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Part 48: Battle: Snowstorm Sniper

Update 28: Snowstorm Sniper (Battle)

Welcome to the Fog Of War map. This is a quick one, only 11 enemies on a small map, but it's easy to get caught out here. If you don't know the map, that is. If you do, it's just a matter of weeding the enemies out one by one.

Also, since I forgot to mention it in Chapter 13, getting to this chapter either requires you to kill off the two thieves before they escape in Chapter 13 or finish it in under 24 turns.

Anyway, How's Everyone?

Buff Wendell is sadly not a hidden character.

That makes like, no sense.

Matthis don't ruin Steve with your horrible self.

Oh, and I noticed Luke's speed isn't as good as a lot of our other units on this map, so he gets one of these.

Well, into the breach! Time for lots of snow.

Oh, geez, haven't seen you in forever. 16 chapters, actually.

: Ah! I see. So you wanted to help me... Thank you, Athena. It's fine now; I'll handle the rest. We'll defeat the enemy!

"Thanks for jogging all the way across the continent, through a desert, a volcano, and a mountain to tell me I'd be in danger exactly right now, Athena! Bye!"

(She couldn't have, she's way out of range)

: Tsk! Oh well. As long as this blizzard carries on... This battle is mine. You can't see anything, can you? But we can. Now it's time for you to die, blind and blissfully ignorant.

And you very well might if you aren't careful here.

Oh god, Athena. Athena was absolutely broken in the prologue. Unfortunately, she has not gained a single level or point of stats since then. Broken 16 chapters ago translates to "ehhhh" now. Her access to Silver Swords right off the bat is nice, but coming in this late at level 10 and without great growth rates is sort of a death sentence. The game threw Navavba and Maris at you, and they're better.

I did use her to reveal the location of this Barbarian though! Our magic users burn him down along with the first Ballista. There are 3 Arrowspates here, and one Pachyderm, the big daddy of Ballistas. It's off in the bottom right corner though.

merric please start getting Magic, I'm worried about you.

Moving Marth into the northern forest reveals the second Ballista. By the way, there are a few rules for Fog of War that are pretty important.

1. Running into an enemy in Fog of War immediately ends your turn.
2. The fog is lifted when you pick "Wait", not right after you move, so Marth could not have hurt this guy on his turn.

Steve could though. And is that a Barbarian I spy?

That Speed Potion does its job well.

And now they move.

Potential ouch here. If two of these Ballista were to hit Malicia, she'd be dead. Luckily there is only one left in range, and she dodged anyway. Honestly, this is the easiest way to lose a character on this map.

Oh whoops I accidentally unequipped Barst. This Barb still misses though, so he is a double loser.

Steve is just striking poses for the fun of it as she murders the failure Barb.


There you are, asshole.

Might as well get Marth some EXP.

Luke is a bit more reliable. Now that all the relevant ballista are dealt with, it's time to find the real prize here.

It's in the chest. (Note that you also can't open chests with the Thief Staff through fog of war)

A surprise Myrmidon! I didn't remember this guy (He only appears on Hard and above). Thankfully, Barst is beefy as hell, and...I still forgot to reequip him.

Marth, you can have this one.

All aboard the bridge train! Luke goes south to regroup with the others.

The Pachyderm is firing at us from...somewhere.

Thank you for having a ton of health, Barst.

This was a bad decision on this Myrm's part.



Michalis' old trinket from Shadow Dragon is ours for the taking now. A flying unit holding this doesn't take triple damage from bows/Excalibur/Shaver now.

Catria is now even more of an Empress of Death.

Steve finishes off the last Barbarian, and now there's not much left.

Luke goes into the forest to heal and...

oh hi there. You moved? She's supposed to be further east, but I guess triggering those enemies that came after Barst and Steve also set her to move. Sadly, it was not her best idea.

Kleine Battle Theme (Same as Roro's)

She never even got to fire a shot.

Only one thing left to do now.

Gah, asshole.

I must have missed the screencap, he's in the very bottom right corner. Show's over, though.


: We have accomplished our objective. There is no need to remain here. Let us continue to the Ice Dragon Shrine.

: Indeed. The sooner we meet Lord Gotoh, the better. Let's go.


(Don't read the comments, full of spoilers)

Oof. Being burned alive looks like it...slightly scuffs you with dirt.

: I'm... alone... once again...

: Kleine...

: E-Eine...! Why... are you here...? Don't tell me... You came here to laugh at pathetic old me?

: Come on, hold on to me. Let's return to the hideout, together.

: Wha...?

: You can't walk around wounded like this. And you'll freeze to death if you don't find shelter soon.

: Why...? Why would you... go so far to help me...! I've always treated... you like dirt and yet you...

: Because you're my little sister.

: ...Pfft. You know I'm not your sister. We're both orphans, remember...? We've always been alone...

: But, we were raised together by Lady Eremiah... I don't mind if you hate me. But, I don't want to lose you... If I were to lose this one bond... I'd be alone in the dark, again... And the same goes for you.

: ...Eine...

: Please, hold onto me.

: B-bah... This will be the first and last time I'm gonna obey you, you hear me...?

: We will begin the next phase of our plan. Your wish is our command, Master Gharnef...

You just can't keep a good Sorcerer down.

: Lady Eremiah...!

: Kleine failed, didn't she?

: Y-yes... She's severely wounded... We need to have her treated!

Sadly, you all know what's coming.

Eremiah is not a great mom.

: B-but, Lady Eremiah!

: She's of no use to me wounded like this. Just leave her and she'll die by herself.

: Kleine...

: Go away. I don't want... you to see me like this.

: ...Very well.

: Bah! You have to be annoying, till the end...

: ...Kleine...

Well. Not much to say after that. Only Katarina and Eremiah are left of the named assassins now, and it seems like Gharnef is calling the shots, because nobody died in Shadow Dragon I guess. Next time, finally, Gotoh.