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Part 51: Prep: Homecoming King

Update 30: Homecoming King (Prep)

Things we can say goodbye to for this next bit of Fire Emblem 12:

Extreme temperatures
Xane Expositing

Things we will see

Lots of Mounted Units
Old Friends
a sweetass beard

So let's get started.

Narrator: finally began the battle to liberate their homeland. However, General Eibel, commander of the Archanean army, ordered the Gra knights to attack, in order to buy time. In the meantime, he prepared his own devious tactics with the aim of crushing the Altean army in one fell swoop.

With their dear homeland before them, Marth and the others start yet another battle.

"Recapture Anri, our capital! We shall now reclaim our homeland!"
Prince Marth's voice resounded through the serene skies of Altea.
One of the objectives of their long and difficult journey was already within reach.

We rejoin our heroes with cool new headgear.

: Thank you, Steve... Huh? Wh-what happened to your hair...?

Someday this is going to kill Marth.

: Sir Xane did it for me. He said that a legendary power would enter me if I wear this tiara. And this hairstyle complements it. Anything to become stronger...

: ...L-legendary power? Oh, Xane's handiwork, I see. He can certainly be a handful...


Time to start things on a high note. We got a Master Seal last map.

Nice. We have a good Paladin! (sorry sirius, someday )

To commemorate our return to Altea, I decided to fulfill one of the oldest thread requests.

vilkacis posted:


Name one Turban instead. Hardin may have forsaken it, but it's still with us in spirit.

It will be used wisely. (probably not)

So here's our map. Played Shadow Dragon? Remember that Chapter 15? Pretty much the same thing.

And already there are these goddamn ballista.

The enemy group immediately south of us is no joke, with lots of Paladins and Horsemen for the purpose of ruining our fliers' days.

This looks like 2 villages, but it's really just one. You'll see why later. For now...right or left?

The boss here is pretty beefy, with 45 HP and 19 Defence, but it's nothing one of our mages or a Hammer wielding Barst can't chew through.

He has a General with him, and a Paladin.

Hope you still aren't sick of Swarm Bishops.

Wait, what? What is my favorite cavalier from Shadow Dragon doing...being a Red Unit?

Abel why?

This guy is a real fucker because Fortify can heal every enemy on the map at once.

but not my heart why abel why

Anyway, How's Everyone?


Fantastic. Now it's talking time. I missed the title of this one but it's "Marth and Caeda 3". For clear reasons.

The support called Marth and Caeda 3

Is, uh, Caeda okay? Did Malicia poison her? Is this some Game of Thrones shit?

: Huh? Why did you laugh? Was it something I said?

: No, not really. It's just... you always ask me that. You're always worrying about everyone else.

: I-is that so?

: That's why we follow you, Marth. It's because of your kindess that I...

: Huh...?

Marth is incapable of getting the hint.

: Say, Marth. Once this war is over, will we..?

: Yes. We must devote all of our energies into the reconstruction.

Marth is every oblivious sitcom dad on the anniversary episode. Soon he and Jagen will go on a wacky adventure to the nearest Hallmark.

: Oh yes...That's right.

: And then, we'll be wed.

: Oh, Marth...!

: I'm looking forward to seeing you in a wedding dress, Caeda.

Not until Awakening.

: And what, sir, will I do if it becomes me less than this armor?

: Hahaha, that's impossible. You'll be beautiful regardless.

: Really?

: Mmm.

: Thank you, Marth. I hope I'll be a bride worthy of you.

: I too... I'll make you the happiest woman in the world, Caeda.

: ...Marth...

This is a weird wedding ring.

Steve and Merric 2 is what this one is called

: Steve?

: Excuse me, am I interrupting you?

: No, nothing of the sort. When I close my eyes like this, and feel the wind on my body... My heart becomes free and I can focus.

: That reminds me, they call you the Wind Mage, don't they, Sir Merric?

: Yes. I suppose I acquired that name because of my mastery of Excalibur.

: I see. The wind magic, Excalibur... Excalibur suits you well, Sir Merric.

: I guess... But, would you be surprised if I said I didn't choose Excalibur, but rather Excalibur chose me?

: Excalibur chose you?

: That's right. Our teacher, Master Wendell, once gave Excalibur to me and Thoron to Elrean. I didn't receive Excalibur because I was better than Elrean. But, rather, it was because of the magic's personality.

Nah, I think it's because Elrean is a dickhead and also not as good as you.

: Magic has personality?

: While very rare, some spellbooks have a "will" of their own and the magic itself chooses its owner. Excalibur is one such spellbook. I guess Excalibur liked my personality since it chose me.

: Magic choosing its user...? Now I've seen everything.

Because magic certainly didn't choose you!

: Haha. So, as you can see, I only became the Wind Mage by chance. If things had gone a little differently, then perhaps Elrean would be the one being called the Wind Mage.

: I see... However, I must say, wind magic really suits you, Sir Merric. Excalibur was probably smitten by your calm disposition. Truly, no wind magic could resist your charms, Sir Merric.

Steve, master of flirting.

: Oh, that's kind of you. Thanks.

Phantom Pain is really good and I'm running out of things to say about Jagen, good thing we only have like 12 more of these conversations

: At the Ice Dragon Shrine, Prince Marth obtained the Lightsphere from Lord Gotoh. With it, we can now challenge Hardin and his Darksphere. And now is the time for us to reclaim our homeland.

Alright thanks Jagen.


: Indeed, sire... Sadly, that's the inescapable truth.

: Sire, Sir Jagen, what's going on?

: Steve. I should tell you about Abel, too. Before your arrival, Abel was a knight of Altea and Cain's trusted partner. Afterwards, he retired to live together with Est in Altea, but now...

: As you know, our enemy is the Archanean army that has occupied Altea... And Abel is among their ranks.

: What? In other words, he's now our enemy?

Yes, that is exactly what they both said, Steve.

: It would seem so. But who'd have guessed... It's simply unfathomable.

: Sir Jagen. I am not acquaintanced with Sir Abel, but... I don't think someone who used to be a knight in Prince Marth's service would betray Altea without reason. There must be something going on.

: Yes, indeed... Otherwise, there is no way Abel would betray the prince.

: I think the same. Jagen, Steve, I'll try to talk to him. If I go, I'm sure Abel will tell me his reasons.

Well, if Marth is going to wander into enemy territory to chat up Abel, we should probably make him less...awful. Drill Grounds!

I just wanted to note that, when Marth hits a certain level, he'll start facing promoted enemies in the arena, even though he doesn't promote himself.

Also yes, you can get a Game Over in Drill Grounds with Marth/Steve.

But let's pretend that didn't happen.

To round off the update, I'm chock full of stat boosters, let's pass some out.

Marth, please start doubling.

Caeda, please stop being a wet Kleenex.

Luke. Uh, take this.

I swapped Minerva out for Jeorge due to the sheer amount of bows on this map, and gave him a Luck Bond because hell if I ever use them anyway.

I just want this to stop being a flat zero.

And this is the second one of these I have used on Merric, and he is still a point behind Malicia in Mag. Come on, man

Next time a pretty damn long map and a whole lot of dead Archaneans.