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Part 74: Prep: No Puns For "Gharnef"

Update 41: No Puns For “Gharnef” (Prep)

We haven’t killed a major antagonist in roughly two maps. Let’s take care of that this time around.

No intro CG/Narration for this one, we saw the final one of those last time.

: Steve…

Oh, hey, we’ve got some variable dialogue. This time it’s for Resistance.

hey marth you know what class has to fight gharnef fuck you buddy

: Yes. If you are there, then... we stand to win.

: I’m honored, Sire. I’ll give it my all!

So, Gharnef. We’ll need a good Tome user and Starlight. Here they are.

I gave Marth a fresh Wyrmslayer.

A thoroughly “meh” How’s Everyone. Let’s move on.

Lots to talk about today. This Nagi conversation, like the Ymir one, is unavoidable. I mean, unless you got her killed.

The Meta Commentary Arrives

: Lady Nagi, about the next battle... We're advancing to the next floor. It'll likely be an intense battle, but we don't have a minute to lose.

: ...You are... ...You are mysterious…

Pot, Kettle.

: Huh?

oh no

how did the game know about my wolf carcass LPing Hat?

: Are you... fortune telling? Truly, I did feel like what you described every now and then.

: ... Your name... Tell me... your name.

: I am Steve.

: Steve... tell me. What can... I do for you...? I want to help you...

Well huh. Onto the next one…

Uncrowned King

Shh, can’t you see he’s brooding?

: Steve, was it? I've heard about your exploits. Damn that Prince Marth, he's got a sharp eye for talent.

“Jagen, go find as many level 1 units as you can and have them beat you up.”

“Good plan, Sire!”

: ...I'll treat those words as a compliment to Prince Marth.

: Go ahead. I'm planning to leave this land once I save Maria. There's no point in him knowing.

: Leave… this land?

: That’s correct.

: In that case... what will you tell Princess Maria? Isn't she waiting for you?

: ...I'll save her, but I won't say a word afterwards.

: Th-that’s horrible!

Steve he literally tried to murder his other sister after murdering his father and throwing his lot in with the evil dragon empire like, two years ago. He’s being really nice for Michalis.

: The only one who should talk to Maria now is her sister, Minerva. I don't have the right anymore.

Who put that bold there?

: And why is that?

: I don't have any ties with Macedon anymore.

: So you’re running.

(I couldn’t find a good gif of this)

: What did you say?

“She stabbed you a bunch and stole your shield.”

: You speak of during the War of Shadows. So, what of it?

: That time... didn't the princess ask you to mend your ways?

: Bah. Why do you know that?

: No, I didn't know. But, considering her personality, I just... presumed she would have.

Some Phoenix Wright level bluffing there, Steve.

: ...Gah!

: Not because you committed a mistake, or because you ruined the kingdom... I believe the princess's true wish was for you to abandon your lance and walk a new path.

: ...Hmph. You're a woman who doesn't fear a king.

: I’m flattered.

: If I had someone like you by my side, just like Prince Marth does now... No, I had one in the past. There was once a fearless woman standing by my side, too.

: ...Prince Michalis.

: Steve. No, Dame Steve. Thank you.

Michalis and Nagi also have only one support with Steve. Michalis has one more (you can probably guess who with), but you’ll need to use him in both this and the last map to get it.

Doll Princess

: ...What is it, Dame Steve? If you wish to ridicule me, I'll accept it gracefully. "Sheema the Doll Princess." I could... live with that.

: I have no such intention. In fact, I feel like I understand you better now, Lady Sheema.

“Your doll is covered in backstory!”

: ...You're kind, Dame Steve. However, there is no point in pitying me.

: I'm not pitying you. ...Please listen to me. I took a good look at Gra's soldiers, in the previous battle. They were all novices, clearly lacking in combat ability.

: …

: However, they didn't retreat. Do you know why?

Game mechanics.

: ...Because they loved Gra, their country...?

: Yes. As well as the princess they supported enthusiastically... In other words, you, Lady Sheema. You think your people would be disappointed by your memento? Aren't you being unfair to them?

Steve is administering a ton of psychotherapy today.

: You... you're right. It seems I was foolish. ...I thank you for helping me realize that. It's all thanks to you, Dame Steve.

: No, not at all. I just put my feelings into words.

: I see. I'm a little envious.

: ...Oh, yes. One more thing.

: What is it?

She said, pulling the decapitated wolf over her head.

: Dame Steve…

And Sheema never wanted to talk to Steve again.

Last Ride of the Crimson Dragoon

: Even though constantly fighting at a disadvantage, he's winning battle after battle…

We cheat. A lot.

: Yes. Prince Marth has the talent of uniting everyone's hearts as one.

: Yes, Michalis recognized that as well. That Prince Marth has the qualifications of a hero... Somebody like him might very well be suited to be king.

: Yes, I think so as well.

: ...I'm envious of him. The ideal kingdom, where everyone can live in equality... That's what I wanted to make of Macedon. However, my generals rebelled, and I was captured and forced to display my helplessness... I suppose in the end, I didn't have what it took…

: Princess Minerva…

: Prince Marth is loved and adored by all. Had Macedon a charming prince like him, things could have gone differently…

I know, you guys got stuck with Michalis.

: Truly, Prince Marth is a wonderful man. However, Princess Minerva, your ideal is just as wonderful as Prince Marth's heart. Having fought by your side, I know you quite well. You seem strict on the outside, but... You're actually very kind and gentle.

She’s like a tomato, red and explodes immediately when punctured by an arrow.

: ...I don't deserve those words. I'm not that great of a person. ...But, it doesn't feel bad to hear that from you…

Alright, all done with supports.

The Light Pontifex, Jagen

maybe it’s all the evil wizards just hanging out here.

: Here, the Dark Pontifex Gharnef is planning to revive the Shadow Dragon Medeus. We must rescue the kidnapped clerics... Let's hurry, Steve.

Power of Gharnef

: Steve, listen well. Gharnef cannot be damaged by regular weapons. The Imhullu tome he possesses has the power to block our attacks. Only the Starlight tome can pierce Gharnef's shadowy veil. If we don't have Starlight, then we'll have no choice but to try and seize the throne without fighting Gharnef...

So, yeah, I think Gharnef is the only boss in the game who occupies a Throne and moves. This means you can lure him out, then slip past him. It’s your only choice if you don’t have a good spellcaster to wield Starlight, or you didn’t get it from Michalis in Chapter 21, but it’s obviously preferable to kill him, for the EXP and an item he’s holding.

I hopped into the Drill Grounds, and some interesting stuff happened.

Not this, but that’s pretty cool.

I wanted to get some combat shots of Nagi, and found something interesting.

Look at that sad Mage. Since she’s technically unpromoted, the game is throwing Nagi at unpromoted enemies for now. That means easy wins.

And easy levels. And since each fight you win in a row in Drill Grounds…

(Promoted enemies show up after level 16, but this bishop is no match for a Divine Dragon)

increases the XP gain…

I was getting 100 XP per win here.

That ought to help Nagi out.

Had to stop at this guy. Chain is at 5 though!

So, here’s our map.

We start at the bottom center.

Some dragons are guarding the steps, and off to the sides…

Conveniently tucked away Meteor Sorcerers.

Late game LOVES these guys.

As we continue up the stairs, more dragons.

There’s one of these little alcoves on either side of the map. These enemies (and the Chests!) are unreachable without Warp. Honestly, I don’t think either treasure is worth it on this playthrough, but one of them is very interesting and one of a kind, and if I don’t get it, I’ll certainly at least describe it.

Last but not least, it’s Gharnef and his boy band of Sorcerers. Gharnef can be dangerous, because he moves, and is surrounded by allies. (Two Glowers, two Meteors), but he shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have a solid mage. Remember though, only Starlight can harm him!

Next time, I do something stupidly gamebreaking that half the thread will probably love and the other will probably hate. Vote 2.5 for maximum accuracy.