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Part 56: Battle: Katarina

Update 32: Katarina (Battle)

So...this map. This map is a gimmick map, there's not much more to it. The enemies can be fairly annoying, but there aren't many of them, and you're stuck in a confined space. The gimmick part comes with if you want to get the better outcome here, so I'll show that later. For now though, let's check on Everyone. (2 people)

Well, neither of those were helpful, but you can't expect a winner in every How's Everyone. Anyway...

: Katarina, if you have reasons, I would like to hear them. I'm sure we can settle this, without resorting to fighting.

: ...I'm sorry. I... I have no choice but to do this.

And we begin.

One interesting thing about this map is that the enemy won't attack until you pass that center point and/or attack them. You always make the first move here.

This is a pretty good first move. This is the key to the whole map for me on this run.

Not many prizes on this map, just this Pure Water and a Vulnerary.

So, I formed everyone up in the middle, with Marth in the back as he's the squishiest, and Ogma there because it's not a good idea to leave somebody open on the corners there, Snipers are here.

What, Malicia? Don't worry. She'll be okay.

Someone with high Defense should be placed at this little chokepoint. Catria can do the job.

Immediately Katarina rushes Marth.

He can survive though, which is all I need him to do.

So, Malicia?

She can use Nosferatu REALLY well.

And get good levels.

And...still use Nosferatu.

And just keep using Nosferatu.

Finally someone goes for not-Malicia after all 3 remaining Zerkers suicided into her.

Buddy. Bad idea.

Also she doubles Swordmasters.

I can't even be upset about this.

Malicia is pretty good.

And, uh, this is what the map looks like after turn 1. I got lucky there.

Might as well patch up Marth a bit while Malicia's not killing things.

Luke and Ogma finish off the Sniper, leaving Katarina alone on the enemy side.

Let's chat.

: Steve. I... had a dream. It was short... but it was a very happy dream. Steve, you and I... Both of us became Royal Guards... We saved many people, received many thanks... And then, the two of us... Steve... I... I'm sorry...

That is the first time that has not worked.

A turn after you trigger the fighting, these guys show up. This is a nasty surprise if you didn't plan for it.

Thankfully Sirius died in a practice run of this so I could learn from my mistakes and just drop the immovable Catria wall!

Marth actually dodged this one.

Malicia's already done work this map, but I couldn't resist this.

Magic. Goooood.

So, uh...try again?

: Please fight me. If you don't, I'll kill you...

Two talks in a row, nothing. For once, it looks like we have to do this the hard way.

Sorry, Katarina.

I wanted to get this all in screenshots because this is probably the best boss death in the game.

Not much left for us now.


Goodbye. Next time,

Update 33: En Gra-de!

Okay yeah, that wasn't fooling anyone, here's the real ending.

Don't kill Katarina.

Ogma and Luke finish off the last Berserker this time.

Katarina actually changed targets this time.

It's a video game, so naturally, somewhere, the rule of 3's has got to apply. It's here this time.

: Steve... Why? Why do you refuse to fight...? You must know that you'll die if you don't kill me... And yet, why do you hesitate...?

: Because you're my friend.

Puppets Don't Cry

: ...

: You can't have forgotten: Our days training as knights... The times we fought together with Luke, Rody, Ryan and Cecille... "Together, we'd be an unstoppable team"... That's what you told me.

: That was... That was all... a lie. Everything I did was to deceive you... It was all just a ruse... The truth is... I don't care about you...

: If that's the case...

: ...I'm...not...

: Katarina. You don't belong there. You want to fight alongside me, for Prince Marth. I'm certain of it.

: It's... too late for that. I've committed too many unforgivable sins...

: Then, you'll just have to start atoning for them. It won't be easy. Many people from both Altea and your organization will turn you a cold shoulder... But, I can promise you this. No matter what happens...

: Steve...

: Return to us, Katarina.

: ...Sob... sob... ...Steve... Steve... Steve...!

: Please, hand me punishment... worthy of my crimes. Please execute me...

: Raise your head, Katarina. I have no intention of taking your life.

: But... why? I don't deserve to live. Please let me atone with my death...

: That's no atonement. You're just running from your sins.

: Oh...!

: If you truly regret what you've done, then live. I want you to atone with your life, not your death.

: Atone with my life...? But, how? What should I do...? How could I even begin to atone?

: I cannot give you that answer. Until now, you've only followed orders, never thinking for yourself. But that's going to change now. You will think for yourself, and find your own answer. That is my punishment to you.

: Prince Marth...

And with that, we're done. I do kinda like that scene. I think it would hit a little more if A. Katarina was a more interesting character or B. We didn't already have like 20 people in our army who have tried to kill us without being tortured/brainwashed from childhood into it. But hey, for a sequel to a game with pretty much no personalities? It's good.

Next time, remember Gra exists? It kinda does.

Update 33: En Gra-de!

So let's go over Katarina real quick because we got her. She's one of the hardest characters to actually recruit, so of course she's...not very good. The fact that a lot of the difficulty in recruiting her is dancing around trying not to accidentally kill her because she attacked your hand axe Barst or whatever is a pretty big clue on that.

For a level 7 Sage, those stats are really subpar. That's half of Malicia's Magic, and she's level...12? Her Magic growth is also only 40%, which hurts her. That said, the rest of her growths are pretty decent (75% Speed is some good stuff!), but there's just not enough time/levels left to elevate her above "okay" even with a lot of grinding. If you've been using any of the other mages the game has been throwing at you (Merric, Elrean, Etzel, etc.) or reclassing to make your own (Malicia, I hear Cecille is good), Katarina is, sadly, redundant.

I will take another Nosferatu though.