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Part 70: Return Of The Wyverns

Update 39: Return Of The Wyverns (Prep)

These last two updates have resolved the two major plotlines thus far. It’s about time for a filler map, don’t you think?

Approximately one important thing will happen in this dale.

Oh, we teleported. Thanks Gotoh.

Narrator: Marth and his companions moved to the "Wyvern's Dale", located north of Macedon. The dale is a savage land populated by wyverns and ruled by barbarians. However, Marth had no time to waste.

The world's fate was in his hands!

Remember when we kept getting mobbed by dragons and barbarians? Welcome back to that.

: Jagen, where are we? Macedon? Or Dolhr?

: Both--we are precisely on the border. I hear this place is home to Macedon's great wyverns. But since the area is overrun with barbarians, even the Macedonian soldiers dare not set foot in here.

: I see. You learn something new every day...

I love how nonchalant Marth and Jagen always are about this kind of thing. Remember in 20 when Gotoh literally said “The earth will split and become a living hell”? Well, backseat for trivia time.

: According to our scouts, a large number of wyverns and barbarians have gathered nearby. It's like Anri's Way... No, it's worse. Sire, please be careful.

(it’s not worse)

: Got it. Let's go, Steve. I need to know what's happened to my sister and the others... I have a dreadful feeling about this.

Eh, I don’t recall this map being too bad. It’s big. That’s about it. There’s also a pretty sneaky remake only event here for the closest thing this game has to a secret character.

The usual team. I know I keep waxing on about swapping Catria to General, but this is another map where mobility is good.

Roughly 4 times per update, Wrys.

This is literally the worst tome in the game and sells for zero. Tired of your shit, Rickard.

Not much to chat about this time.

Jagen Cannot Believe The Game Is Still Going

: However, the kidnapped clerics were illusions created by Gharnef... We still don't know their true whereabouts. But Lord Gotoh has indicated where we should head--The Dragon's Altar, where the earth dragons slumber. As you've no doubt heard, we must banish the earth dragons. If the countless earth dragons awaken, we will witness hell on earth... Fortunately, the Darksphere completed the Binding Shield, so Prince Marth will without doubt seal those earth dragons. Gharnef should be in the Dragon's Altar, and with him the kidnapped clerics. We must head to the Dragon's Altar.

Gotta stop these brown lizard assholes from tearing up the universe, thanks Jagen.

What characters are left again?

: Sire, I bring news. According to an inhabitant of a nearby village... A young dracoknight, badly wounded and on the verge of death, has taken refuge there…

Okay so this is really silly for one reason or another, but I’ll point it out when it happens.

: A dracoknight? I wonder who it is?

: I don't know who. But... the knight reportedly suffered a deep wound that would've killed any ordinary man... And, as if talking in delirium, was apparently calling your name, sire…

: Make route for the village at once! I want to ascertain the knight's identity. I must meet with them…

Chapter 21: you should go to the villages with Marth

Alright, covering the map itself.

We’re here in the bottom left.

To the north is a cave full of thieves. These guys can do some damage with their Silver Swords, but are squishy. They’ll also head for the village, so, you know, cut them off ASAP.

This suspiciously blank square is, yes, the final Secret Shop. This is one of the best ones.

Speaking of shops, there’s a nice setup over here with the last stores we’ll be seeing in the game, a village (Make sure you get this one!) and an Arena for some last minute cash grinding. the Meteor Sorcerers, the ruder versions of the Swarm Bishops.

Even more of them. This map will also bombard you from afar with magic, like the last two. But that’s not the thing I promised would be here.

goddammit no i thought we were free from the nightmare wyvern hell 12 move fuck you

Honestly, we’ve sorta outdone the Wyverns at this point. 34 Attack isn’t abnormally high anymore, and they’ll be most dangerous if they double a squishy unit. They’re still a threat to worry about, but not the flying death machines they were back in Chapter 11/12.

The boss here is so boring he doesn’t even get a name. He’s got Glower, though, so...uh...oh no 28 damage on a stationary unit.

Next time, more Wyverns, more barbarians, Chapter 21. See you there.