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Part 69: Battle: Lady Eremiah

Update 38: Lady Eremiah (Battle)

I hope you’re all ready for some low visibility! Like the other Gaiden chapters, this one is gimmicky. The gimmick is narrow corridors and fog of war, in combination with long ranged units. Despite that amount of annoying shit firing at you, this map is pretty quick and fairly easy, especially compared to the last two chapters, and it’s mostly just plot stuff. There are a few nice treasures to pick up though.

We should check up on Everyone before we do anything, though.

Keep this in mind for a little bit.

Let’s take on Eremiah.

She doesn’t say this line if you kill Katarina, naturally.

: But, I bet you didn't know this: There are many puppets here far superior to you, my dear. Come, my sweet little children. The bad men have come. Darkness is our friend. What our enemies cannot see, we can. Let them experience... the feeling of pure terror.

And so it begins. If you don’t remember the gimmicks to fog of war in this game from Kleine’s map, here’s a refresher:

-Your sight range is 2 squares
-Thieves do not get additional view range.
-If you run into an enemy on your path, you stop dead in your tracks.

Moving Luke there revealed these two Berserkers.

Oh, and here’s what I wanted to point out earlier, since Ogma has capped speed, he doesn’t get the bonus from How’s Everyone.

Anyway, one Assassin down.

These Berserkers aren’t really a threat. There are other enemies that fill that role.

Just slowly making our way forward.

What? Where is that?

The fuck?

Where are these guys?

Alright, so this is the gimmick. The Longbow. This map has several snipers running around with Longbows. Longbows can attack from 3 squares away, which means you cannot counter attack them. They’ll hide behind the walls and take potshots at you, so the trick is trying to keep away from the walls. The problem with these enemies is that this map is so narrow, it’s sometimes impossible to avoid them. Do not bring fliers without Iote’s.

Luke scouts ahead.

Or not.

Out of the way, please.

Steve’s progress is also stymied.

Want to try and keep everyone fairly high HP here, because it’s dangerous with all the hidden Snipers.

I didn’t show all the Longbow attacks, because this is pretty much what they all look like.

Here’s one of those assholes!

I almost forgot to bring the Armorslayer to this map. That would have been a pain.

Another sniper chose to reveal himself. It was a poor decision.

dammit merric

And Marth finishes another Sniper off. Don’t worry...there are more.

This is the only Longbow you can get in the game, IIRC. I’m sure there are a few spots where this could be handy.

As usual, Malica is on medical watch.

Some more scouting.

Oh shit, where’s Eremiah? Wasn’t she supposed to be in the top left?

oh no

: It seems I have no choice but to show them how it's properly done.

Here’s the other gimmick. Eremiah uses long range tomes on you.

Steve is an expert at dodging Meteors, though.


Another Zerker from the darkness.

Really solid level for Steve here.

Malicia almost at the level cap.

Luke ran by the wall and revealed this last guy.

Ogma’s using the Pure Sword again, in case Eremiah sets her sights on him.

Or Marth. Marth is a bit more dangerous.

Ah shit. Generals out of nowhere.

Fucking. Longbows.

holy shit that was so close. Behold the lucky dodge for this map. Wouldn’t have needed it if Ogma hadn’t crit the first general to death and opened the space for the second...but eh.

Okay, time to get the hell out of here.

Keeping everyone topped off.

Another copy of Merric’s signature spell. This is nice, because we blew most of Excalibur on those damn wyverns.

I do not miss the wyverns. I am glad they are gone.

And dead.

Forever. No more of them. none.

One more of these guys.

Oh hey, she hit with that.

This tricky bastard snuck out from behind Marth. Good thing I healed Malicia up.


Now then…

Here she is. Not much to look at statwise, but she’s a schemer, not a direct fighter. She does have a Thoron if you get too close, but I don’t plan on letting her use it.

Oh, here’s her special dialogue for Katarina:

: Lady Eremiah...

: Oh my, if it isn't the broken puppet. I wonder... should I call you ungrateful trash or traitorous trash? But I must say, it's very brave of you to show your face in front of me again, Eine.

: Meeting you again... crushes my heart. I'd rather die, frankly... But, if I can be of use to Steve, then I will not run away!

: A junk puppet talking like a human being? The only word you're ever allowed to say is "yes". I'll make sure that mouth of yours starts working properly right away.

She’s still a jerk. Surprise.

Anyway, there’s only one proper way to finish off the evil wizard.


Yeah, she’s a bit of a pushover.

...goddammit steve. Fitting for the holy blade, ONE MAG’s last hurrah, though. It has one use left, so it can be preserved for museums.

Still not done yet though...there’s one chest left!

More of these guys.

No match for the Nav.

I’ll take that level. Almost 30 Speed, hot damn.

Marth finished him off for another great level.

These guys are just kinda annoying now.

A General blocks the way, so I brought Luke in because neither of these guys have ranged weapons.

Also another Longbow man.

Fancy flips fuck fletchers.

And the Rapier deals with the last General.

So I wanted to point out that I don’t think you can kill the last enemy on this map without some trickery. There’s a longbow guy in this area, if you could lure him next to the wall, outside of a corner, you could probably pick him off? Not really worth it though, he doesn’t have anything. We’ve taken out enough brainwashed children.

The last reward is another Aura. Malicia is pretty set for endgame.

: The assassins shall target you no longer.

: I see. Thank you.

: According to the villagers nearby…

Time for Jagen to exposit over the villain’s corpse.

: So she was yet another victim of the war? That does not erase her sins, but... 'tis truly a tragedy.

: However, at the very least there won't be more victims like Katarina.

: Indeed. That's my only comfort. Let us go, Steve! There are still things we must do.

: Yes, sire.

hey are you ready to feel real bad

time for that.

: ...So you failed in the end... ...Eremiah.

: Forgive... me... For not... fulfilling your order.

: Oh, you don't need to apologize. The ritual to revive the Shadow Dragon shall soon begin. You and your underlings were useful enough, for capturing the clerics.

Oh boy here we go.

: What? A spell... on me...?

: Once upon a time, you felt grief. The corpses of the orphans killed in the war haunted your very existence. You wondered what you could have done so that they might have survived...

: I... never wanted... to let those children die...

: And then, I told you. You had to make the children stronger. Twisted, yes, but they became stronger so they wouldn't die, just as you wanted. Well? Have you remembered now?

: That's right, I... I made those children...

: Heh heh... Hypocrites like you and Marth disgust me. Despairing over the orphans' deaths, you fell all too easily under my spell. And then you gathered children, subjecting them to hellish training, just as I told you to.

: This world will soon be enveloped in the darkest despair…

So, to recap:

Eremiah was an orphanage owner who took care of children. During some of the events of the last war, her orphanage burned down and all the children died. While she was grieving, Gharnef used his mind control power to break her weakened mind and turn her into his servant. He convinced her she could save the children if she made them strong by torturing them and brainwashing them. She gathered a bunch of kids and did that, turning them into assassins, like Roro, Kleine, and Katarina. Now, as she’s dying from injuries inflicted by Marth and co., Gharnef shows up and reminds her of all this. She dies, realizing what she’s done, and screaming.

Brought to you by Nintendo!

Next time, something personally painful.

Update 39: Return of the Wyverns