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Part 39: Prep: Rampaging Randomized Roros Rumpus

Update 24: Rampaging Randomized Roros Rumpus (Prep)

A short prep section for a short chapter this time around. I'd consider chapter 10 to sort of be the cap of "Act 1" of the story, since now we have a clear objective (Find Gotoh, get the Lightsphere, use it to neutralize the Darksphere and bring Hardin to his senses).

Because of that, I'd call this sort of the capstone bonus boss for this chapter. This entire map is the showdown with Roro. If you've been paying attention to his lines, you can probably guess his gimmick already! Rest assured it will be more difficult than his appearance in 6x.

We got three new units last time. I've shown Elrean, but these two haven't gotten stat screens yet.

Dice is a Fighter, like Barst used to be. He's not as good as Barst is, sadly, his growths are slightly worse in pretty much all areas. That said, he's not bad. I'm using a lot of words to say "Dice is average, perfectly usable, but not Barst levels of asskicking."

Maris suffers a similar problem. She's a myrmidon who doesn't have much on Nabadadbavarre. Slightly better Skill and Luck (and Mag for some reason) growths don't really make up for her joining later and being worse everywhere else. A lot like her dad, still good if you want to train her up a bit with Drill Grounds and such, but outclassed by someone we got a while ago.

This is another map where deployment slots are really limited, and I want Merric to get some screentime, so I swapped Malicia back to her original role for now. I cannot wait for her to promote and use both.

Planned team here includes a lot of sword users and zero lancers. You'll see why. I left Steve out because she's already got several levels on most of the cast, and some people (Ogma/Navarre) are starting to lag behind a bit in comparison.

Tossed in Maris because I just like her. The eyepatch is neat.

How's Everyone is pretty dull this time.

25 experience, you're still like level 3, Cecille.

Oh I kinda forgot about you. Sorry, Radd

Gonna go out on a limb and guess...Laundry Pole?

Way to go, Gordin.

Just two conversations this time.

Couple's Warfare

: Y-yes... You did splendidly.

He really has never seen a Laundry Pole.

: I'm so glad... Now, will you take back your words?

: I...!

oh no he's turning into nabarl

: Please, Marth! Don't give me that look. I'm fine. I'm much stronger than you think.

: I... I see. You're right. You are strong. But, that's why I worry. The stronger you become, the more often I'll have to ask you to fight on the frontlines. You hate fighting, and I worry. Is it not troubling for you?

: That's... I feel happy by your side, Marth.

There are...other places to do that. Less deadly places.

: Caeda...

: Don't you hate to fight as well?

:'re right. I do.

: I know how much it hurts you, more than anyone else... That's why I'll fight too. I'll help you end this war, so that we'll never have to witness bloodshed again. Am I being selfish?

: ... All right, Caeda. I won't say anything more. Please, stay with me. And... together, let's bring this terrible war to a close. But... please, don't push yourself too hard.

: Yes...! Thank you, Marth.

D'aww. That's nice. Oh, and yes, Caeda can die for real, and yes, it does change the ending a little bit. Same with the last game, but that's obviously not canon here.

Newfangled Clone Berserkers, back in my day...

: Sir Horace is an Archanean knight, but he has sworn loyalty to Princess Nyna, not to Emperor Hardin. He said he wishes to join us again. We must rescue him without fail.

Got it, Jagen.

Now for the map.

6 units plus Marth, choose wisely.

Over here we have Roro.

And over here.

And up here with better stats and new weapons.

And another

You get the point.

There are seven enemies on this map. They are all Roro. The top row of three Roros are stronger than the bottom four Roros, and have Killer Axes and Hand Axes. They don't move. The bottom Roros have Hammers, and will move.

This looks easier than it is. Reinforcements are involved. If one of the bottom four Roros falls, a new Roro will replace him at the start of the enemy turn, and since we're on hard, they can act immediately.

One of the top 3 Roros is the real Roro, and killing him ends the map.

Confused? See it in action next time.