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Part 29: The Hat

Update 18: The Hat (Battle)

So, uh, I have a confession to make. Two, really. I totally didn't show the fancy way to do this chapter. I got by, but a lot of it was just my units stats being in the right spots. Secondly, I remembered wrong, and this is not the chapter where we get The Hat. So make up your own title. Anyway, you know the drill for the start of these by now.

Seriously, who keeps leaving these around?

Well, you have to be a massive hypocrite about it first.

Oh, I used this on Barst because I thought it might be needed due to his low Def (It wasn't.)

I also gave Steve Libra to help her dodge shit.

Caeda also gets the Cancer shard and ascends to her new class of "Non-Winged Horse"

Wait, hold on a sec. Didn't Jagen say we saw these guys ahead of time? How the fuck did they surround us? Goddammit, Jagen.

: I see. However, don't lower your guard. Our enemy is the Altean army... We know how strong they are.

: But Caesar, are you really fine with this? We did fight under Altea's banner in the previous war...

: We're mercenaries. We have no liege. I need gold, and will do anything for it. Even selling my soul to the devil.

Souls are probably still worth less than those large Bullions. 10,000, damn.

: Gold, huh... Indeed, when we get the reward from Emperor Hardin... I'm sure we could save her. Alright, let's do it, Caesar!

: Radd, there's no need for you to follow me. My sister is my business. The Altean army is strong. You'll die if you're careless.

: I'm doing this for my own interests, too. So I'll tag along with you, Caesar. As I always have, and always will.

: Very well. Then, let's go!

Meanwhile, on the top part of this tiny map and probably within earshot of everyone...

: Yeah, yeah. It's finally my turn now. Weeheehee. Together with those mercenaries, we'll give Marth a royal funeral.

Roro is back, and he's picked up the ability to make puns.

: It seems some of those mercenaries were Marth's allies in the previous war. I do wonder if they'll be of any use.

: So what? Doesn't matter. If they're useless, all I have to do is kill him myself.

: Bah, I don't like you getting the best part. Oh well, do whatever you want.

Well, last time you had a chance you ran away...

Okay, here we go. This chapter is kind of puzzle-y if you want to recruit Caesar and Radd. Talking to them doesn't do a thing. To recruit them, you just have to finish the map with them alive, like Horace in FE11. Because of that, I brought a bunch of units with high defense, like Sirius, Luke, and...Ryan, somehow. (No seriously, he has the highest Def.)

First things first, this knight needs to go down. After Rapier, all that was left of him was this Vulnerary.

Steve crits one of the fighters to death.

And here's one of the central mechanics here. You can unequip a unit's weapon to prevent them from making counterattacks. I was worried Radd would go for Luke, and Luke would kill him on the counter, so I de-equipped his weapon to prevent that.

Barst and Caeda finish off the other fighter.

As soon as the enemy turn starts, Roro tosses his Hand Axe at Steve. Sadly for our masked pal, he had a 13% chance to hit. You can guess how that went.

I moved Sirius to block the other bridge, but forgot to unequip his weapon.

Somehow, by the grace of the Fire Emblem gods, this does not end up biting me in the ass.

I'll take that.

Meanwhile, the fighters charge Marth, and give him a nice level up in Swords. Thanks, guys!

Unequipping this now in case this goes another turn, because, uh.

This was a close call.

A Caeda and Luke tag team finishes off the fighter here.

Barst goes south and unequips to block the remaining fighter (And Radd if he comes this way.)

Ryan moves to block the last bridge Radd can cross, but I don't have to unequip his weapon. Thanks, bows!

Instead of beating up on the defenseless Sirius, Caesar decides to run all the way down there and pop a Vulnerary.

No damage.

Time for the epic confrontation with Roro.

Steve Crit him. One shot. Hail our blinded lady of bad haircuts.

I'm not going to do that "People die if you kill them" picture. Look it up if you want that joke.

And Steve leve-



i cleared the rest of the enemies.

I guess

: I surrender. Kill me or whatever.

Squall joke hahaha STEVE GAINED MAG

: Caesar, I'd like to hire you and Radd if possible. I want you to come with us. You and Radd fought by my side in the previous war. You're both my comrades.

I should note that Radd doesn't even speak throughout the rest of this scene. I think he's just too ashamed of doing zero damage to the bow wielding 17 year old child.

steve gained mag

: Prince, forgive me, but we're mercenaries. All we did in the previous war was fulfill our duties as hired swords.

: It might have been just a job for you two... But not to me. Both of you are my precious comrades. You were then, and still are now.

I get the feeling Marth is that kind of guy who sends Christmas cards to every cashier he meets.

: Prince... I appreciate your willingness to say such kind words to mercenaries like us. However, at the end of the day, we're hired swords. Therefore, we ask for gold. Prince, Archanea occupies your country. It's obvious you don't have the extra resources needed to pay us.

How high are their rates if two guys require an entire country's treasury to hire them? They aren't even very good.

: Well, you have a point...

: Gold shouldn't be an issue. Prince Marth will reclaim Altea, our homeland. Altea may be occupied by Archanea now, but we shall defeat them. And then, you'll have the gold you seek.

: Do you... honestly think you stand a chance? Against a powerful kingdom like Archanea?

: Of course. Besides, I'm sure you don't have a choice, at this point. Since you've failed your mission, Archanea won't pay you the gold you seek anymore. If you're a hired sword working for gold, following Prince Marth would serve your interests better. Am I wrong?

Steve, master of Economics.

and gaining mag fucking what really now you do that NOW

: ...Indeed, your argument is sound. As we've failed, we have no other options. Prince Marth, Radd and I are now your hired swords. We shall accompany you for as long as you wish us to.

: Thank you, Caesar.

This is a good point to mention that Roro's name in the translation for Awakening is "Legion". That should start making sense now.

: Sigh, whatever. So, are you the real Roro? Or just another clone?

Who knows? I forgot. Weeheehee. The Alteans are strong. Next time, I'll bring all my brothers.

Yeah, we still haven't seen the last of him. But we have another returning character awaiting us in the next chapter. See if you can guess who it might be.

fuckin' hell

Next time, Update 19: Will the real Slim Swordsman please stand up? (And the real hat)