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Part 46: Battle: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Update 27: Stop, Collaborate and Listen (Battle)

Fair warning, this update sucks. The map is okay, nothing super interesting happens, but there were issues with my screencaps and thus everything looks pretty grainy and some of the shots are off center. It is fixed for next chapter, thankfully.

If you don't want to read it, I understand, and there's a "TB;DR" (Too Bad, Didn't Read) right under here that sums it up:

-We fight a ton of Ice Dragons
-We recruit Beck the Horseman, he kinda sucks
-We buy 2 Physics and a Killer Axe/Lance/Sword from the Secret Shop
-Barst and Ogma hit level cap
-Jagen notices fighting and we proceed to stop it, leading to the bonus chapter.

If you're still here, hey there, let's get started:

We're on the top of a mountain.

Also reclassed Mallesia to Sage, as suggested.

I gave Marth the VIP and Silver Cards, because there's a Secret Shop here.

Ogma's Strength is pretty damn sad. Let's bump that up. Ogma is having some trouble this run.

I had two of these and Caeda also isn't great at Str.

Luke gets a Speedwing!

Xane is just so high right now, man, like, you don't even...get it.

: It's freezing and becoming... increasingly difficult to breathe.

: Just hang on a bit longer, princey. Look, you can see it, right? That's the Ice Dragon Shrine over there. Where Gotoh's waitin' for you.

: You know, I must admit, I was shocked when you told me that Tiki was the daughter of the Divine Dragon King. And that you and Gotoh were both divine dragons.

Oh yeah, that casual exposition drop. Prepare for a wall of backstory, by the way.

: Oh, yeah... but y'see, after the war, Gotoh and I threw away our dragon stones. So, I can never be a dragon again. Sure, Gotoh still stands by Naga's command and watches out for humans... But that ain't my thing. Y'see, I don't like humans. I've got nothin' but contempt for those who treated the defenseless Manaketes like insects. So I can understand why Medeus despised you humans so.

Sympathy for Dragon Hitler.

: Medeus, an Earth Dragon prince, was the only one of his tribe who become a Manakete. And, as ordered by Naga, he guarded the Dragon's Altar. But the once peaceful human race, drunk with power, began to rule with tyranny. They oppressed the dragons who had done nothin' wrong. Furious at their betrayal by humans, the Manaketes gathered in Dolhr, and they created a nation for their people. Then they fought to conquer humanity. To save the humans, Gotoh gave them the divine sword Falchion. He established an academy in Khadein, and began to teach magic. Me? I was just an onlooker. Winner or loser, it was no concern of mine.

So, for anyone confused about the backstory, basically humans and dragons keep fighting for assorted reasons, and Naga intervened to allow the humans to stand up to them by giving them Falchion and the assistance of Gotoh. Xane does not give a fuck about either side.

: But then, why help me? I too am human...

: You're different. And you seem kind of flaky. I can't exactly leave you alone...

: Err... Thanks, Xane.

Xane rules.

: I... Oh, look at me. I'm blushin'. Anyway, let's head to the shrine. But watch out for the ice dragons. Even though they've lost their minds, they still protect the shrine instinctively. The poor creatures...

We should keep his advice in mind. Time for Chapter 13.

This is another "split the party in two" map. It doesn't have to be, but I'm making it one.

Barst softens an Ice Dragon on the left side. These guys are a bit tougher than the Fire ones, and have one additional trick up their sleeves.

Ogma takes advantage of Barst's damage.

Steve gets an all new combat model! This Barb is fucked!

Malicia is a hell of a damage dealer now. This was a double, so the Dragon has 2 HP by the end of it.

Catria and Navarre help take this guy down.

I want to grumble about this level, but hey, look, RES!

Luke cleans up the Dragon on his last legs.

Not too bad.

Sweet Dodges


Goddammit Steve. Your head is full of ice now.

Oh, and of course there are Wyverns. You didn't think we were done with Wyverns, right? We'll get a break from them soon.

Minerva passes off the Dragonpike to Catria so she can intercept the incoming Wyverns.

Here's a better look at Merric's new Sage model.

Critical, HO!

I'll take that. Luke's first Res point!

Well, if I had to get one Caeda stat, at least it was Def.

Ogma moves to intercept.

This is a crit. I know it is difficult to tell with the graininess and this weird screenshot that makes her look like she's a mass of limbs, but Steve's crits are flips now. I'll try and find a way to .gif it.

This dick stole a Dragonpike! Luckily that takes up his turn...

Ogma dodged that. That's good, because I fucked up here, and if he didn't dodge one of these Wyverns he would have died.

Yes folks, we have hit a glorious point, Dragonpike Catria can one-shot kill the Wyverns. Fuck those guys.

See this? See why I'm worried about Marth? I feed him this kill.

At least it was a good level.

Barst whiffs. Way to go, big guy.

Ogma covers up for it, though.

Adding to Barst's fuck up here, he's now in range of the Ice Dragon, which could kill him. That's their other thing, they can walk on water.

Malicia helps prevent a disaster.

Thanks for opening that one, pal.

Merric is in position to lure the Dark Mages to the Northwest.

With the Wyverns gone, now Steve can pull Beck.


Wrong Pirate to mess with, pal.


A Tomahawk goon goes after Merric. Here's what Thoron looks like, by the way.

I apparently riled up a couple of these guys. Whoops.

Beck, on the other hand, doesn't feel like moving.

Another Thoron shot as Merric finishes the Tomahawk guy.

Picking off another Dark Mage, business as usual.

Lacking range or flight, Navarwne is going to have to sneak around the side bridge.

Luke steals his thunder, though.

On the other side of the map, let's get Beck.

: Me too, Prince Marth. Boy am I surprised to see you. It's been far too long. After the war, I was travelin' the continent. And, um, somehow...

Jesus, someone even more lost than Darros.

: ...You landed up here? Well, thank goodness. There's no way you would have joined the barbarians. Beck, we're fighting another war. Why don't you come with us?

: I don't have my ballista any more. Just my horse-buddy right 'ere. But if you're fine with that, then sure. I'll help you princey.

As I shuffle the cards over to Beck, here's his stat screen. He's not great, with shitty bases like Jake, but not great growths like him. I'd pass on this guy, you just got Robert anyway.

Between the bushes next to Beck is this hidden shop. I bought two Physics and one of each Killer weapon but bows.

Not even enough HP for me to want to waste a Dragonpike.

Catria is such a ridiculous unit. Giving FE10 Haar a run for his flier money.

Another Ice Dragon falls.

As Malicia hits an A Rank in Staves from her strenuous healing, it's time to start the spiral again! It's like Chapter 3 all over again!

Fuck this guy.

Barst is now the king of Axes.

More spiraling (I'm going the wrong way here because I am dumb.)

I can have Minerva and Catria float a little off the edge of the middle island with the Castle, but I don't want to enter it yet.


I did need Marth to get this though.

The other Chest yields a handy item for our casters.

Now everyone is hovering around off the edge of the central island. This is about the trickiest thing in this map. Reinforcements will appear, and all these enemies will move, but only when triggered by stepping on the middle island. So let's all go at once.

This is part of Thoron's animation. Just trust me on that.

Luke and Minerva down the Dark Mages.

And the Catria and Steve teamup finishes the lat remaining normal enemy. For now.

Suddenly, Ice Dragons from the 3 closest forts! (You can see them on the top screen map)

And, in the top corners, from the mist rise two giant assholes...Wyverns.

The first rushes Catria.

It was a mistake.

Ogma can double now!

What a way to cap

Here's Beck's greatest contribution to our cause. Fuck wyverns.

Navbarbdarb levels off the final reinforcement dragon.

Chipping down the boss...

More chips...

And that's...nearly all she wrote. But first...


Annnnd fuck wyverns.


Yes, this is how the cutscene starts. Marth just dives in and saves us time.

: The five orbs are very important, correct? But Lord Gotoh never told us much about them. Do you know anything about them, Xane?

: Well, Gotoh kept his lips shut 'cause he was afraid of givin' you a heart attack. Tell you what, I'll tell you about 'em. But I have to warn you, it's a looooong story. The orbs are meant for the shield that binds the earth dragons... In other words, they were once embedded in the shield itself. The orbs have been handed down for generations amongst the divine dragons and each contains a hidden power. The shield itself is but a pedestal for the five orbs to release their innate powers. If even one orb is missing, the seal's a goner.

: I see. But if that's the case, why were the orbs separated?

Because the divine dragons are fuckups or children.

: 'Cause the shield broke. The Binding Shield that was enshrined in the Fane of Raman was stolen.

: When exactly did this happen?

: Six hundred years ago, I reckon. Gotoh scoured the lands searchin' for the shield, hopin' to get it back. He managed to retrieve the five orbs, but in the end, he couldn't find the shield. Then, in the last war... The Fane of Raman was looted and the orbs were scattered once more.

We...may have done a little of that looting. I mean, post the initial looting. Afterloots.

: I see. So the orbs that Lord Gotoh lost... He's searching for them again?

: Yep. I'm sure you know about the Starsphere, Lightsphere and Geosphere... But there's also the Darksphere and Lifesphere. Gotoh's got the Lightsphere, but the Starsphere's in pieces, and it sounds like Gharnef gave the Darksphere to Hardin.

: The Geosphere is in Altea, so all that remains is the Lifesphere.

Told you Marth looted it.

: Anyway, let's go inside. I'll be helpin' you too. Now, come on, princey!

Xane may finally help us! But...not yet.

: Steve, you as well. I just received a distressing message. People have been sighted not far behind us. There seems to be a battle underway.

: Out here? Could it be the barbarians? Or perhaps it's the assassins...

: In any case, this area is almost entirely uninhabited. So it can't be any old people... To make matters worse, the snow is becoming heavier... Fighting will be difficult in this weather.

I hope you like weather hazards.

: But if there are allies...

: Indeed. We cannot abandon them. If there are allies that is...

: Then we'll just have to find out for ourselves, before the battle is over. Let's go!

We aren't done with the ice stuff yet, folks.

Next time, it took us 10 chapters to get to Roro, and 3 later, it's time for another Assassin leader. Next up, we take on the fierce sniper...


No, wait, shit. Other Klein.