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Part 75: Battle: No Puns For "Gharnef"

(Two updates this afternoon, because 1. We're getting close to the end and I want to wrap this one up and 2. This update is...uh...well, you'll see.)

Update 41: No Puns For “Gharnef” (Battle)

Alright, it’s Gharnef time. First off, let’s check on the troops.

Alright thanks Abel.

So, people have mentioned previously that there are lots of ways to break these games. Reclassing lots to min/max stats, clever use of Rescue, etc. This is about the rudest way to break a major boss fight in the game, so of course I’m gonna do it. The crucial ingredient?

Welcome back, Feena.

I rather like these games.

: Gharnef, what have you done with my sister and the others?! Release them at once!

Ah, shit.

: You will never see them again. Emperor Medeus will soon be reborn in his true and darkest form. And they will usher in a new era. 'Tis a pity. Their souls couldn't bear the suffering and shattered into pieces... Even I am powerless to help them. Shame, really. I have them to thank for the Shadow Dragon's awakening. Not even the Binding Shield can stop him now. I applaud you for coming this far. But... little prince... you will go no further.

Gharnef is in full on villain hype mode for his pal Medeus.

Time to kill us a ghost wizard.

How To Defeat Gharnef: A Guide By LordHippoman

Merric goes here.

Warp Malicia…

Right to the end of the map.

Shalom, Gharnef.

Malicia summons Cosmos to bore Gharnef to death.

It becomes a laser light show about halfway through.


Gharnef won’t take that without a fight, though. He summons Imhullu, which is apparently part of Bablyonian myth, and means “Atrocious Wind”.

Dark clouds rise from the earth…

And a giant demon face vomits darkness all over Malicia!

it missed.

See ya Gharnef.

Here’s Marth’s ultimate weapon.

Only Marth can wield the Falchion, it has infinite durability and triple damage to dragons, and one enemy normally immune to bonus damage, the final boss.

Phase 2: Feena dances for Merric. (Some units are missing because I sent them to take out some dragons, just for the XP, really.)

Warp again.

Later, Chapter 23!

And that’s the end.

Gharnef has some special quotes for fighting Marth and Steve, so here they are:

: Your blade is blunt before me, Marth... I'll smash you and the Binding Shield into pieces!!

: I do not intend to fall here. Out of my way, Gharnef!

: Heh heh heh... Allow me to demonstrate Imhullu's might...

: I will not let Prince Marth die. I won't...!

There are a lot of bosses you can do that to, but usually it’ll involve missing out on some good treasure or a recruit or something. There’s one good treasure on this map, but it won’t help us on this run.

One of the chests those Sorcerers were standing on contains the Aum Staff. Aum can be used once, and only once, to revive a dead ally. Since nobody has died, we don’t need it. Sadly it doesn’t work on NPCs like Boah or Hardin, because that would be cool as hell.

The other chest has a Hammerne, and we haven’t even touched our first one.

So that’s Chapter 23, honestly, even if you do it legit, it’s really just sorta the same thing as last map, a bunch of dragons and sorcerers with a difficult final push to the throne, while reinforcements start to spawn in. It’s worth doing if you feel like you need the EXP, but with so many of our characters already capping their best stats or capping levels entirely, I figured it would be better to go with the comedy option.

Next time, not the final chapter. We’ve got one more BS map to finish off.

Update 42: Bonus Chapter: Escape