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Part 61: Battle: Garbage Like The Wolf

Update 35: Garbage Like The Wolf (Battle)

Short and simple map this time around. Welcome to the calm before the storm that is the chapter after this one.

I forgot to go over Frost, so let's look at him.

Here's Frost he's garbage. 9 Magic on a Bishop? Those are Steve numbers. He can heal pretty well because he can use Physic out of the box, but with Merric and Malicia on our usual team, he's pretty dead weight. Also his Defense growth is 5%. I think that's literally the worst in the game.

Sirius was close to a level, so I had him run a quick Drill Grounds.

That was How's Everyone. I didn't mention it before because you all know by now.

Also I gave Sheema the Starsphere, as was recommended. Let's get going.

Meet the Wolfguard. They're pretty brainwashed.

: Look over there! The Altean forces are stretched along the narrow pass. Our only chance to crush them is now.

: It was Coyote who freed us plain dwellers from slavery. If we don't fight Altea here, then we can't protect the palace. Are you telling me you WANT Hardin to be defeated by them?

Oh yeah, he did that at some point. They don't really bring that up much in this game, but Hardin liberated a few tribes/clans/whatevers in Aurelis from slavery, so he has a pretty devoted following even when he' this.


: If we leave him be, the entire world will eventually fall into his hands.

: I still find it hard to believe. So the honorable Prince Marth we met is supposed to harbor diabolical ambitions?

: Are you calling Coyote a liar?! Do you really believe that he would resort to such deceitful tactics?! Enough, Roshea!! I've lost all respect for you. Betray us if you want, I don't care. Sedgar, Vyland, let's go. If we delay any more they will pass us.

: Hey, wait! You know I can't betray you. I understand... I'll go, too.

This episode of Let's Play Fire Emblem 12 is about the horrors of peer pressure.

: What? What could this mean? That the Wolfguard is moving independent of Aurelis's orders?

: I don't know, but... Depending on how negotiations go, it's possible the Wolfguard may signal a retreat.

: I see. It would benefit us all if we could avoid pointless fighting. Let's hurry to the village!

Take Marth's advice here. Or, rather, make Marth take his own advice.

Just like last map, Marth immediately runs toward a village. Catria can chunk this Paladin down pretty hard.

Steve outright kills the other.

So, uh, this could be a problem.

Here's how I set up the team. Be careful not to put anyone in the range of a named character.

Immediately this bishop fires off a Fortify. So much for Catria's chip damage.

I think that's the Strength cap?

Ah, fuck, I should have given him the Rapier. Oh well.

Goddammit, I hate these guys.

Let's make this map about 10 times easier.

: King Aurelis? What brings you here?

: I came to halt our attack. And I must apologize to you. I believed Hardin and sided with Archanea, but it seems that I made a mistake. Aurelis has decided to maintain neutrality. My knights will return to their lands.

Wow, this guy didn't even try to murder us personally first. He's the smartest NPC so far.

: I understand, Your Majesty. I do not wish to fight you, either. Please, find it in yourself to forgive me for the many Aurelian lives that I've taken.

"Like, many. By myself. I killed a LOT of your subjects, your highness. Personally. My bad."

: Ohh! The rumors are true, as I suspected. I am old and frail, and without children. And now, the brother I once trusted has become... like this. Prince Marth, please, protect Aurelis in my stead. I entrust everything to you. As a sign of my allegiance, I would have you accept this orb.

The oldest tradition of peace, the exchanging of Orbs.

: Your Majesty, Hardin is...

: Do not worry about my younger brother. A knight can only die a knight's death. 'Twas always his fate...


This is actually really good. It's like an infinite use Energy Drink that activates automatically. It is also the last orb you can possibly miss, although you'd have to be pretty oblivious to when it's this easy to grab. The Geosphere is way harder.

Oh and fuck this guy.


So, now that we've talked to King Aurelis, the Wolfguard soldiers will no longer fight us. They'll run off the map next turn and leave us alone.

...but I lust for EXP.



Oh my finger slipped on the Javelin

That was the Wyvern, I can't control it.

Okay, now they're leaving.

So now Malicia and Merric patch everyone up while I get ready for the second part of the map.

This is an empty level. I don't think we've seen one of these yet. This is when the RNG decides it hates you so much that you do not get a single stat.

So, this part is actually pretty tough. Whoever you put here had better be able to survive a bombardment of Ballista fire and General attacks. There's a bow guy too, so your fliers are in danger (without Iote's Shield) and a Ridersbane General a little further in.

The first Ballista went for Marth, the second for Luke. And this one missed!

I gave him the Steel Sword instead of Silver because I'd rather not keep that space free for more Generals.

Sometimes he just feels like critting though.

I can't stay mad at you, Luke.

A good crit here.

Thankfully Barst is such a good damage sponge.

Fortify again.

Alright, those Ballista are, as usual, priority one.

Catria can swoop in and finish one off pretty quick.

And Nabavre's crit makes room for Luke to take the other one.

Sirius and Sheema team up on this defenseless bow guy. B-Team rules!

B-Team sucks.

Marth just barely didn't get this kill.

Minerva handles it, though, and that's...really the end of it. All that's left are the Bishops and the boss. This whole chapter really has just one difficult part, surviving the first turn of this approach.

Nobody's getting good levels this map. Except Merric.

I set Minerva and Sirius loose on the Bishops, because they need the experience most. And I'm mad at Sheema.

That's the last of 'em. That (UNARMED) thing makes me feel slightly terrible.

So, this boss is kind of a pushover.

Attacking Sirius got him this low, and now Minerva smacks him down to the single digits.

Sheema ends the map for us.

I...guess this could be useful if you still have someone unpromoted?

(I missed the MAP CLEAR thing, because this map is...not holding my attention. Sorry.)

: I have only you to thank for this. You do nothing but help me.

At least we get Marth's respect.

: No, it's not like that. It was your decision, sire. I just came up with the idea.

: That's hardly the whole truth. The times when I'm lost in my thoughts, if you're there, I have confidence. I'm thankful for that; more than anything.

: Sire, we've just received urgent news. Apparently a coup d'etat broke out in the palace. The knights and citizens who opposed Emperor Hardin's ways rose in rebellion.

: What in the blazes?! What has happened to them now?

: Unfortunately, the instigators were all defeated and captured... Rumor has it that the rebels are being executed by the day.

We are the only competent rebellion on the continent.

: Damn it, Hardin... This is absurd. It's decided. We will head for the palace at once and end this. Steve, let's go!!

: Yes, Sire!

Weren't we doing that anyway? I mean, okay. Next time...

Oh shit, already?

Update 36: Definitely The Last Map Of The Game

(Sorry this one was so uneventful, the next map should at least be...something.)