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Part 83: Bonus Supports - Cecille 1, Rickard/Julian 1, Luke/Rody 3

Support Update 3 (Cecille 1, Julian/Rickard 1, Luke/Rody 3)

Hey there. Sadly, I don't have a ton of time this week to set up a proper big update, but I do have some time to put together another support roundup.

This update is going to cover the first base conversation for our long forgotten headbanded knight, Cecille, the first between our two thieves, Julian and Rickard, and finish off the exciting arc of "Gettin' laid", the Luke and Rody story.

The Howling (Cecille 1)

: Steve, I have a favor to ask. May I train with you?

: Yes, I don't mind. It won't be easy, though... Are you all right with that?

: Of course. You won't hear me complaining. Steve, your strength is clear to me. And that's why I don't want to fall behind you in the battlefield.

You're about 10 chapters too late on that, sorry.

: Alright, I understand. But, Cecille, you're strong too.

: Not at all. That's the last thing... ...Huh...?

: What's wrong?

: ...S-say, Steve... Didn't you hear something?

: Hm? No, not a thing.

: It sounded like a sad howl...

: Aw, I'm sure it's just the wind. What's wrong, Cecille? You don't look too well...

: I-I'm calling it a day. Training too much is bad for your body, after all!


: Cecille? But we haven't started training yet...

Missing Bits (Julian/Rickard 1)

: Yo, Rickard. What you doin' there?

: Ohh! Chief...! Ehehehehe.

: You're carrying a pretty hefty bag right there. It looks heavy too; need a helpin' hand?

: I-it's okay. This is mine, so I gotta carry it...

: Liar. That ain't yours. How many corpses did you loot this time?

: That's Chief for you. You see through everythin'.

: I'll let it slide this time, but... Don't even think about stealin' anythin' from this army.

: C'mon. Nobody minds a small-time thief like me.

Can you give Ryan's speed back, please? He misses it.

: So you're still goin' to... Fine, whatever.

: Eh? You not gonna stop me?

: Yup. 'Cause there are a lot of guys much, muuuch scarier than me, in this army. Who knows what demented punishments they have in store for thieves and pilferers like yourself... Be careful, buddy. I wouldn't wanna see you with any missin' bits or somethin'.

People Scarier Than Julian: Jagen, Malicia, Jagen again.

: ...Hey, stop it, Chief. There's no way I'd do somethin' like that, right? I'm a noble thief, after all.

: I see, so you're a "noble thief." ...Yep. ...Then, shall we get goin'?

: Eh? Where to?

: You... were about to give away that gold to all the poor and needy, right? After all, you're a noble thief: a defender of the weak and downtrodden.

: Wha-whaaaaaat...!

: Is there somethin' wrong?

: Y-you got me... Nothin' gets past you, huh, Chief.

Not Gettin' Laid (Luke/Rody 3)

: Luke, why did you lie to me?

: Hm? What are you talking about?

: About your motive for becoming a knight. Why did you make up that story about attracting girls?

: ...Who told you?

: Sir Jagen. He told me during a war council the other day.

Jagen is clearly the army gossip.

: Damn. I guess I've got nowhere to hide now.

: So you volunteered to become a knight in place of your older brother, who became bedridden right when he was about to receive the title himself. That's a splendid reason: one you should be proud of. Why lie?

The secret's out. Luke is basically gender flipped Mulan.

: ...It isn't splendid, and it isn't anything to be proud of.

: What...?

: My family has served in the Altean knights for generations. In other words... I was forced to volunteer as my brother's substitute, to protect my family's honor. But you see... I'm me. I'm not my brother-- I'm not some stinking substitute!

: Luke...

: So, I decided to volunteer on my own steam. ...For all the women of this world, naturally.

: ... Let's just leave it at that. I'm counting on you, partner. Let's hope we get a girlfriend or two with our dashing visages and peerless chivalry.

: Hahah! So even you've got a sense of humor. ...Thanks, man. I'm counting on you too.