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Part 80: Epilogues And Loose Ends

Epilogues and Loose Ends

Here it is, the actual last update. Before anything else, let’s embarrass me.

The game scrolls all your chapters here, including time taken and turn counts.

Those prologue ones probably don’t match up to the updates, because I lost that save, if you a year ago. Wow, I’ve been at this a while.

Also haha, Chapter 3, fuck that map.

I was wondering why Two Mages took so long, then I remembered it was the “Marth makes laps around to get the treasure chests” part. Also the time is totally lying on that Roro map, that took me so much longer with failed attempts. Graveyard of Dragons was some Malicia heal grinding, IIRC?

hey guess which one of these had an arena

Dark Emperor was longer than Final Battle? Huh.

Still stupidly pleased with that Dark Pontifex run.

Now, every single character gets a brief epilogue, a title, and a record. The B (Battles) stands for how many times they attacked/were attacked, the W (Wins) is how many enemies they killed.

As soon as there are no more dragons to kill, Luke is just fucking OUT. This plays alongside the credits, by the way.

Glad he promoted eventually.

I want to take some of this time to thank everybody for helping with this LP. Especially because I just have nothing to say about some of these.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the technical shit I’m bad at, Cake Attack, theshim, a few other people I’m sure I’m forgetting. (Sorry)

I don’t know what the Temple Knights are. Also RIP Ryan, you were so promising for a brief time.

A special thanks for Camel Pimp, who created a lot of Steve’s portraits you’ve seen throughout the LP.

That’s probably accurate.

Catria has the top kill count in the game, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

It’s pretty obtuse what this refers to, but apparently Palla had a crush on Abel? Green hair attraction, I guess.

A giant thank you to Vilkacis for tech assistance, some portraits, fan art, being the original creator for Steve, and sorta inspiring me to get into Screenshot LPs in the first place, because I binged Suikoden IV/V before I started this.

There’s no blood in this game, silly.

Poor Linde, entirely unused. She is good though!

Oh man, Abel’s ending...

Thanks to EclecticTastes for lots of stat information in his posts, and catching a lot of my growth rate mistakes. I’m awful at those.

Thanks to Darth TNT for putting up with the puns.

I’m not going to do anyone the shame of having thanks under Matthis, wait a second.

there’s the man.

“Mysteriously Vanished” Endings Count: 1

Thanks to everyone who posted in the thread, I enjoyed reading all of the responses, and it was a good time.

Thanks to SC Bracer for giving a lot of good information about the fan translation, and thanks to the fan translation team in general, of course.

“MV” Count: 2

he’s very mysterious

I’ll always kinda love Castor. What a bastard.

Barst was very close to Catria for most kills.

Julian’s Pal!

Thanks, of course, to Nintendo and IS for another great game, but I still wish it had been brought overseas. Maybe a two-pack Shadow Dragon/New Mystery game for the 3DS? Eh? (this will never happen)

Norne got a kill?

This one is pretty interesting, these endings can change based on deaths. If Navepilogue died, Samto’s ending will say he took on his identity and sort of tried to continue his legacy.

"MV" Count: 3

What a good wizard pope.

“MV” Count: 4

And my god, what shitty records. Who is in charge of those?

Pretty Spiffy.

First of all, 69, nice. Second, this is the last new Credit. From now on it just has the copyright info up there. This game’s epilogue outdoes its credits by a LOT.

“MV” Count: 5

“MV” Count: 6

This is the only mention Jagen gets in these epilogues. He died.

Goodnight, old friend. Hardin possesses the Darksphere.

“MV” Count: 7

Here lies Roger. He never scored.

Jeorge founds the Power Rangers, got it.

Minerva just says “fuck it” and becomes a nun. I like to imagine she’s the sole inspiration for, years later, Libra picking up an Axe and deciding that clergy with axes are a pretty cool idea.

Eh, this doesn’t really count as a mysterious vanishing.

Merric’s just all around a pretty good guy.

Who made Elrean a Wizard Pope?

Wasn’t it like...500 gold? Maris is a hell of an investor.

Bye Horace. You were still boring.

I’m sure that’ll never happen.

I’m more surprised he found Altea.

nothing to say


the sable knights

“MV” Count: 8

“MV” Count: 9

Also, yes, she just tossed a rowboat into the ocean. Athena is objectively the best.

“MV” Count: 10

Don’t think about how she’ll outlive all of them.

“MV” Count: 11

Uh, what? Why? Seriously, none of her supports mention this. Est just kinda leaves. Sequel hook that never got followed up on? Who knows.

Still surprised he had a great support.


Someone at Nintendo REALLY hates Abel, because over the course of this game, he became a shitty prepromote, was forced to try and kill all his old friends, had his girlfriend kidnapped, and then she left him and he went to try and find her, but he was never seen again. Damn.

“MV” Count: 12

Macellan has some great eyebrows.

Astram, the angriest Power Ranger.

Even Katarina gets a happier ending than Abel!

The blankest of blank slates.

Sheema, you’re the only competent person in your country, don’t do that!

Samson could probably kill like...a giant rat or something. If that’s an emergency.

“Never would he hear “MUNCHIN’ MANAKETES” again.”

I mean, I’d guess he would be.

Oh, good, the coveted ally...Vyland.

Hopefully this is pre-crazy Hardin.

So, yeah, Wolf’s ending is that he keeps trying to commit suicide by battle because he never gets over Hardin. That’s...that’s pretty fucked up.

Is she the Blue or Pink Ranger? Hair says one thing, armor the other…

I still really like Ymir’s design.

Again, who is taking these records? How hard is it to find out if he was the king or not?

“MV” Count: 11

Also I guess she really was Naga. Not his/her best disguise.

Also her healing staves.

There are a lot of convents in this ending.

“MV” Count: 13

I still think this was a coup.

And that’s everybody. Isn’t it?

Just kidding. Can’t forget our true hero.

He was pretty important too.

And finally, that’s it. That’s the end of Fire Emblem 12.

We still have unlockables to cover, and if you want to skip this boring ramble, just head to the next big picture. But if you want to hear me ramble...well, the legacy of FE12 is pretty cool.

FE12 and Awakening

FE1 was a pretty groundbreaking game. The sequel, FE2, is a very different game, like going from Zelda 1 to Zelda 2. FE3 (Which 12 is a remake of) is sort of a return to form, and though 4 and 5 would, again, sorta veer off in their own direction, 3 is really the style of gameplay the series as a whole seems to emulate most.

Plotwise, it has the most connections to future games too. Marth is, of course, featured in Super Smash Bros., but he’s called back to in Awakening as well, which features a masked hero who refers to themselves as “Marth”. Everyone also seems to know the legend of “Hero King Marth” too, and the continent much of the game takes place on is pretty heavily implied to be Archanea centuries later. The red and green knights in that game also call out Cain and Abel by name. Tiki makes a physical appearance, as a playable unit once again, although she looks much older now. Bantu is nowhere to be found, and since he already looked old…

Awakening also features DLC where you can unlock Marth (A different version), Palla, Catria, Est, and Katarina, as well as bonus SpotPass units:

Marth (again), Caeda, Ogma, Navarre, Merric, Nyna, Linde, Minerva, Tiki (young Tiki), Gharnef (no Imhullu), KING Marth (yet another version), Katarina, Catria (Alternate Version), Norne, Etzel, Horace, Maris, Athena, Roro (called “Legion”, Camus, and Hardin.

There’s also a series of DLC maps featuring Marth and crew fighting the FE4/5 characters (Or both sets, fighting you.), and one featuring all the major heroes and villains, which includes Marth, Hardin, Gharnef, and Camus.

There’s even a consumable item called “Kris’s Confect”, which is meant to be MU’s candy. It raises stats, so it’s apparently not as bad as Caeda implied.

Basically, Awakening has a ton of callbacks to FE1/3/11/12. That one’s also worth playing. Anyway...


That’s way better than I expected. Also, thanks game, but I think I’ll pass on Maniac for now.

What this means is that the two Male Character reclass sets are merged now. So you can make a Mage Ogma or a Pirate Ryan or something like that. There are some fun strategies with that.

The one unlockable I didn’t get is for beating the game on Lunatic, it’s Lunatic Reverse mode, which means that no matter if it’s your turn or not, the enemy gets the first hit in battle. Suddenly bow units are way better.

The Event Recap lets you rewatch any of the cutscenes in the game, as a male or female MU. You can only see ones you’ve already unlocked, though.

Even all the supports are included!

It uses the generic name/model for MU if you don’t have one of that gender, but if you do, it’ll use them.

All the dialogue in the game is here!

The Sound Room is what you’d expect. Every track in the game in a sort of jukebox.

The picture up top changes each time too. Remember those Orbs?

Also, we have a fully filled out Guide! So we can see all the relationships between the characters and such.

Not even the game knows what’s up with that Sirius/Camus silliness.


This game did get DLC, by the way. A few items for use in the main story and 3 special bonus maps were released. I’m honestly a bit burned out for now, so I’m not going to do full playthroughs, but I’ll summarize them below. First though, the items.

The Rainbow Potion was a DLC item with 77 uses (!) that raised every single stat by 2 for one chapter. It’s pretty damn ridiculous.

The Bond Drop could be used once per playthrough to raise any unit’s support levels with eligible characters to max. It does not work that way on MU, who only gets maxed with the 7th Platoon (minus Cecille for some reason) and Marth.

The final DLC item, the Bond Drop, was another single use, but it raised all growth rates on a character by 10%, aside from HP, which goes up by 20%. Slap that on someone like Sheema or Est and you can get a really ridiculous unit.

Now, the chapters. All of these take place between the end of Shadow Dragon and Chapter 1 of Heroes of Light and Shadow:

Wind and Thunder: Some of Gharnef’s followers have been spotted in the ruins of Khadein. Wendell sends Merric and Elrean to investigate, along with Etzel and Linde. At one point Michalis arrives too, in search of Maria, with Feena in tow (for some reason), and they fight the cultists. At the end, Merric discovers signs of a resurrection ritual, but figures it was probably stopped in time. On his way out, Elrean hears the voice of Gharnef telling him that his allies aren’t really his friends, and that he needs to use his “envy and hatred” to overcome them before they do him. That kinda helps explain his paranoia in the main game.

Assassins: The Soothsires, a group of bandits from the first game, have a hideout in the mountains. Eremiah dispatches Eine, Kleine, and 4 Roros to kill them all and seize the fortress. After a while, she comes herself, along with Gharnef. You get to play as the bad guys in this one, including Gharnef with Imhullu, it’s ridiculous. Also, Athena shows up, trying to rescue some children the bandits have kidnapped, and ends up working with the assassins because she’s Athena and is a terrible judge of character.

Kleine recognizes some of the stolen property in the base as belonging to her parents and has a bit of an emotional breakdown. It cuts to Eremiah and Gharnef, where they discuss how Kleine still doesn’t know the truth about who really killed her parents (probably them just a hunch). Meanwhile, Eine confronts one of the kidnapped children and asks her what her name is. She answers “Katarina”. Eine decides to use that name too.

By The Sword: Clans in Talys are revolting against the crown after Caeda’s engagement to Marth is announced. She rides out with Norne (Who is there for some reason) to meet them, with Ogma, Cord, and Bord in pursuit. When they get there, they find the bulk of the rebel army being lead by a mercenary, Navarre, who is tired of being used as a running joke. Oh, they also have Dice and Maris, because they probably gave them candy or something. Ogma and Navarre have a very anime clash where Navarre says things like “ You're my purpose” and “You're just like me... And that won't ever change.”. However, as soon as Caeda shows up, she talks Navarre down again and he turns on his employers. Maris also reveals that Ogma saved her and Dice once, and defects to return the favor, along with her Viking Dad.

Navarre flees the scene, and Ogma starts to wonder if he really is just a monster like Navarre. Caeda talks him out of his brief introspective emo slump by pointing out that Ogma has helped her for years, and always will be her friend and ally, something Navarre doesn’t have because he’s a grumpy asshole.

That’s the DLC, basically. The items are pretty unnecessary, but the chapters are pretty cool, if you like the BS FE maps, it’s the same sort of deal. If you want to read the full scripts for these maps, they’re on

There’s also an online battle mode, where you can pit teams of 5 of your characters against 5 of another player’s, but Fire Emblem PvP is pretty...bad, and people hacked Imhullu in very quickly, so there’s really not much fun there. With the Nintendo WiFi service for DS down, it’s not available anymore anyway, and neither is any of the DLC, sadly. This game came out towards the end of the DS’ life span, but it and Shadow Dragon were some of Nintendo’s first forays into DLC...which was really good in Awakening.

Now, this is the intro for the game, but I think it fits better after the ending...and I forgot to show it in the first post.

And that was Fire Emblem 12: Heroes of Light and Shadow/New Mystery Of The Emblem.

Thank you again for reading this, it’s been a great time showing off a game I really like. Plus, I started this at kind of a shitty time in my personal life, and it was nice to have a fun distraction from all that.

I’ve really go nothing else to say, though, so this is the very end of the LP. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, and I highly recommend getting a copy of this game for yourself.