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Part 37: Battle: Failure to Communicate

Update 22: Failure To Communicate (Battle)

Let's jump right into

goddammit Feena stop this

Anyway How's Everyone you know how this works.

That's going to be really good for this map and...not that many others. Mages aren't really at a majority in this game. More than in Shadow Dragon though.

Let's move on.

Drinkin' a Res Potion.

Oh, hey Merric, I didn't see you in the map preview.

: Wait, Elrean! Why do we have to fight? We were both Master Wendell's pupils: we're friends, are we not? Why do you despise me so?

Because he's a douche, Merric.

: I was Master Wendell's disciple before you, and I was the stronger one. Even so, Master Wendell gave you Excalibur. He should have given it to me! Clearly, I was the only one worthy to be his successor, yet he...

: But I have no intention of succeeding Master Wendell. I hold no ill feelings for Khadein, but once I finish studying I plan to go home.

This is one of your few hints to something sorta vague that's important towards the very end of the game.

: So, Elrean, please! Why don't you join us so we can take back Altea?

: Altea, you say?! Why should we help a country that rebelled against the empire and attempted to invade their fair nation? The mage corps of Khadein have sworn allegiance to Emperor Hardin. Oh, I see... I knew it was you... YOU dragged the Altean army here!

I'm glad someone who should be an expert in evil magic totally trusts a guy who looks like THIS now:

Elrean is fucking stupid.

: No!! That's not how it is!

: Shut your mouth, traitor!! I won't listen to your lies any longer! Your Excalibur and my Thoron; we'll put them to the test!

So this map starts out with Merric in the middle of Fucked-ville right next to the boss. He would be appropriately leveled up if you used him in the prologue.

Merric is pretty good, he gets exclusive early access to Excalibur, which is an auto crit against flying foes (Which we will be seeing a LOT of very soon), has solid growths (including a 40% in Mag but I don't trust that stat anymore), and although his bases aren't great, he can make up for it. He also has special utility lategame that would be a spoiler to mention now.

Just checking, if Elrean attacks first, Merric would stand a good chance at beating him in a duel, especially if you used that Pure Water. However, Elrean cheats. He has all those goons. Let's take care of that.

I move Merric to chip away at the Sniper, but he decides to just Crit and wreck him entirely.

Why was a Sniper holding this? That's like, me levels of inventory management.

Wendell then gets him the fuck out of there.

Pirates can walk on water tiles! This means Barst would have one-rounded this guy if he hadn't missed the second axe.

Minerva just doesn't give a fuck about any terrain.

These are pretty good on this map! I should note that the two mages slightly north offscreen have Shaver tomes, so moving fliers too close is a good way to lose a unit, though it is tempting to be rid of those Swarm guys ASAP.

Because of that, Feena gets her the fuck out.

Caeda deals a little chip damage.

Splitting the team into two here to take each side.

The Swarm Bishop decides to use his Vulnerary to save him from his Barst inflicted wounds.

It was in vain.

Sirius, with his solid 6 Res, makes for the best lure on this side.

Remember that Barrier staff we stole from Lang's castle back in Chapter 6? That's 7 free Res, so Wendell is going to make use of it a lot here.

Feena is helpful in doing that.

Bait bait bait.

Here's the annoying thing about those Recovery Clerics, they decide that your chip damage doesn't mean shit.

This surprisingly brave and unfortunately dodgy mage tries picking a fight with Barst.

Zap. That's with 6 Res too, these guys can hurt.


As shown here. Thankfully, there aren't nearly as many enemies on this map to make up for Magic being so obnoxious to counter.

Wait, why did the Merc mo-OH GOD NO

Praise Barrier Staff.

Navarre does what he does best, kill a guy but be horribly crippled by a single counterattack.

And get a great level.

Fuck this guy.

And that guy.

Even more Res boosts from our friendly Barrier.

Not too bad for an old fella.

No more Mages. Only Steve.

Yessss. I was looking forward to this.

stop doing this game

Drinking a Pure Water to relieve Wendell a bit.

Killing Edge guys make me hella nervous. If you've played an FE game before, you know why.

Sadly, the Pure Water doesn't defend against this.

Minerva is hiding in a corner while Recover Cleric full heals that Killing Edge guy who was bugging Ogma.

Nosferatu really helps keep Malicia afloat.

Sirius weakens the Killing Edge guy with and I decide fuck it.

Devil Sword time.

Behold, the first documented Devil Sword Crit on an enemy and not yourself. Not even any save states in that one.

Godspeed, Ogma.

Look at that sweet +7 Res boost (the other 2 is from Virgo). Pure Water is situational, but it's a good situational.

Barst is back to running full bore into enemy territory, like a Pirate should.

Merric's Excalibur is a heavy hitter.

Nice. Why didn't I use you in the prologue?

Oh right, we had a mage already.

Please help me feel better, Malicia.

That does not help.

One hit kill. Ogma's Blade is rad, Luke is rad.

Bait successful

Time to take a swig of that Elixir we've had for like 10 chapters now.

One last foe to pull over here.

Huh, that's not bad damage.

Barst can do better. Crit for 78.

He probably could have used that before he was a fine paste.

Navarre still good at damage, bad at HP, sky still blue.

Minerva's pretty damn tanky.

Ogma less so, but he gets the job done.

Sirius and Navarre team up and take down the last enemy on the map.

Oh, except this dickhead. Like you probably all guessed or knew already, Elrean's recruitable.

Wendell could take care of business.


Also what your idol and teacher looks like, what the fuck Elrean.

Anyway, Elrean does have an alternate battle quote:

: I won't lose to someone like Merric. Anyone who sides with him is my enemy. Thunder, strike them down! Thoron!!

I thought this might happen, so I disarmed Wendell before hand in case of a stray crit.

C'mere, idiot.

: Master Wendell...

: You still don't understand my decision, do you? Indeed, as a mage, your power surpasses mine. But you lack compassion. That is why I did not grant you Excalibur.

: ... Compassion...?

Elrean is basically the rival from Pokemon Silver. When I was a kid I named him "???" because that's what his name shows up as first, and I thought you were just supposed to type that in when they ask you.

: I had decided that you were to be my successor when the time came. To think you would harbor a grudge towards me... Does that not make you the same as Gharnef?

: The same as Gharnef...? Teacher! What are you saying?

Oh no, parallels to the backstory!

: Elrean, listen to me... Gharnef, along with Pontifex Miloah, were Lord Gotoh's best pupils. But Lord Gotoh saw Gharnef's weakness, and so he left Khadein and the Aura tome to Pontifex Miloah. Gharnef, overcome by jealousy, stole the Darksphere from Lord Gotoh, and created the Imhullu tome. As a result... His heart was trapped within the Darksphere for all eternity. Wrath and envy led him to ruin. Do you understand now, Elrean...?

The Darksphere? Haven't we seen that...oh...

: ...Teacher... ...Teacher! I'm so sorry. I... I was wrong. Please... find it in your heart to forgive me!

: Elrean, you will use that power of yours for the good of the people. Understand?

And after that handy verbal smackdown, we unlock Elrean.

Elrean is meh. He's got a C in Tomes, which is decent, and he can deal damage pretty well, but his growths aren't as good as Merric's, he doesn't have Staves like Etzel, and he's honestly just sort of too little too late. Not unusable by any means, but not really practical. He does get Support bonuses from Etzel for some reason.

Here's Thoron, in case you wanted to see it. You might have used this a lot in Smash 4.

Okay, now here's the deal. All that's left is Clerics who do no damage. Also chests. 4 chests. Marth can open them all. If this was a run where I cared about turn counts, Julian or Rickard could help, but for now? Marth is gonna go do laps for like 20 turns. Keep in mind he can only move one square in the water unless he's coming up on land. I'll just give you the highlights.

One of the best Staves in the game. Heal from anywhere.

10k gold.

This...uh...this sucks. You have Julian and door keys for a reason.

Oooh. I haven't played with this much, but it looks like it's global? That could be super handy against a few bosses...but probably cripples your mages for that turn as well. Gonna have to do some more research on this thing.

Oh god, turn 32.

This next scene shows up only if you don't kill any of the clerics. Oddly enough, there is a line where Marth says "Hey, don't kill them" in the game's files, but it was cut from the final release, which makes this kind of weird and obtuse in a game where you usually just kill everything Red unless it has a portrait.

: Excellent, good work, Steve.

: As thanks, they have decided to offer us this.

Maximum efficiency shopping, baby. This is the only Silver Card in the game, make sure you grab it here!

: Lord Gotoh! Yes, I can. You are speaking to me through magic, are you not? Lord Gotoh, I must ask: what has happened to cause Hardin to suddenly change so much?

(Sorry, I couldn't get him all ghostified): Hmm... The Darksphere is the culprit... Hardin's soul is trapped within the Darksphere...

Guess there's room for two in there.

: The Darksphere? What on earth is that?

We just saw it! I guess Hardin wasn't just waving it around, though.

: The Darksphere is that which complements the Lightsphere; in battle,

That's why we couldn't hurt him.

: But the Darksphere also amplifies wrath and envy, and can turn its owner into a demon. Hardin must have obtained the Darksphere from somewhere... And now his heart has been lost to it.

: But why? He should have been happy after his union with his beloved Princess Nyna, so why the envy?

: Prince... Humans are never simple creatures... In any case, the only object that can overcome Hardin's Darksphere is the Lightsphere. If you want to do something about him, then you had best come and get it from me.

Gotoh can teleport, by the way, he did it in the last chapter of Shadow Dragon. He's just lazy. He also got held hostage in Macedon by Michalis somehow.

: Huh? Really, Lord Gotoh? If we have the Lightsphere then we can save Hardin?

: Well... If his heart is not completely consumed, then perhaps.

: Lord Gotoh! Please, lend the Lightsphere to me.

: If you come in person to the Ice Dragon Shrine where I reside, then you shall have it. But that will be no easy task. So, Marth. Do you have the courage to walk the path that Anri walked?

World is kinda on the line here is not the time for the TESTS OF FAITH or whatever.

: Yes, I do! I will go!! Please, allow me to go!

And right onto another scene. Keep 'em coming.

: If I were to sum up your recent style of fighting, I would say...

Oh god more variable dialogue.

: Most impressive! To the end. All of your comrades support each other, and you fight as one, so as to not lose each other. With Prince Marth as our core... and your support, we shall not falter.

Still no casualties, going well so far!

: It is an honor, Sir Jagen.

And...another scene change.

wait who are you

: Sorry, who are you?

What she said.

: I'm Maris. A mercenary, and not a cheap one. I'd like to ask you something: is yer prince okay with paying gold? Oh, of course, it's okay if I have to wait until this war's over.

Oh god it's a Farina thing. Hopefully I saved up.

Pffft. Steel Swords are more than you.

: Huh? If it's only that much, then Prince Marth would gladly pay...

Steve: Royal Pope/Knight/Treasurer

: Phew! The rumors are true. He's completely different from all our employers up till now. Right, Pops?

Oh, there's the viking! Where was he in chapter 4?

: I'm Dice. On behalf of the both of us, it's great to be in your service.

And, uh, with that new to the remake scene, we get Maris and her dad, Dice, as playable units. Note that it doesn't actually take any gold, they are free.

ONE MORE SCENE, this one only if you finished in under a certain amount of turns depending on difficulty (I didn't) OR keep at least 3 Clerics alive.

Smug Marth tires of these endless cutscenes.

: It concerns the assassins' movements... Lord Horace, who thought to ally with us, is in peril.

Horace might be unfamiliar if you didn't do the sidequests in Shadow Dragon, as he only appeared there.

: Lord Horace...! Steve, Lord Horace is an Archanean knight in Princess Nyna's service. He was our ally.

: We cannot abandon Lord Horace. Jagen, Steve, let's hurry!

Oh no! Which of our treacherous Rogue's Gallery could have done this!

Oh yeah. Alright, fine, let's finish this douche off.

Maybe! See, you might be wondering what the hell is up with this lady

Well, there's a BS FE chapter that (sorta) explains that! That means it's THREAD VOTE time.

If you'd like to go on and fight Roro next, go ahead and say that. If you'd rather I do a BS FE chapter and get some backstory on Maris and Dice, say that. Whichever one I don't choose I'll do right afterwards.

Later, everyone. Elrean is an idiot.