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Part 60: Prep: Garbage Like The Wolf

Update 35: Garbage Like The Wolf (Prep)

(IMPORTANT LP BULLETIN: This update was prepared before the last one. I apologize for any terrible jokes caused by the stress of watching Hardin getting Ridersbaned in the chest over and over. One of said jokes is the title. Sorry.)

Welcome back. Last time in the main plot, we defeated the Archanean forces in Gra and convinced Princess Sheema to surrender and join our army. Now we’re headed for Archanea to take the fight to Hardin himself. In a couple chapters. Still a little more buildup for that. In the meantime...

This wasn’t me screenshotting at a bad time, the first text box just stops here. What the fuck is wrong with Roshea’s forehead?

(The Narrator is being portrayed by Wrys for this update) : decided to cross the central mountain range, thought to be impassable by a large army. Should they go through the Adria Pass, they would reach the palace directly.

"Hurry, we cannot let the enemy notice us! We must charge straight through!"

Praying for success, Marth and the others walked through the narrow mountain pass. However, despite their prayers, they were attacked by an unexpected enemy in the pass. The northern Kingdom of Aurelis's elite force, which had moved south to aid Archanea...The "Wolfguard."

: Yes, sire.

: Despite all the odds, we've surpassed Anri's Way and taken back Altea... The battles we've faced up to now... have been nothing short of difficult. And in those battles...

: Sire…

Again, we’re on track for completing the game without losing a unit! Getting close to the end now, not too many people left to recruit. (And all but one of them exclusive to the remake!) But, as has become tradition with these, let’s see the alternate universe “lots of deaths” Marth.

: ...The feeling of pain overwhelms me. When I think of the severely wounded, and the many who have fallen... Perhaps if I had been stronger like Anri, then everyone would still be alive... From now... From now on, I will definitely...

Marth still blames himself for everything. Guy just can’t catch a break from himself. It’s kinda strange for a Fire Emblem protagonist, it never seems to slow them down. I do like it though, it gives him more character than his old “I’m the good guy and that’s about it” persona.

Onto the usual prep work.

We’re allowed a full 12 units this time around. Usual crew minus Julian, since there are no chests to open and although this map is full of Generals, he is still not skilled enough to use that Forged Armorslayer. Instead I brought in Sheema by request. I’ll see what I can do.

How’s Everyone?

Really starting to regret ditching Draug. How’s Everyone loves that guy.

Conversations this time around include two standard ones and Julian’s second support.

Strong Enough To Protect

“You think if I pulled this scarf up high enough I could cover my face like you used to?”

: I wonder if you could teach me how to fight?

I’ve been trying to do that for like 4 maps, Julian!

: How to fight? But Sir Julian, you're a thief... Rather than battle, you'd do better staying in the rear, opening chests and doors…

: Yes, you're right. But, I want to become stronger. Strong enough to protect Lena.

: Sir Julian…

: Ever since Lena disappeared, I've looked frantically for her everywhere... I even asked people who chanced to see her. According to them, when Lena was taken by the heretic bishops... she had a sad look on her face.

I dunno, every time I get kidnapped by crazy bishops I’m pretty cheery about it.

: What does that mean?

: They didn't put her to sleep. Or use some spell to control her. That time, I wasn't far from her. Had Lena screamed, I'd have noticed for sure. But, she didn't. That's because she knew I'd be no match for them even if I rushed out to help. Were I a much stronger man, Lena wouldn't have been kidnapped. Knowing that, I just can't forgive myself…

: …

Or they could have had a sword to her neck, or magic spellbooks ready, know, I think you’re being a little hard on yourself, Julian.

The Battle Of Recap Pass

: We must defeat Gharnef and rescue Princess Elice and the other kidnapped clerics. And we ought to do something about Hardin, who's now being controlled by the Darksphere.

I will never get tired of how nonchalant Jagen is about this kind of stuff. “Oh, yeah, the evil emperor, we ought to do something about that.” Jagen has seen some shit.

wolf pun goes here

: They're the Aurelian Knights... A powerful army nicknamed the Wolfguard.

: The Wolfguard…

: Yes. In the previous war... the Wolfguard fought as Hardin's subordinates. They were reliable allies back then, but since Hardin is now our enemy, so is the Wolfguard. They have sworn loyalty to Hardin, and would die for him. Steve, their loyalty is comparable to yours.

: …!

Not on Steve’s watch. Nobody is as bullheadedly devoted to a cause as she is. And she will cut a motherfucker for claiming otherwise.

: Take good care once they arrive on the battlefield, Steve.

That won’t be as necessary as it sounds.

This map is structured in a weird way.

To our left is a Village guarded by two Paladins. This is one of the most important villages in the game. Not only will it make this chapter much easier, it has the last potentially missable required item for the Good Ending. Marth can reach it in 2 turns, one with Feena or the Again Staff, but I prefer 2, for reason’s you’ll see in the battle.

To the right, a clusterfuck of a Generals, two Ballista (Hoistflammes, pretty high damage, but no special abilities), and no less than 3 Fortify bishops. If you want to kill a unit on this map, you’d better get it done on your turn.

The boss isn’t anything special. He doesn’t even have a name. This guy won’t be a problem.

To the north are the Wolfguard. Four of them are named. They are all mounted. And yes, they will keep spawning unless we do something.

Sedgar and Wolf are in the back. These guys (Wolf is a man, I know the portrait is pretty ambiguous) were pretty notable in Shadow Dragon for having amazing potential if reclassed to a Hero (Sedgar) and a General (Wolf), and were considered pretty gamebreaking on lower difficulties, especially Wolf. They’re back to their native Horseman class here and are...much less threatening.

Here is Vyland. Vyland is apparently like a meme in Japan? He shared a portrait with Matthis in the original game. Vyland fucking sucks.

Last we have the even less intimidating Roshea. Four new characters! What bullshit hoops will we have to jump through to recruit them?

none in this chapter

Maybe we’ll find out next time.