number Of Puns Involving The Word Lang

Alright, time to actually deal with Lang. This has been a long time coming, so the game doesn't want to fuck around.

There's not even any dialogue before the chapter starts.

This map is a little different than any of the previous ones.

This building is full of locked items. Chests and doors. They can be unlocked by their corresponding keys, or with Julian/Rickard. Speaking of Rickard, he's the thief in that screenshot. Here's one nice thing about waiting to recruit Rickard, he's not taking up a deploy slot in the map with tons of locks.

Oh, see this guy? Fuck this guy. This is a Swarm Bishop. He's basically the magic equivalent of a balista.

Let's move onto How's Everyone.

(This is a good blink)

Fascinating. More words, incoming.

Steve makes the most sumptuous pastries (Malicia 2)

: He was just toying with me...

: Oh yes... I've heard the story. You told Sir Jagen you were going to marry Prince Marth and asked to meet him privately. It's no surprise you made Sir Jagen furious...

Furious Jagen would be a pretty good screen name.

: But, Prince Marth looked at me with such sparkling eyes. And even Granny was fooled, too... Ohh... Prince Marth played with my pure, innocent heart...

I haven't gotten to use this in way too long:

: What? No, that's not true. Stop making such outrageous claims. I can't let you spread strange rumors about my liege.

: But, it was my first love... Sniff, sniff.

: Don't cry... All right, come on. I'll buy you a pastry, so please stop crying.

Where are you going to find one in Lang's evil castle?

: Don't treat me like a kid. I'm a grownup! ...The pastry has to be sweet, got it?

: You do want it, don't you?

: I like sweet pie, like Granny used to make...

: All right. I'll do what I can. So cheer up, okay?

: Thanks Steve. You're on my side, aren't you?

: Huh?

: You're right. What matters now is how Prince Marth and I feel about each other! I won't give up just because that old sack of bones won't allow it. Thank you, Steve. I'll do my best!

: Oh dear, how do I fix this mess now?

Admittedly, that was a pretty good support.

His name is Guard backwards (Draug 1).

: Steve, how are things?

: Very well, sir.

: You don't need to be so formal with me. You're not an apprentice anymore. Here, we are both comrades protecting Prince Marth together.

Draug is pretty boring. So much so I didn't even have a portrait uploaded for him, despite him appearing first in...Prologue 6?

: Yes, thank you very much. But you're such a humble man, Sir Draug. Despite your strength and valor, you don't brag at all.

: Oh, I'm not that strong...

: No, Sir Draug, you are a hero. I wasn't wise to the details before, because I came from the countryside. But now that I'm traveling the lands and hearing stories about the previous war, I'm continually impressed. They speak of Sir Draug the hero, who repelled all of his foes with his impenetrable defense...

: Well, rumors are often exaggerated...

: Sir Draug, I'll do my best every day to get close to your level.

: Well, enthusiasm is good. Work hard, Steve.

Furious Jagen

: Therein lies Lang, oppressor of the people, the one who led General Lorenz to death, and kidnapper of the Grustian children... It's time for us to punish him for his sins. And then we shall return to Altea, and reclaim our homeland from Archanea.

The Sepia Swordsman

: About Prince Marth? Or about our next battle?

Steve's Marth obsession has reached the point where she seems to think she knows more about him than his fiancee. Or she just can't tell that's Caeda. No vision and all.

Navarre (Nabarl if you live in one of those fancy Europe places) is a myrmidon from the first game. He was sort of the prototypical swordsmaster, fragile but with high critical rates and really good speed. If you're familiar with Guy, Joshua, Zihark, Lon'qu, etc., you know Navarre, really.

: Navarre... I've heard that name before. He's a remarkable swordsman, right?

: Yes. But Navarre was our ally in the last war, so I'm sure he'll understand if I talk to him.

Dick joke.

: S-So that's how you persuaded him?

: Hmm? Yes, why? Steve, if you happen to meet Navarre, let me talk to him... please.

I am...not sure why Steve is so bothered by that?

Preliminary lineup for this chapter.

So, I just realized we got Caeda at the end of Chapter 4, but I totally forgot to show her until right now. Here she is. Like I said way back in the third update, Caeda's not the goddess of death she was in Shadow Dragon, but that doesn't mean she's not good. The Wing Spear, her exclusive weapon, works just like Marth's Rapier, supereffective on horses and armored units.

I decided to do a little Drill Grounds grinding for two of our newest characters.

And, that's about all the lead up for this chapter. Next time, Nest of Evil.