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Part 59: Bonus Chapter: Dragoon

Update 34: Bonus Chapter: Dragoon

: Sir Jagen, a strange old man just decided to join our army.

: How many of those do we have now?

: Counting you, sir, three. Not to be rude, but my grandfather always told me-

: Shut up. I know that fellow...that’s Father Frost! Sit down, Chris my boy!

: Steve. Girl.

: I keep forgetting that. Let me tell you a story...

So here we go, BS Chapter 2. This one gave me some trouble, mostly just because of one dick move towards 3/4ths point.

Palace’s score isn’t recorded because of the laptop explosion of 2014, but there is only one left after this!

: A verdant kingdom, sharing the deepest bonds with the Holy Kingdom of Archanea since its foundation. However, as a result of the aggressive attack of the Macedonian dracoknights led by Princess Minerva, Aurelis had already ceded most of its territory to the Dolhrian empire. As Princess Minerva returned to her post in Aurelis with her subordinates, a certain village caught her eye…

This bandit has existed across time and space, just to be a creep and then get wrecked by protagonists making dramatic entrances. Truly the most important character. He’s not getting a portrait.

Thatfuckinguy: Heh heh heh...Jus’ come o’er ‘ere already.

Some Other Villager: Please, I beg o’ you, leave her be! She’s me girlfriend!

Thatfuckinguy: Shut yer trap!

SOV: Nngaaah!

: Sir Jagen, is this part of the story...entirely necessary?

: Wait, what's going on here? What are those men doing?

ThisOtherGuy: Ehh? You ain't on their side? In that case, I beg o' you! Please drive those foul demons away. They kidnap women, loot everythin', and act like this town's theirs... We just can't keep livin' like this. So, please, you have to help us!

: To think the Macedonian army houses such shameless scoundrels... I demand an explanation.

Nobody can use the word “cahoots” without sounding ridiculous.

: And they've been committing atrocities using the Macedonian army's name...

: Either way, we cannot just let them be.

: Wow, the Dark Emperor had a much better hat back then.

Thatfuckinguy: W-what the hell is wrong with you!? Stay outta our way if you value yer life!

: Your vile deeds... cannot be overlooked.

Thatfuckinguy: T-these guys... Damn you... We'll remember this!

: I have no name worthy of note.

It’s in the text box, buddy.

: Bah... I see. Well, fair enough. The actions of those men offended me, too, but I see you were faster to the hunt.

: By any chance, are you... Dame Minerva of Macedon?

: Indeed I am. But how did you know?

: I heard the Macedonian army had a beautiful woman, clad in scarlet armor. Rumors say she's a gifted soldier, nicknamed the Crimson Dragoon.

: Heh... Those rumors are grossly exaggerated.

: Either way, I presume those men weren't official Macedonian soldiers? Are they deserters?

: As much as it shames me, that seems to be the case.

: I see. Then, I believe I have a firm grasp of the situation.

: Where do you intend to go, now?

: What in heavens!? There's a large group of them? I don't believe it...! That can't be…

Budget constraints prevented Wolf and Roshea from actually appearing in this cutscene.

: Commander, what are our orders?

: Palla... I'll follow them, together with Catria and Est. You are to go ahead to the castle and bring reinforcements.

: Yes, understood. The castle isn't far from here.

You see Minerva’s expression there? She knows. Palla will not be coming back this chapter.

: Catria, Est. Take care of the commander.

: Yes, sister.

: Leave it to us!

: Catria, Est, let’s follow them at once.

: Understood!

: What? You still spouting that rubbish? That's fine by me. If you can't obey my orders, then I'll have your head on a plate.

I love this line. “THAT’S A LOT OF PLATES”

: D-damn... Just what... am I supposed to do...?

Advice of the damn year.

: Dame Minerva, leave the archers to us. We shall make mincemeat of them. You fly on ahead.

: Very well. I'll leave that in your hands. Then, let's go.

Alright, the map has begun and immediately Minerva needs to go west. She’s going to be very useful in this chapter.

Here’s Wolf, a Horseman who comes in sorta handy, but isn’t the best unit here by far. I’m having him hit up the Village to grab an item because his movement and range means he can catch up if he falls behind a bit.

Not much in the way of treasure here.

So here’s a quick flyover of this map. We start in the top right corner.

These guys are menacing us from the start, and will rush you from turn 1.

There’s a second village here that, if not reached by turn 2, will be destroyed by the Thief. Minerva is up to the task.

The Boss and a few other guys are across this river. This is a Rout map, so all enemies have to die, no cheating and rushing this guy with Minerva and praying for a crit.

More enemies in the middle south portion.

And Frost in the center of the map, with a Physic. Great. You can recruit him very quickly with Minerva, but don’t. If he’s Blue, the enemies that charge you will want to charge him too, and as a squishy 4 Defense Bishop, that’s bad news.

Hardin here is extremely powerful and likely to be the MVP on any run of this map. He’s got two silver weapons in hand, and I’m using him to lure the enemies in.

Here’s Est. Est is useless. At least she has a Ridersbane I can steal.

Catria is not the unstoppable force she is in our main story run, but she’s okay here. Not good. But okay.

Roshea is entirely unremarkable in pretty much every way. Behold, the world’s most generic Cavalier.

: Did you say a dracoknight? Who would want to come to a backwater place like this...? But they don't seem that dangerous. Don't worry about them. Should they approach this fortress, I'll make short work of them.

One of the fighters breaks off to hit Minerva, killing himself for 6 damage on the Dracoknight.

Meanwhile, Hardin can double this guy. He doesn’t last long. He can’t double Cavaliers, though, so they’ll take a little extra...

Oh, well, never mind.

When turn 2 starts, I have Minerva kill the Thief, who is one step from the Village. You really have no time to lose on this one.

This is our predicament on Turn 2. There are 3 bow wielding units here. If any of them live, they’ll one shot Catria or Est. Roshea can kill one of them alone.

The Horseman is a bit bulkier, so I’m having Est use her turn to give Hardin the Ridersbane. She’s not doing anything otherwise.

There we go!

I want that Defense as high as possible for something coming up.

Wolf can come down from the village and get this guy really low…

Catria shows off with an unnecessary crit and we’re free of archers for now.

Well, I mean, at least Est can dodge.

Turn 3 and I can finally visit this Village.

This could be handy!

Giving Hardin the Experience here, because he’s going to be doing almost all the work.

Now that the northeast part of the map is clear, the next objective is to cross the river. This bridge is the only way for our mounted allies. As I make my way there, though...

Red Guy: Sir, the enemy is fast approachin' this fortress.

: Damn... What a bunch of annoying rats. Alright, send the reinforcements. Call back everyone who left for the other villages!


Red Guy: Yes sir!

And two fighters and two cavaliers pop out of the castle. Wonderful.

Also they rush you.

Also they come again next turn.

: Sir Jagen, this story is extremely repetitive. Did you forget to turn the pages again?

: Who’s the one who can read here?

While I wait for the reinforcements to approach the bridge, there are some conversations we can trigger!

: And keep an eye out for enemies as you proceed.

: Yes ma’am, I’ll do my best!

: Their conversations were dull and often pointed out the obvious. It was my greatest inspiration. Hardin possesses the Darksphere...

: Dame Minerva, are you unhurt?

: Yes, you needn't worry about my well-being. What about you, sir?

: No issues here, either. However, the enemies are many, so we mustn't lower our guards.

: To think so many shameless scoundrels would claim to be part of the noble Macedonian army... The misdeeds of Macedon are my responsibility. Do not interfere.

: With all due respect, Dame Minerva, a battle cannot be won alone. As we share the same contempt towards the enemy, it would benefit both of us to join forces against them.

: ...Very well. However, don't overwork yourself.

: Your worry is superfluous. I am at home, here. Well, let us go!

: ..after crossing Anri’s Way, we met Lord Gotoh…

This isn’t a repeat screenshot, this is wave 3 of these guys. Don’t worry, it’s the last one.

: Catria! The enemy general is mine. I shall leave the other soldiers to you. However, don't underestimate them. Be sure to finish each of them in one blow.

: Understood, commander.

: Your defense is terrible, Steve, Hardin possesses the Darksphere!

: (I should probably go…)

Minerva takes the Energy Drop, because...well, I don’t think Hardin really needs it.

On turn 8, we’re finally ready. Bring on the reinforcements! Hardin is using the bridge as a chokepoint. Wish him luck.


I used the Ridersbane here because the only ones in range this turn were cavaliers.

Wolf passes the Vulnerary to Hardin. That thing is actually pretty damn useful in this map.

And so, the many reinforcements smash themselves against Hardin’s weapons and give him some nice levels.

This is about the most dangerous it’ll get for Hardin.

Like that.

Alright, I can Vulnerary Hardin back to 12 HP this turn, but if both those guys hit him, he’s still dead.

Wolf is taking up tank duties. He’s way worse at it though.

Oh, and Frost is going to be continually healing these guys.

Okay, time to get Wolf the fuck outta there. 4 Fighters.

If I kill one of them, they won’t have enough damage for Minerva.

There was a miss anyway, but I’ll take the insurance.

That’s all the reinforcements. I should get Frost, right? No.

I made this mistake on my first try. Recruiting him now will lead some of the enemies from the next group we engage to rush him down and slaughter the poor Bishop. Give it a little more time…

So, for these next guys, Hardin will want the Javelin. The Vulnerary is gone now. So, here’s what sucks about this group. 2 of these guys are archers, which means Minerva can’t tank them. One of the Knights has a ridersbane. All we have are mounted units and fliers. Fuck. Gonna need some luck here.

Javelin pulls the archer, and the chase is on!

Yeah, they all rush you at once. (Frost healed up that archer too.)

Hardin retreats back to the bridge chokepoint.

The archer goes down on counterattacks from Hardin’s Javelin, but he’s getting low...and we have no healing abilities.

And right about now Minerva needs to sneak her way up to Frost.

Hello, this is the dodge that saved the run. Bless this dodge.

Wolf does some good damage to the Ridersbane guy, who surprisingly Frost didn’t bother healing. Glad I’m not the only one who hates him.

I go with the Ridersbane here because it’s enough to finish this guy off, but not overkill that would make too many of the Knights hit Hardin before I can heal him.

He survives, but he has little health, and there’s not much time left! Tension! Drama!

Oh, never mind, Minerva’s at Frost now.

: Oh, this dracoknight is...

: Why are you aiding those vile excuses for people?

: Princess Minerva... Forgive me... The truth is, Ruben threatened me. If I didn't do what he wanted, he said he would do away with my family and I…

: I see... Father Frost, you may rest at ease. We shall destroy the bandits. We won't let them lay a single finger on you or your family. I swear upon my honor.

: Oh, Princess Minerva... I'm glad I could count on you. Please, protect my family…

Now that we have Frost, I can finally heal Hardin.


Wow. Too little, too late, game.

I’m okay with this.

Now you’re just taunting me.

Alright, so the last group of enemies is in the upper left, which I’m looping around to deal with. Frost and those Vulnerarys are going to get a workout to get everyone back to full HP.

Several turns later, here we go.

I’m using Wolf to pull over the Sniper. Thankfully, the Knights don’t come with him. This guy does a ton of damage.

Minerva’s proving her usefulness here.

Time for the ol’ Jave-Hardin trick.

One down.

Two down.

Hardin’s gotten a ton of levels this time around.

Just Ruben left.

Ruben’s dialogue is so good. Why is he such a bit character?

: You're... Ruben. I didn't think I'd find you here, not after you were banished from the army for your acts of brutality against civilians. ...So you lead the deserters. Surrender. If you don't, I shall strike you down as an enemy of Macedon!

: Heh...! I don't take orders from you anymore. For some reason, the folks at Macedon worship you royals as if you were gods. Yet, the crown prince fancies himself a patricide, the older sister is a charmless buffoon... and the younger sister is a brat whose only talent is getting kidnapped. Who on earth could put up with the stupid military, when even the country's like that too? Wouldn't you agree, Minerva the Buffoon!

You know...he’s...not wrong. Michalis is a douche, Maria is useless, and Minerva isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.


:Heh! Not if I kill you first!

Minerva doesn’t finish him off, so I’ve got to use Wolf here to get him low. I believe it’s time.


: Gyaahhhhh!

So that’s how she learned to do that.

Oh, these guys are still alive? I forgot they were here.

There we go.

Oh hi Palla, nice to see you.

: Palla. Don't worry about us, we're fine. What of the reinforcements?

: They are almost here already.

I imagine this in the most deadpan sarcastic voice possible.

Blue Guy: Princess Minerva, please leave the rest to us!

Blue Guy: But, Princess, there's something important... Isn't that knight Hardin of Aurelis?

No, that’s Sirius.

: What do you mean?

Blue Guy: Why, he's the spitting image of the infamous Coyote, leader of the rebel army. Should we capture and interrogate him...?

: ...Nonsense. There is no way that man is Hardin.

Blue Guy: But as I said, he’s the spitting…

: I said he isn’t. Now leave us!

Blue Guy: P-pardon me, ma’am!

: Hahaha! I look forward to seeing you again in the battlefield! Now, if you'll excuse me.

: Coyote… Hardin.

: Commander, did you say something?

: No, nothing. Let’s go.

: Understood.

: Filled with awe and respect, the people called her the "Crimson Dragoon."

Time score is pretty meh, but I was just glad to be done with this one, to be honest.

: And that’s the story of that guy you just met, Steve.

: Sir Jagen, he was barely in it. He didn’t really do anything but heal Hardin, really.

: …

: Actually, if he hadn’t done that, maybe Hardin would have died, and then he wouldn’t be Emperor, and then we wouldn’t all be in this horrible situation. Sir Jagen, what was the point of this story?

: …

: Finally, we have conquered Anri’s Way. Hardin possesses the Darksphere.

: I’m going to go hang out with Wrys.