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Part 73: Battle: The Game Is Starting To Drag-On

Update 40: The Game Is Starting To Drag-On (Battle)

Pretty quick map this time around, we’ve got one more gauntlet of enemies to run through before we start hitting the real endgame levels.

Almost done with the LP, and then I’ll never have to see Matthis again.

Gotoh appears in a flash to babble at us again.

: They have fallen under Gharnef's spell and will attack you given the chance. Gharnef's servants-- the heretic priests possess great power. They are not to be taken lightly. If you let this battle drag on, it may become fiercer than you can handle. Do not stop. Make for the end at once! Once you defeat Gharnef, retrieve the Falchion that he stole from your Altea.

Oh yeah, Marth just left that thing lying around like an idiot.

(this is patently untrue, but it will help)

: I understand, Lord Gotoh. My friends and I shall sally forth to the deepest depths of the altar!

Marth we’re going upwards. And “sally forth”? We have the dorkiest prince.

: It would be wise to bring this ally with you. She has deigned to lend you her strength.

Oh, uh, hey there. Remember when I said Ymir was the most obscure new Shadow Dragon character? Meet Nagi. To get Nagi, you had to have Tiki dead and lost the Falchion (Or never got it in the first place) before the final map. She...might be Naga? She might not really exist? It’s very vague. This game will not explain shit.

: You’re…

: Another ally from the previous war, sire?

: No, I don't believe we've ever met. But, why...? I have the strangest feeling that I know her...

I guess Tiki’s death wasn’t canon.

: My name... is Nagi. I will... stop the enemy... You must hurry to the throne room... Go... This time... everything... must end......

And we now have Nagi. Gotoh just fucked off. Will he ever fight with us, like in Shadow Dragon? nope, not at all

Nagi is the OTHER recruitable Divine Dragon. I suspect if you’d been using Tiki, she might be a little better, but for now, Nagi’s...not bad. She does pretty well against dragons, and that Resistance is outstanding for those Meteor slinging asshats.

Her speed leaves a bit to be desired though, and her HP is on the low end. Glower will wreck Nagi, hard.

Immediately Michalis takes out this Sorcerer, and here’s the inherent problem with Michalis. 16% crit on a Thoron tome, his luck is doing him no favors if these guys get a lucky shot off.

Finally, this happens. Sheema can use all the lances and bows in the game as a General now.

Steve can rush forward and deal with this guy too. A crit saves some Brave Sword uses.

Oh, gave Barst’s Master Key to Catria, since she’s more mobile.

Just rushing everyone forward, because Gotoh was right, dallying long here is a bad idea. Reinforcements starting rushing in quick if you wait too long.

Michalis, with luck so shit Swarm can crit him.

Nice dodge by Marth.

And it looks like he doesn’t even need to double this guy. Criticals welcome!

Starting to come into his own, Marth.

Darn, no double here.

Sorcerers can use Fortify too. You know, in case you thought you were missing out.

Also, almost all the enemies on this map that don’t have long range tomes or Fortify staves will rush us.

I was hoping Sheema would crit here, but just seeing the goofy ass General bow model was enough to cheer me up.

So, here’s an example of what Nagi can do. Sucks that she gets doubled, but it is a Swordmaster.

Marth is just critting like a madman today.

He’s getting some good levels too.

So, here’s one advantage of the Brave weapons, two hits before a counterattack. Catria took no damage here.

The Macedonian royals veer off to take out the oncoming Levin Sword flanker.

Hand Axe can’t quite finish this guy, but at least Barst doesn’t take damage.

Popping one of these before we enter Mage Zone.

Pretty easy to clean up these enemies along the middle.

Steve also takes care of business, and the hall is already nearly clear.

The ears do not fit in the portrait.

Ah, fuck. Meteor’d. Where is this guy?

Oh, another flanking guy was coming. I had Nabre cut him off, it worked out well.

More strength is always welcome now that he’s capped Speed.

Yet another Marth crit means no Glower damage.

So long, meteor dick.

I’ll take it.

And there’s what I wanted.

Ogma’s crits make him leap approximately two Ogma’s in the air, and that owns.

Everyone’s a little beat up, so this should help. I spent the next turn getting everyone in position close to the two doors. I’m in a hurry, but it’s important to take your time for this bit.

What’s behind door number 1?

An absolute fuckload of enemies. Yes, two of those Sorcerers have Meteor. It’s easy to have someone die here. Thankfully…

Well, there are two entrances, but that’s not what I meant. THANKFULLY…

I found a use for this!

Silence does not stop mage dragons. It does stop Merric using heals though, so I, uh, probably should have done this first.

Both mage dragons dealt with.

Want to clear this room as much as I can.

Nice javelin whiff, Michalis.

Need to put Marth here so poor Barst doesn’t get absolutely obliterated. Also, he capped speed? Nice. That Speedwing may have gone to waste though.

Steve’s holding her own pretty well here.

Marth gets a face full of fire here, but there wasn’t much I could do about that.

He does keep getting good levels though? Way to step it up, Marth.

That was a pretty crucial dodge. Needed to dodge either this or the Dragon

Ogma’s lack of ability to double Swordmasters hurts him here.


Marth just never. Stops. Critting.

That’s the end of the Wyrmslayer, though.

The mages are active again, but so our ours.

Res ain’t bad.

4 HP, but an enemy that can’t attack back. Livin’ on the edge.

4 levels for Marth on this map.

Michalis handles things over here.

Again, pretty good level. All stats I like.

Barst takes a lot of damage here, but that’s enough to end the last Glower guy up here.

Okay, second to last, my bad.

And now we’re all clear but the boss. But it’s Turn 6.


And some more!

And those enemies at the start we ignored have started moving! That’s a blessing in disguise though. The problem with the Thief staff (that is almost never a problem) is that it doesn’t open chests enemies are standing on.

Not an issue now.

A fitting reward.

Another nameless boss here. Nothing too special about this guy.

That’s all for Boss Mage Dragon With No Name.

Good. More hit power for Minerva.

Oh, also more reinforcements. Like I said, they just keep coming, and they all rush you.

Dragons. So many dragons. If you needed to grind, this would be a good spot, but our characters are pretty sufficiently leveled, and I’d rather save time/weapon uses.

I will do this though.

Also handy, since Marth broke that last one.

Alright, all done here.

And that’s all the post-map conversation we get.

Well, except this, but it’s just because we took that sweet hat.

: Right, Steve!

Marth, the evil pope is trying to summon your greatest foe from the depths of hell, this is not the time.

: Actually, I'm not entirely sure. It's very warm, as Sir Ymir said, but I stick out like a sore thumb...

Marth never learns.

: No, I rather like it. It’s so toasty.

: I-I see. Well then, let’s go!

Next round:

Time to face off with a true villain. None of this mind control bullshit.

Update 41: No Puns For “Gharnef”