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Part 45: Prep: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Update 27: Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Prep)

I ran through like 5 Vanilla Ice jokes for this title and settled on this, and welcome back to Fire Emblem 12. Last time I cheated the hell out of Chapter 12 to avoid everyone getting murdered by Wyverns. This time we're going to the Ice Level.

Narrator: Five thousand meters... No, perhaps even higher than that. The clouds already below them, they ascend the frozen mountain. Suffocation... Vertigo... They were already approaching the limits of their strengths.

Naturally this was all off screen but, trust us, suffocation and vertigo happened.

: Of course, if you win often, you'll be that much stronger. Steve, you...

More variable dialogue. Since I don't think I've ever had Steve use the Drill Grounds...

: Are you purposely avoiding the drill grounds?

: S-sorry, I don't really have the money, so...

: Well, it's fine if you're not struggling now, but when things get tough, that experience will be the clincher. Just remember, if you ever feel that your foes are too strong, there is a place where you can hone your skills.

We will be heeding Jagen's wise advice this time. This is going to be a pretty big update, lots of Base Conversations, and a whopping three promotions.

Right off the bat, this has been a long time coming. We got Malicia in Chapter 1. Remember that? Good times.

Malicia is a Bishop now. They are slightly different from Sages, despite both being classes that use Tomes and Staves. Bishops have slightly better base Resistance and Skill, while Sages bases focus more on Magic and Strength. Their class growth rates though, before adding individual character growths, are identical.

A couple of my units were at level 19, so I used Drill Grounds to get them to 20. You can promote at any level above 10, but for the best results, you want to go at 20, because then you aren't missing out on any levels. Of course, you might not hit the level cap by the end of the game, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

And with Drill Grounds done, let's get Steve and Merric into their promoted classes.

Steve's our first Swordmaster. Hot damn, plus 6 speed. Swordmasters are locked to swords, as the name implies, but it shouldn't matter too much with all the good swords in this game.

Merric is now a Sage. That's a less impressive stack of promotion gains, but hey, I'll take all the magic users I can get since Res is so hard to come by in this game.

That said, Merric, drink this, you're embarassing me with that Magic. Now he's only 1 behind Malicia.

I went back to the drill grounds and got some levels for Marth, because I just noticed how underleveled he was compared to the others.

Then I sold a bunch of the crap in the convoy to make up for the Drill Grounds costs.

Oh god, here we go. Lots of talking.

Catria might be okay, I dunno

: You sure are earnest about your arms maintenance, Catria.

: Of course. They're precious items I received from you, Commander.

: It's okay to hold them dear, but you can't afford to have them break during battle. Try not to get too attached to them.

: Yes, Commander, but... I can't help but to be drawn to this armor.

It's so...offwhite colored.

: The Whitewing armor. I see...

: For a long time, the Whitewings lived in the shadows of the gallant Dragoons. Commander, it was thanks to your proposal to the king that they were restored. I honestly can't thank you enough.

The Dragoons are those Dracoknights, I think? They're like Michalis' goons?

: All I did was argue about the pegasi's superior resistance and mobility compared to wyverns. It was the three of you who used the few chances you had to prove the Whitewings' prowess.

I mean, in this game pegasi promote directly into Wyverns so I think you might have just been lying, Minerva. Except for the Falcoknights I guess.

: We only had those opportunities thanks to you as well, Commander. And in this war too, I plan to make the Whitewings' prowess known throughout the entire world.

: ...I see. I believe your mobility is going to be pivotal in this war as well. I have high hopes for you, Catria.


: Good day, Malicia. I've been thinking about what you told me ever since, and... Don't tell me you're planning to wed Marth?

: Kyaa! How did you know? I'm so embarrassed!

I was tempted to repost the Malicia Marth Fanfiction thing she rambled about in that Steve support, but I don't think we need to read that again.

: Hey... Malicia. I wonder if you're aware that Marth happens to be engaged?

: Yes, Sir Jagen told me. But, since it's Prince Marth... I'm sure he has deep reasons. I shall keep on waiting for him, always!

That damn gossip Jagen.

: I-I see... Good luck.

: Thank you for your support, Princess! I'll do my best!

: ...I couldn't tell her I'm the one he's engaged to... However, I mustn't let this misunderstanding last any longer. I have to make her listen next time...

Caeda, it's a lost cause.

Sleepy Ogma

Did Ogma just wake up in that screenshot? Does Caeda just stand over him while he sleeps? Can you tell I don't have any jokes for this one?

: Princess. Is there something you want?

: I just wanted to thank you for saving me again.

When did he do that?

: No need. It's my duty to protect you and the prince.

: Thank you, Ogma. With you by our side, Marth and I can fight as freely as the wind. I've no doubt that there are few battles over which we cannot triumph.

: I am hardly deserving of such high praise.

: I do worry about one little thing though: Your habit of never relying on others... I'm afraid, Ogma. I'm afraid you'll leave us one day.

: ...

: Please don't forget, Ogma. As you protect us, we too shall protect you. You are not alone.

: ...Yes.

Cain Fucked Up

: Your thanks is too much. I only did what you asked me, Sir Merric.

Oh hey that was in the end of the prologue.

: When I heard Altea had fallen, I just couldn't believe it.

: Indeed, I can't believe our motherland Altea...

: That happened because you guys were away. There's nothing you could have done. But at least, Prince Marth is safe. Now that I am here, I'll devote all of my strength to our cause.

It's too bad Cain is such a bad commander or MAYBE SOMEBODY wouldn't have taken over the whole kingdom.

: Yes, it is reassuring to have you with us, Sir Merric.

Life Story of that axe guy.

: Yes, Barst. Last time, I had the chance to listen to your life story.

He basically just did a lot of shit.

: Yeah. I ended up talking your ears off didn't I?

: There are so many different ways to live your life... That's what you made me feel.

: Oh, I made you use your noggin. Ain't that something! ...So. What'd you decide to do with your life?

: I will protect Prince Marth. No matter what. If I protect him, he will change the world... That's what I believe.

: ...Good answer! That's why I can trust my back to you. Damn, I want Cord and Bord to hear what you just said!

Literally hang around Steve at any time because it's pretty much all she talks about.

: Why...that in particular?

: They've been in the mercenary business too long. I want to show them how to live when it's peaceful.

: Yes... I see. I wouldn't mind telling them. But, you... don't actually want me to, do you?

: What do you mean?

: You want to teach them the ways of life by living your own life as an example. I can see it written on your face.

: ...Hahaha! You got me! You're right, Steve. All right, let's end this battle already... Then I can move on to the next part of my life story!

: Yes! Let's do this together!

Barst died on the way back to his home planet and left us this Strength Bond.

Cooking With Steve

fuck context

: Oh, then it should be done already. Could you please open it?

: Wow... Amazing, I can't believe I made this candy...

: It's very well done, Steve. Come, let's taste it.

: Yes!

: Then, I shall have one. Oh! This is, how should I say...

: W-what is it?

: ... ...Steve, don't worry about this. I believe people mature by repeating mistakes...

: You don't need to be so polite. You can just say it's bad...

That was definitely on purpose. Steve grew up gnawing on swords.

: A-a little. No, perhaps not just a little, but... It's alright, Steve. I'm sure you'll do it well someday.

: Yes, I'll do my best. You have my thanks, Princess. It brings me great joy learning from somebody like you...

: Your thanks is undeserved. I, too, enjoy the time I spend with you. You may put up a serious front, but you can be rather cute in your own way... Steve, I like you.

: Princess...

: Say, Steve. Stay my friend forever. Someday, when this war is over and peace returns... Wouldn't it be nice if we could spend our time... like this, the three of us...?

She means her, Steve, and Steve's mask.

: Truly...

Grandpa's Advice

: ...Steve, huh? What the hell are you planning?

: What do you mean?

: Don't play dumb. Lately, in the battlefield, you've...

"been on a horse, where did that come from?"

: Yes. I've been watching you and learning from your fighting.

: I'm sure I already told you. I am a mercenary, and an ex-gladiator. I am a far cry from the chivalry you seek.

: Indeed... I thought so at first, too. That your strength lay in the fact you've fought your way through gladiatorial... lawless battles. But, having watched you long and well in hopes of stealing your techniques, I finally understood the truth. That you possess the same heart as us knights.

: The same heart, you say?

: Yes. There is somebody inside your heart... And you fight for that person. Am I right?

: ...

: I don't know if it's loyalty or some other feeling... But you're offering your body and soul for that person. Much like a holy knight. And that's your true strength.

: ...

No, this is Navarbbs heart. You got confused.

: Battle tells more about a person than words. Sir Ogma. I respect you, for you're a gladiator... With the heart of a knight.

: ...

: Therefore, I shall stay by your side. Please let me learn from you.

: ...An uninvited apprentice, is it? Do as you will.

: Yes, thank you very much!


: If we obtain the Lightsphere from Lord Gotoh, we'll be able to combat the Darksphere that controls Hardin. And then, we might just be able to reclaim Altea and save Hardin.

Jagen Finishes The Backstory

: Thanks to the heroic people of Altea who stood up to protect the princess, the people of Archanea came to know she was alive, and resumed their battle against Dolhr."

Still trying to figure out how you pronounce that.

: Their liberation army was led by Duke Cartas, who fought with the royal shield given to him by Artemis, and thanks to their efforts, the tides of battle turned to their favor. However, the king of the earth dragons, Medeus, finally decided to make his move.

Yes Steve, that is what he said.

: Before his overwhelming might, it seemed like Altea's resistance wouldn't last any longer. But then, a sage appeared before them. He spoke of a divine sword enshrined in the ice shrine in the distant north. With that blade, it would be possible to fell Medeus, but the way to obtain it would be by no means easy... And that would be Anri's Way. The way we're going through right now...

So Anri's Way is the way Anri went. That was pretty self explanatory really, Jagen.

And now, How's Everyone, starring a bunch of characters I'm not using.

Got it? Cool. Let's look at the map.

This is another one of those spiral maps. It's not as obnoxious as chapter 3, though.

Chapter 13 introduces another type of Dragon, the Ice Dragons. They're dangerous, but don't have too much move or range, like their Fire cousins.

You'll notice "Other" units listed on this map. Thieves will be on this map, both Ice Clan and "Other". Try and take them out before they escape, it's one of the ways to get the bonus chapter after this.

Another Ballistician castoff, Beck has been added to the New Mystery version of this map. Naturally he's in the middle of nowhere and we'll need Marth to talk to him.

See this tile? Yeah, Secret Shop.

And there are a ton of chests lying around this map as well. I'll give Malicia the Thief staff, or maybe use Julian. Depends on if I have open slots.

Next time, ice. Ice. So much Ice.