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Part 42: Battle: Desert Of Death

Update 25: Desert Of Death (Battle)

Uh...Desert Chapter.

Luke I'm not using you because you have a horse.

Rickard I'm not using you because there are no chests and also you are terrible.

These are nice.

Just wanted to show that I've given Caeda the VIP and Silver Cards. As a refresher, I got the VIP Card from recruiting Rickard and Silver from clearing Chapter 10 without killing any of the clerics.

Where In The World Is Jagen Sandiego?

: This is the path depicted in the Anri Saga. The first obstacle in Anri's Way: The Desert of Death. With its scorching sun, raging sandstorm, savage clansmen of the sands and wyverns that soar and dominate the skies. As the city of illusion shimmers in the distance, we can only stand and gaze... Or so the legend has it.

I'm just gonna spoil this for you, yeah, it really is an illusion. We never actually get to see the city.

: So Anri came through here as well. And by himself, too...

: That's right. Your ancestor and Altea's founder, King Anri... To save Princess Artemis, he set out on a journey to seek the divine sword Falchion.

And Marth just left it at his house.

: King Anri was strong. I wouldn't be able to cross through here alone. I'm truly grateful to those who offered to accompany me through this desert.

: I think everybody wishes to follow you, sire. Everyone wants to be with you. Wherever you go, they will follow. That's what I believe. It's because of your kindness, sire.

: Thank you. I don't have Anri's power. But I have all of you. Wonderful companions like you, Steve. That's how I can keep going. Let's go, Steve.

: Understood.

This picture is the essence of this chapter. People slowly moving barely into the range of Wyverns. I'll try to cut it short because there is just so much repetitive shit in this map.

I split the party here, Barst and the Peg Knights go north with Navorge and Jeorge in tow, everyone else goes west.

It started well.

Steve prepares to lure Barbarians. I use Malicia's Physic Stave a lot during this map.

The sickest crits.

His buddies are unhappy with us. Let me show you why I brought Merric along.

And there was nothing left of him or the Hunter Minerva decided to visit.


Pretty solid level on Malicia. She gets a lot of healing in on this map.

These Wyverns hit hard. Almost nobody in our army (except Barst) can eat two hits from one.

Speed capped. Nice.

Merric is gonna get a lot of experience here.

I wanted to have Caeda head over to help the other team, and accidentally found this on my way there. Nice.

Some specific sets of tiles in this map have items hidden in them. If you step on them, you get them. No % chances or required thieves, like in a few other FE games.

Minerva can't oneshot these guys with the Dragonpike. If I'd given her a Str Potion or an Energy Drop before the map, she'd be able to, but I don't have nearly enough foresight for that.

This is a bad situation. Two Wyverns this close is a recipe for losing a character. Thankfully, Caeda can poke away some of Wyvern 1's HP.

And Minerva puts an end to him.

Not too bad.


Oh, uh, I guess Marth hit a guy somewhere in here. Marth is pretty underleveled, I should work on that.

Broke a Defense Staff on Merric to help him when those Barbs notice him.

Steve provides moral support.

Here, wyvern wyvern...

Get fucked, Poleax guy. I don't know if I've mentioned these before, Poleaxes are triple damage against mounted units.

Less stylish, but Steve still gets the job done.

Converting Wyverns into level ups.

Catria is close to promotion...

Excalibur rules.

Another decent level from healing.

Navabablab is so cool he can just casually turn to the side and the fire does not harm him.

Coming up on the last set of guys in the top left corner.

Over here are the remnants of the wandering Sand Clan guys.

Caeda gets a shittastic level.

You know, I thought Jeorge would be more useful on this map, but this is all he did.

The bait did not work.

While I angrily glare at those guys, might as well get Jake here...

: Is that you, Caeda? Hey, long time no see. I'm here to meet my beloved Anna.

: Huh? Anna lives in a place like this?

: Oh, you didn't know? Anna's running a secret shop out here. It's a tiny bit troublesome coming here, but y'know, love conquers all barriers! Your turn Caeda. What're you doing in the desert?

Somehow he befriended the Wyverns, because there was one right next to him and it didn't bother him.

: Listen, Jake. We're fighting for the peace of the continent again. Could you help us, like old times...?

"The peace of the continent AGAIN"

: I dunno, I kinda lost my ballista, so I doubt I'd be much use to you.

how do you lose a ballista

: That's not true. You'd help us a lot just by being there...

: Aw, shucks. How could I say no when you say it like that? I bet Anna's worried about the war too. Alrighty, I'll join you then.

As I shuffle Caeda's cards to Jake, let's take a look at him.

Those stats are just hot garbage. His growths are good, and he apparently makes for a good Sniper if you have mixed class sets unlocked. Sadly though, for now Barst completely outclasses this guy, and I think he's a bit too little too late.

Here's one of the dumbest mechanics in this game. In a few maps, there is a square that, if stepped on by a character WITH THE VIP CARD, reveals a Secret Shop.


The Secret Shop sells a ton of specialty weapons this time around.

I bought 3 Wyrmslayers, a Rapier, and a Wing Spear.

These guys finally decide to come down.

The Barbarian becomes Merric Food.

Ogma finishes off the Hunter, and now we get to the annoying part.

As Steve goes digging for books, let me describe why I hate this fucking Wyvern. Not the one on the throne, there's one northwest of that. He does not move until you get in the range of the Hunter or Barbarian. And they have Silver weapons, so it's hard to soak a hit from both. Also Hunter, so no fliers there.

I spent a good 10 minutes dancing around this guy trying to find a spot the Wyvern would come for me, but you have to pull them at the same time.

Oh, cool.

Also cool.

There was a Wyvern here. It's gone now.

An awful level, but Merric's gotten 4 levels on this map, so I don't mind too much.

Finishing off that Swordsmaster gives us a very powerful sword as a reward.

Malicia is now the luckiest (non-promoted) person in the world.

That healing came in handy. Unfortunately for that Wyvern, he fucked with Merric. He is very dead.

And that's the last of the non-boss enemies.

Don't let that picture fool you, Malicia leveled up her Staves, not Marth.

This is pretty sweet. This is basically a Master Seal, but only for Peg Knights. This allows them to transform into Falcoknights instead of Dracoknights, sacrificing some brute force and axes for skill, speed, and swords.

This is the only "split promotion" in the game.

Pictured: Ogma not giving a fuck about the fire.

This is nice.

Steve, jealous of all these levels in weaponry, slides this Arms Scroll into her mask and absorbs its power for a C in Swords.

At this point I got up to get a drink and when I came back Ogma had crit the dragon boss. It's dead now.

Ogma's a little underleveled too. My bad.

This is gonna be useful.

The map is all but done now, so I have Minerva zoom around and grab the rest of the hidden treasures.

Pretty good haul!

thank god no more desert tiles ever in this game.

Oh, hey Tiki!

: Yes. This is Tiki, a companion of ours during the war. Tiki was a great boon to our cause. She mowed down legions of enemy dragons with her tremendous power.

: What?! This little girl did that...?

: But you've certainly grown since last time. I'm glad to see you're well.

: Yeah... But I was so lonely. 'Cause you never came to see me...

That was supposed to be Bantu's job. Dammit, Bantu.

: I'm sorry. But I could never forget about you. I had intended to invite you back to Altea once things had calmed down.

: Mar-Mar... I... I love you!

: What......?!

I dub thee NavMarth.

A flash of light destroys the top screen!

Oh, this guy.

: Xa... Xane!!!

That's uh, that's certainly a reaction to have, Steve.

Male MU is even more blunt.

Hypothetical Male : What the......?! A crossdresser!?

: Oopsy daisy. Took you by surprise, didn't I? Particularly you over there, new guy. I'm Xane. A friend of Marth's. Transformin' into other people's a special ability of mine. Hey princey, my Tiki impression was pretty darn tootin', wasn't it? Did I provide some comic relief? Well, let's get goin'. You wanted to see Lord Gotoh, right?

Xane is uh. He's a character. And yeah, it's a he. It's also pronounced "Chain-ee", I think? I'm not positive on that.

: Xane, how do you know Lord Gotoh? Just who are you?

Plot Answers!

Fuck you, smug Xane.

: So quit gapin' and follow me.

: Yes. The desert sun was strong, but it acted as a shield. Nevertheless, I suppose there's little point in wearing it now.


Oh, Marth, you silly goose.

: No. I'll keep fighting with it on.

: I-is that so...? Does it not bother you in any way?

: Not at all. I can fight just fine with it on.

: I-I see. Well, if that's what you've decided then I have no problems with it.

Thanks, boss.

And now we're done with the desert. Forever. Good.

Next time, something not as terrible.

Update 26: Lava Pirates