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Part 31: Battle: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up?

Update 19: Will The Real Slim Swordsman Please Stand Up? (Battle)

It's been a while, but it's time to finally resolve the "Where the hell is Navarrebl" plot point. First of all, How's Everyone?

No, that's pretty terrible

Sorry, we have Jagen for that now.

I decided to change Caeda back to a Pegasus Knight for this chapter, because Cavaliers kind of blow on this map, due to all the forests.

I also decided to give Radd a go. So, let's get started.

That does not look like a good starting position.

: ...

That's a good summary of Nabaljablrj's dialog.

: No, it can't be! You're... one of them... as well? Oh, fine... Do your worst! If you're going to kill me, do it fast!!

: The Altean army is marching towards the south of this forest. I'll take you to them.

I like that our troop movements are common knowledge, even to someone who has presumably been living with bandits in the woods for a while now. Somehow this is Matthis' fault.

: Huh? You're going to help me? You mean, you're not with the thieves?

: Until just now, I was. But, I've changed my mind.

: Why...?

Because whenever Navarre sees a woman he gets all nervous. He's actually a junior high aged boy.

: There's someone in the Altean army that I want to see. That's all.

: Hmmm... But really, it's 'cause I'm cute, right? At any rate, I'm glad. My name's Feena. I'm a dancer from Warren. People say that once they see my dancing, they feel instantly refreshed! I can show you, if you like. Oh, I should tell you my story: I got separated from my troupe, and wandered into this forest. And then, those horrible thieves came and tried to take me by force... But it's okay now. You seem kind of scary, but actually you're very kind.

This is so many text boxes.

: We'll cut our way to the west corner, and then escape through there. If you want to live, then shut up and come with me.

I'm not doing that. I have a lazier solution.

: Ah... Y-yes, sorry...

Nabarl is finally in our party, and he's really damn good. Good bases and good growths, and he comes with the powerful Killing Edge. He's never not going to be a little squishy, but he's bulkier than Steve right now (most are) and he'll be doubling most enemies for pretty much the whole game.

Feena is one of the only classes (Non Promoted) we haven't seen yet. In fact, she's totally unique. Feena is a Dancer. They're a utility class I'll explain in a bit, but what you need to know for now is that she can equip swords. It does not mean she should. She pretty much does no damage, is super squishy, and should be kept out of combat if at all possible. That said, her utility is great.

So, Navarre attacks the west Thief.

Feena approaches him and uses the Dance command.

And now Navarre gets his turn back. Feena can give a second turn to any unit in her range once per turn. This is pretty damn useful, but remember to keep her out of the fray.

I'm marking this guy IMMEDIATELY, because we need Scorpio. He can escape, and you're fucked if he does. Reset.

Now, you're supposed to use Nabarvel to protect Feena until the rest of the army can arrive, but that can get a little difficult, and I'll be honest, I didn't feel like figuring it out. So I brought Wendell...

And the Rescue Staff.

Feena, come here please.


The main group advances from the southwest. Some of these thieves, like this one, will attack you, others will immediately run for the bridge in the northwest corner.

These Hunters are way more dangerous than their thief friends, so I go for them first.

Malicia is back to her great levels. Welcome back, you crazy, crazy person.

Here's a little trick you can use with Feena. I move Catria part of her full range.

Feena dances for her.

And now she has the movement to reach this other hunter and finish him off.

Still continuing that slow advance. Fuck the forest. At the start of the enemy turn, there's a scene.

Thankfully he's true to his word, the scary hero batallion in the Northwest is harmless if you don't attack them on this difficulty.

Some of the thieves attempt to defy their Catria based fate.

It doesn't work.

Gotcha, asshole. The Scorpio Starshard gives +2 Speed to its holder.

Using the Feena movement boosting trick on Caeda too.

There was a thief here. It's gone now.

That was a lot of shit from that one Thief. The Angelic Robe is a consumable that raises a unit's max HP by 7.

The main group is catching up now, but we're not done with this map yet.

Reinforcements appear from all the forts. The mage is the most dangerous. This group of five (Two knights, two Cavs, one Mage) will appear every other turn or so about 3 times.

As seen here.

Catria's campaign of slaughter continues.

The Wo Dao-

Oh, I screencapped it. It's a better Killing Edge, basically. Convoy for now.

Caeda drinks a Vulnerary for some more HP while Steve gets boosted by Feena.

This was an unnecessary crit. Get used to these.

Probably the lamest reward from a thief on this map, just 1k gold.

On the next turn, Catria's sick dodge skills come in handy yet again.

This was a little more dangerous though.

Unnecessary Crit #2

The Armorslayer sees some use once again on this Knight.

This is a pretty risky for Caeda, but she's the only one who could reach.

Wendell is on healing duty for this map.

Feena helps Catria get right back into the action. Seriously, Catria is ridiculously good.


That sound you heard was the breath slowly escaping my throat as I watched myself almost have to reset here.

But Catria will not be outdone.

Just barely managed to catch this guy before he got out, and I really wanted this item.

Here's a Feena level. Feena levels up by Dancing. That means that yes, if you don't care about turn counts, you could potentially get Feena to max level by grinding this way forever on an empty map. There's really not much reason to do so, but nobody's going to stop you.

Everyone's in position now.

Gah, fuck Killer Lances, that 17 is terrifying.

Barst hits like a truck, and usually twice. His accuracy is kind of garbage, I might toss him a Secret Book, but this is still impressive.

Caeda has had enough near death for this map, I'm exiling her to those useless water squares. (I still used the Vulnerary because I'm paranoid)

This guy might not look dead. But trust me. He got Pope'd

The good old Zandatsu is DEAD ON once again.

Unnecessary Crit #3 (she was doubling)

Even when the unit doesn't really need to move much, Feena dancing still gives her EXP, which is cool.

Steve and Marth are now on a covert mission.

Unnecessary Crit #4

I feel like this is the game trying to apologize for fucking over Mage Steve so much.

That's the last of the thieves, aside from the boss.

Another sort of lame Steve level, but she has two stats capped already,at least. Still, those Def and Res scores are embarassing.

This is a pretty bad cap of the effect for Shaver, but it's like a green boomerang. I'll try and get it better later.

Wendell's growths are...lacking. Unlike his hat.

One more wave of reinforcements.

A solid level from one of our most consistent performers.

And in a last flurry of screenshots, the reinforcements are downed.

Not bad.

This boss has something Steve wants.

And she'll use unnecessary crit #5 to get it.

Our prize is the Levin Sword, a sword that uses the Magic stat instead of Strength, is ranged as well as melee, and is checked by enemy Res instead of Def. Pretty bad on most natural sword wielders, but since Steve used to be a Mage, we might see some use with it on her.

This map has one final secret though.

See this unassuming cave?

Catria doe-OH SHIT


Catria space adventurer even with her great stats isn't a match in a fair fight with the Dragon.

At least not without a CRIT. Thank you, Catria.

This might come in handy. Not for any of our current characters, though.

Oh, and there's a Physic Stave in the cave, which works for Ranged Healing. Now then...

: I'm sure even Guardian Deity Naga would be furious. 'Tis truly the end of civilization.

Drama Queen.

: Jagen, do you know the legend of Naga?

: Yes; only vaguely, however. Steve, do you know of it?

: No, not really...

Steve is only aware of things involving training or Marth.

: Unknown among the youth, I see... Then, sire, allow me the honor.


: One day, terrible monsters descended and the humans were massacred, pushed to the brink of extinction. The few who survived prayed to the gods for salvation. The gods heard their prayers, and a gigantic warrior was sent down to earth. The warrior carried a gleaming blade of light in his right hand, and in his left hand, a shield embedded with five orbs. Then, after a fierce battle, he eradicated the monsters and returned to the heavens. He was our guardian deity, Naga, and this temple is dedicated to him. "He was the avatar of the gods: our guardian deity..."

If this sounds familiar, you probably played Awakening. Yeah, this is one of those rare places this series connects.

: With the blade of light and the five orbs... That is the legend of Naga...

: Well then, sire. We have to cross Chiasmir Bridge soon. We must hurry; if the enemy takes it, getting across will be nigh impossible.

But isn't Astram already like right there?

: Alright then, inform the whole army: We cross Chiasmir Bridge at once. We haven't a moment to waste!

: Yes sir!

oh yes i have waited so long

: Oh dear, are you alright? Have you caught a cold?

: Perhaps. It's too early to tell.

For once, sneezing does not mean a video game character is dying.

: Don't push yourself too hard, and remember to keep yourself warm. Oh I know, shall I lend you one of the hats that I'm wearing?

: Huh? Is that okay?

: Yes, I have many of these hats, so there's no need to worry.

No votes. Pulling rank. It's in the OP.

pope me

: Yes, please, if it's not a bother.

: No, no, don't be shy. Here you go. And do remember to watch your health.

: You're a good person, Lord Wendell. I want to be more like you... Oh yeah, if I wear this hat for a while, I wonder if my hair will start to look like his? And then, maybe I'll be a bit more like Lord Wendell!

Steve's weird fascination with being more like an old man she met very recently aside, that's the end of this chapter. Next time,


and Update 20: Tur-Bad