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Part 36: Prep: Failure to Communicate

Update 22: Failure to Communicate (Prep)

Welcome back to Fire Emblem 12. We're going to storm Khadein Palace and find out why the hell our allies are trying to magic us to death.

Let's get something out of the way that's sort of been a long time coming...

Barst embraces his swashbuckling tendencies.

And Marth gets a nice boost to his movement.

: Grr grumble swords... ... ... ......

I may have missed the screenshot, but that's probably what he said.

Okay. Now time for the part you've all been waiting (maybe) for. Everyone is gonna talk for like, forever now. If you don't give a damn about base conversations, you've got a lot of scrolling to do.

Let's Never Speak Of That Line Again (Navarre/Feena 1)

: No. Don't disturb my training.

Navarre might be more boring than Cord.

: W-what if I said you could... turn your sword on me and do whatever you want with me?

nope nope stop that game nope nope

: I'm kidding, of course! Don't glare at me like that! I just wanted you to notice me. Hey, are you really sure there isn't anything you want to ask of me?

: ...Fine. There's one thing.

: Finally! What is it? Tell me! Tell me!

: Go over there and stay there.

: ...Okaaay. Heeere I go!

Well that was...something.

Pretend Princess (Malicia/Caeda 1)

: Good day. Err... Malicia, was it?

We really need nametags in this army.

: Yes. I have been a member of this army ever since Prince Marth rescued me in Grust. Say, you are an actual princess, right?

: Yes, that's right.

: Squee! A honest-to-goodness princess! I'm so happy I could meet you! You're wearing your armor now, but you spend your days in the castle wearing a dress and indulging in sweets, right?

Both the Bride class and Sweets consumables won't be available until the next game, sorry.

: ...Huh?

: Princess, I beg of you. Please tell me about your life in the castle! I believe I'll live in a castle too, in the future. It'd be a good idea for me to study now, so I don't cause trouble to Prince Marth later.

: Err... Actually, Malicia... We don't have that kind of luxury in a small island kingdom like Talys. I don't have that many dresses myself. And there's no way I'd only eat sweets.

You don't need to hide it... Oh... I get it! You're travelling incognito right now, so you're hiding your identity, right?

: I'm not quite hiding my identity, but...

: That's a true princess for you! I have to do my best, too!

: Er, Malicia? Wait, tell me what this is about... ...She's gone. What is she up to, I wonder...? Now I'm curious...

Malicia is the best I mean, besides Wrys.

Caeda's Dank Kush (Caeda/Ogma 1)

: Yes, Princess?

: Here, please hold this...

: Is this a vulnerary.

Caeda's brewing vulnerary's in the back of the camp. Don't tell Jagen.

: You wounded your left shoulder whilst protecting me in the last battle, am I right?

: ...So you noticed.

: I know, because you're always watching out for me... I'm sure you suffered far more wounds that I'm not aware of.

: Of course not. Have confidence in my abilities, Princess.

: ...I'm sorry. I've caused you so much bother...

: Please raise your head. My life is yours. You needn't concern yourself with my wounds.

: Ogma...

: Please give that vulnerary to Marth. I have no need for it.

: No! I had this vulnerary concocted especially for you. I want you to use it!


: ...Very well. Then, I shall gladly accept it.

Stylish Steve or Goddammit Feena Stop Being So

: I'm getting some extra training in.

: Hmm, don't you get tired from training all the time?

: I need to do it to become stronger.

: Hmm... Hey, now that I've had a good look at you, you're actually kinda cute. But you don't have much of a fashion sense; you're just like Navarre in that way. Here, check me out. My clothes are cute, aren't they? See how they flutter in the wind? You won't be popular with the boys unless you're fashionable like I am.

Steve's fashion sense is golden, do you even see this hat?

: I'd rather focus on my training, thanks.

: What's wrong with the way I dress? Tell me! Don't you find it cute?

: It's too thin and you're not properly covered.

Steve was a Puritan in a past/future life.

: I'm not covered? Tee hee. Steve, you're such a serious girl. But I bet it wouldn't do you any harm to try dressing like me. After all, your chest is rather...

Feena, stop doing this to my Update!

: W-what about my chest...!? W-wait, don't look at me like that, you're embarrassing me...


: Ohmigosh, are you embarrassed? Ooh! You're so cute!

: ...I'm not cute. Excuse me.

: Hey, wait a second!

Navarwarvarble and Steve: Buddy Cops

: ...


: Ah, please wait. There's something I must inform you. It's an order from Prince Marth...

: ...What is it?

: Yes. Starting now, I am to fight alongside you in the coming battles.

: ...Why must I fight with you?

: I don't know what Prince Marth has in mind, but it's probably related to the fact that you fight alone far too often... I believe he thought that you acting alongside someone would benefit our army as a whole.

Or he's just lumping the sword people together, one of the two.

: ...

Literally every line Navbarlbe had in this conversation was or contained an ellipsis.

: Sir Navarre, it is an honor for me to fight alongside you, a hero of the previous war. I look forward to working with you!

Gotoh Lore

: Each of them has a name and effect associated with one of the twelve constellations.

We have ten, for those keeping track at home.

: I see... Interesting. Lord Wendell, you really do know everything don't you?

: That's not true. I only know what Lord Gotoh taught me.

: Lord Gotoh... But you know almost as much as he does, right?

: No... Not nearly that much. Lord Gotoh stands on an entirely different level to me.

: Is that so?

: Yes. Dame Steve, what do you think about Lord Gotoh?

Note that everything Steve is about to say is probably because someone actually bothered to tell her about what happened in the last game, finally.

Or this conversation was supposed to be unlocked AFTER this chapter, when that happens in this game.

: Let me see... He uses magic to talk to us from afar, and he appears in the sky without warning. I'd say he's a rather odd individual... Yeah, I think that sounds right. I would be happier if he could fight alongside us without being so showy and mysterious.

I love how tired of this bullshit Steve is.

: G-good heavens... You go too far, Dame Steve. Do you understand how rude you sounded!? Lord Gotoh is like a deity to all us humans.

: Really?

: Yes. I must tell you about him in proper detail...

A Surprisingly Well Timed Conversation (Steve/Barst 2)

: Barst. I want to ask you a question.

: You said you did all sorts of things after the War of Shadows. May I ask what things...?

: Oh, that. I don't mind telling you, but... Why do you want to know?

: From an early age, I've been raised to be a knight. However...

: ...Did I make you curious?

: Yes. I don't think I'll abandon my knighthood. However, if I could hear from somebody who walked another path, then perhaps I...

: I see. Well, it ain't a very interesting tale, so don't complain to me later, OK?

Shadow Dragon.txt

: No... Don't say that. My grandfather used to tell me, "Nothing we do is in vain," after all.


: Heh, you really did have a good teacher! All right. Listen up then, Steve. First I got to talk about Talys. Then there's my stint in Archanea... Wait, I need to fit in my pirating days too...

: Huh, p-pirating!?

Oh hey, he just went back to that!

Are you not Entertained? (Steve/Ogma 2)

: What's wrong? Want another match? Our last battle... didn't reach a conclusion, after all.

: No, it was my loss. I know you were holding back when you took me by surprise... Otherwise, I doubt my body could stand in a battlefield ever again... It was a good lesson. The way you fight is completely different from a knight's...

Ogma is a master of sexy dance fighting.

: Dirty fighting... you mean?

: ...Perhaps I would have called it that, had you asked me before this. However, I couldn't do anything against that dirty fighting... Your fighting style, Sir Ogma, isn't that of a regular soldier. It's...

: That of a gladiator... One who fights to the death for the pleasure of others. Blinding his opponents' eyes with sand, crushing their heads with a sword soaked in grease and blood... Roaring like a beast, crushing his opponents' flesh even when they move no longer... I was thrown into a place like that when I was still a kid, and battled my way through it.


: That's... ...I can't even begin to imagine. That place was probably even more terrible than a battlefield, wasn't it...?

: It's a world you're better off not knowing. I don't wish to remember it either... But, you understand now, don't you? I am not a man you'd want to become...

Special Someone

: Just as I'd expect from Prince Marth's knight. You caught onto me quickly. The truth is, I was going to secretly gather information. I want to find clues as to where Lena might be.

: I see... Sister Lena was your special someone, wasn't she?

: Yeah. I used to be a common thief, but thanks to her I turned over a new leaf. I don't care what happens to me. I just want to see her smile again...

: Sir Julian... If you'd allow me, please let me help too.

: Huh? Is that alright?

: Yes. That desire to do something for those precious to you is something I know well.

Growing Up Magic (Steve/Malica Final)

: Oh, Malicia. I hear you've stopped sneaking into Prince Marth's room. That's one less thing for me to worry about.

I have so many questions, chief among them how Marth has a room when we keep moving and camping on bridges and deserts and shit.

: Yes. Actually, I've been wondering. How should I handle my feelings for Prince Marth?

This is the Fire Emblem/Hatoful Boyfriend crossover you've all been waiting for.

: I see you finally understand. You let your imagination run wild... It's time to face reality, like an adult.

: I'm already an adult!

: I felt the same way back when I lived in my village. But, now that I've become a knight and fought all these battles... I see clearly. I was a child back then. I hadn't seen enough of the world.

: Is that so?

: Yes, you're still young. You should think carefully about your life. You will continue to mature and gradually become a much more charming woman.

: Steve... Thank you, Steve.

: I'm just glad you understand.

Bye, Malicia. You had some great supports. Also, I'd like to add on this little ending that you only get if your MU is Male...

: Say, Male Steve... Where would you like to hold our wedding?

: What?

: Prince Marth is out of my league, but you're strong and kind... Maybe you could be my prince instead. When I'm afraid in battle, you whisper to me "It's all right, I'm here by your side." And then you embrace me tightly... Eeeeeek! Silly Malicia!

oh god the fanfiction is back

: All right, all right. Come back when you're an adult.

: Enough already, you're always treating me like a kid! I'm already a grownup! A few years from now, I'll be super pretty and it'll be too late for you to slave for my attention!

finally a short conversation thank god, jagen

: I'm sure this revelation caused Prince Marth no small pain... What has the world come to? Not only does Hardin attack us, but even Khadein, our safest allies in this era. Sir Merric, a close friend of the prince, is here in Khadein's sanctuary. I am sure the truth will become clear once we're inside the building.


The Last Conversation and also Elrean

: Yes. I still remember the days when I fought together with my fellow knights-in-training.

: I see, with your companions... That's wonderful. Are all of your companions now Altean knights?

: ... No. One of them became our enemy. But I... don't want to fight her, if possible. That's how I feel.

: Indeed... There's nothing sadder than fighting your former comrades. I have no love for conflict. Especially between comrades who were supposed to learn and grow together...Dame Steve, I too wish to stop the fighting between my disciples... That's how I feel.

: Disciples... Do you mean Sir Merric?

: Once upon a time, I had two brilliant young disciples. One was Merric, the other was Elrean. However, for some reason, Elrean grew to despise Merric, and the two are now fighting in Khadein.

Why did you not tell us this earlier before we got attacked?


Anyway, that's all the talking, thank god. Special shout out to Serenes in this update, as with all of them, but especially this one. Now let's look at the actual map.

Here's the team I set up, including Sirius' triumphant return. You'll notice I don't have Julian despite there being a lot of chests, that's because we finally AREN'T being chased, and I can just have Marth scoot around and grab them.

We enter at the south area, the boss is in the middle, and we can go left or right to reach him.

He's guarded by 2 more fucking Swarm Bishops, but they're close enough to be dealt with quickly.

Both paths are equally, but fairly lightly, guarded.

There are also a lot of Level 1 Clerics around that only have Recovery Staffs. It's in your best interest to NOT KILL THEM. They've been press ganged or something, the game doesn't really explain it yet, but if you remember that chapter with the priests in FE9, it's like that.

There's a chest on each side here...they look impossible to reach, but you can exit out the south end and get them easily. The ones in the middle, though, require the Thief Staff we got last map.

Likely to noone's great surprise, the boss here is Elrean. He's kind of a pushover, but he's got two nice items, a good Tome and a Starshard. This one is pretty hard to miss (Elrean moves, so I guess you could technically lure him off the throne and scoot Marth in to Seize it, but then you'd have to be TRYING to skip it)

And that's all I've got this time around. I'm going to go play Dark Souls 2, which has way less talking but similar amounts of regret to this update. Later.