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Part 68: Prep: Lady Eremiah

Update 38: Lady Eremiah (Prep)

And we’re back. Hardin is dead, and Archanea is no longer at war. Sadly there’s a crazy cult running around trying to resurrect the final boss from the last game. So our work is far from done. First off, let’s finish the game’s final gaiden chapter and put a stop to those obnoxious assassins. Lets raid us an orphanage.

: It's pitch black. Visiblity's practically non-existent... We'll be in trouble if we have to fight.

: The organization's children were raised in darkness... They have no heart or will of their own. They only move their limbs when ordered, like puppets...

This part of the game is actually pretty damn dark. Eremiah has basically been torturing and brainwashing children down here, and those are the enemies we’ve been fighting in the bonus chapters, it’s not pleasant.

: Katarina…

: I'm... not like them anymore. Steve... I want to be of use to you. That feeling is mine and mine alone. Not just some order! But my own truest desire... My treasure. Let's go, Steve.

If Katarina is dead, Steve instead somehow knows where the secret entrance is, and Marth gets a few lines instead.

Here we go. This is going to be a quick update because there’s not even really a point in looking at the map. This is FE12’s second and final Fog Of War map. Thankfully, they do show you where Eremiah is (That top left corner).

Planned team here. No Barst or Catria because they’re close to the level cap and I want to let some other people catch up. This is a quick one. It’s fitting to take Katarina here...but this is a bad map to be a squishy character on. She does have some special dialogue, but I’ll be transcribing it anyway.

Also Steve’s inventory is empty because we lost all the orbs.

Glad I caught that.

(This is really bad, I show it later)

Here’s Cecille’s Sword, it’s pretty terrible for this late in the game. Decent if you’ve just class swapped someone to a Sword class and their rank is awful, but for now? Ditch it.

We still haven’t seen my favorite named item and I’m going to be so sad if we never get it.

Sheema Resigns

: If anybody gets wind of this, I'll...!

: Ah, Lady Sheema!

: Gah, Dame Steve! What are you doing here!?

: Huh!? What... am I doing here? This is the lounge.

I love that our first priority upon infiltrating the torture orphanage is to ESTABLISH THE LOUNGE.
: A-ah, right.

: Oh, that reminds me. Lady Sheema. I believe you dropped this. It's such a cute doll.

: ......AHH!!! Why, why is it with you...?!

: You dropped it when we talked earlier.

: Ohh... My greatest blunder…

No, that was...the entirety of Chapter 17.

: Huh You’re...exxagerating.

: You must be disappointed, no? That the princess of a kingdom would possess such a hobby…

: Well, I'm a little surprised perhaps, but not disappointed…

: ...This is a memento of my late mother. Since I'm faint of heart, I secretly carry this inside my armor... It's highly unbecoming of a princess.

: I see.

: Yes... if the people were to know this, I'd never be able to show my face as the princess of Gra again.

And she was never seen again.

: What, wait! Lady Sheema!?

We’ve already covered Steve’s Cooking Adventure in a bonus support update, I won’t show the whole thing again.


: Oh, Sir Wrys.

: Thank you kindly for saving me from that predicament the other day.

wrys that was like a year ago

: Don't mention it, I'm the one always getting myself wounded... I'm sorry for the trouble.

: It's no trouble at all. Your daily growth always enthralls me, Dame Steve.

: T-thank you. You're making me a little embarrassed…

: Hoho, looking at you brings back memories of the children at the monastery in Altea.

: There's a monastery in Altea...?

Well, I mean, there are a ton of Bishops, gotta put them somewhere.

: Yes, I built a small monastery after the last war. There are many delightful children there.

Wrys is pretty much reverse-Eremiah.

: Oh my gosh! That's wonderful…

: The children there grow stronger with every passing day, living in harmony with nature. Just like you, Dame Steve.

: That’s very kind of you.

: Yes, even your naughty sides are akin…


: Eh? Pardon, Sir Wrys?

: Oh, do excuse me.

All will be judged by his blinding forehead.

Jagen in an Orphanage

: They are Hardin's and Gharnef's underlings. These assassins have targeted Prince Marth time and time again, so we cannot let them be. I'm sure you know this without me telling, but... We'll settle our score with these assassins here and now.

Thanks for the pep talk.

Selling the Bullion from last map and all our remaining Master Seals made me quite a bit of money. I immediately blew some of it on our struggling characters.

Sheema’s speed issue is starting to get alleviated a bit.

Sadly, Sirius will never outdo Luke or Steve. That’s a solid level, though.

Next time, the fog of war returns, and the puppetmistress becomes the...uh...puppeted? I guess? Something along those lines.