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Part 53: Prep: Homebound On The As-Tram

Update 31: Homebound On The As-Tram (Prep)

A lot of games like to come full circle for the ending.

This, however, is not the ending. Marth just now realized that it might be a good idea to get his house back, and maybe help his sister, who has been MIA for approximately 20 maps.

Some guy in one of those upper turrets is giving Marth the finger and he's real peeved.

Narrator: However, Altea has been liberated. Yes, our homeland has been liberated. (Wait, our? Is the Narrator one of our units? Taking guesses now.)

"Only the castle remains... If we regain Altea Castle, where I was born and raised..."

"Thank you, my friends... Thank you for believing in me..."

Tears shimmered down Marth's face. And the girl who gently wiped away his tears couldn't stop her own...

Probably because they got caught in her mask.

: Yeah. It's a curious feeling. It feels like yesterday that I first stepped foot here and yet it seems so far away...

October 24th 2014, to be specific. Well, I mean, then the timeline was ruined and had to reset so...never mind.

: Yes, I remember. When you first arrived here for training, you had no experience of battle. And now...

Finally, our respect from Jagen.


Steve's like Level 5 Promoted, fuck you Jagen.

And after that mad diss, we're back to this map.

Preliminary team composition unless I just decide on a whim to change it. You all know the drill by now!

So, this map is weirdly shaped, and also a holdover from Shadow Dragon. Good times!

The throne is through this door to our right, and Julian could unlock us and let us stroll on in, but that is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Were you missing Astram yet? Here's your Astram. Not nearly the instant death machine he was back in Chapter 8...but Mercurius is a threat even in the most mediocre of hands.

In the bottom left, TREASURE, TONS OF TREASURE. Julian is going to feast today.

...ready for another dick move? Look to the left of here.

Hiding in this...barely part of the map area is a Thief with a Levin Sword and Geosphere. Why is this such a dick move?

Missing the Geosphere locks you out of the Good Ending. Missing this thief locks you out of the good ending. Fuck this thief.

To be fair, Marth and Jagen call this out at the start of the map, but if you were, say, playing an imported cartridge and didn't understand Japanese and thought it was just more Jagen'd be in for a bad time. If I seem bitter it's because this asshole made me reset my first playthrough of this game. I am bitter.

You know what? Fuck horses. That pegasus was just weighing you down, Catria. Just put on this peach armor and become an unkillable juggernaut.

Steve, still upset over Jagen's , is just drinking steroids now. A sad conclusion to our hero's tale.

While Steve descends into drug use (fuck why didn't I call this chapter "requiem for a steve"), let's check on Everyone.

I kinda forgot Belf was a thing.

Give me the Res. I love the Res.

i still hate this idiot.

Oh yeah, Julian. Let's work on Julian.

Here's something I didn't even know could happen, if you go on long enough in a single Drill Grounds match, like with two units who do jackshit for damage (Julian), it just stops.

He still can't use this yet, but...


Oh good, time for the talking.

... ... ...

: ...

I opened up the script just to find that. I could have guessed that. I'm the worst.

: Because you're near me in the battlefield, I can fight without worries. We might become good comrades, I say.

: ...I had no intention of teaming up with you.

Not this map, you're benched until I get another Seal, dick.

: I don't mind if you think that. But, I consider you a precious comrade of mine, Sir Navarre.

: ...

: Anyway, I must train now. I'll see you again later...

: ...Wait.

: Sir Navarre?

: ...Your right hand.

: Eh?

: Your ring finger... looks to be injured. Get it treated... It'll be a hindrance in battle.

: Huh? Oh, you're right. I was so focused I didn't notice... Wait... Eeh!?

: ...?


: Sir Navarre... I can't believe it, don't tell me... Were you worried about me?

: ...

: Sir Navarre!! You've finally regained your rightful heart, have you not?

: ...You're loud.

This is my favorite screen of the update.

: ...Be quiet.

: Sir Navarre, let's keep on doing our best for Prince Marth's sake!

: ......

Beautiful stuff.

This Person's Name Is...

: Dame Steve, was it?

: I was most rude to you the other day. Please forgive me! I can see from the way you fight... that you are a true knight.

If you don't recall their last Support Sirius literally just bonked her on the head with a blunt sword. True knight.

: No, the fault is not yours. Please raise your head. I deliberately provoked the fight so that I could test you. It is I who was at fault. I wish to ask for your forgiveness.

: Wha...! Sir Sirius, what are you--

: Your actions the other day were virtuous, and befitting of a knight. I know a man who brought forth great tragedy because he was unable to do what you did.

Well, I'm sure we'll never meet him.

: Sir...Sirius?

: Dame Steve. I'll answer the question you asked me the other day. My true name is--


: No, Sir Sirius. Do not concern yourself. I bet... I'm better off not knowing your true identity, right?

the suspense is dismounting (If you played Shadow Dragon or the BS chapters, you probably know already anyway, so eh)

: Ah!

: I've come to understand you, thanks to that encounter. Indeed, there is no way someone Prince Marth accepted could be an evil man.

: ...Dame Steve.

: Sir Sirius, I am counting on you from now on.

: I am in your debt.

Full Circle (sorta)

: We swore to take back our homeland from Archanea, but couldn't return right away... Without a way to defeat Emperor Hardin, we had no choice but to flee to Khadein... Seeking the Lightsphere, we travelled through Anri's Way to obtain it from Lord Gotoh in the Ice Dragon Shrine... And then, finally, we returned to Altea. The time to fulfill our oath draws near. All that's left is to recapture Altea Castle.

Yes, you can recruit this idiot.

: Are you familiar with Sir Astram, Sir Jeorge?

: Yes, I've known him for a long time. He's not a bad fellow, but... It seems blood rushed to his head when he heard Altea had betrayed Archanea. Charged with pursuing us, he has pursued us relentlessly until now. There was no way he'd listen to us then. However, now that he's charged with castle defense duty, he might listen. I'll try and persuade him.

Basically, Astram is just a hot-tempered moron who needs Jeorge to tell him his boss is a madman.

: However, wouldn't that be dangerous?

If you didn't get the big flashing "HINT" sign here, yes, Jeorge is required to talk to Astram. Marth just gets a Mercurius to the face.

Popping a few single chapter boosts on the characters who we haven't used much, and we're good to go. Next time, the actual battle for Altea Castle.