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Part 84: Bonus Supports - Gordin 1, Cecille 2, Arran 3

Another busy week in my personal life, but I'd like to find time for a support here you go.

Support Update: Gordin 1, Cecille 2, Arran 3

Today I'd like to focus on some characters who started our journey with us, but we've sort of left behind. Let's start with "Archer who is not Ryan", move along to "Cavalier who is not Luke", and end with a nice bucket of in Arran's last support.

Moves Like Jagen (Gordin 1)

: Hmm...

: Sir Gordin, is something bothering you?

: Oh, hey Steve. It's nothing important, but... Steve, how do I look?

: Huh? I'm not exactly the best person to ask for fashion advice...

Steve. You are selling yourself short. I mean...

Always on the cutting edge.

: No, I was just thinking... I've never really had any presence.

: Presence? You mean, like Sir Jagen?

That's one of the words on my Jagen bingo board.

: Yeah, the kind of presence people recognize from a glance: the kind that makes you nervous even when you've done no wrong. I've got a kiddy face, so I don't look like a senior knight much. The worst part is when I look even younger than you...

So is "senior".

: Indeed...

And "prunes".

This has been a long, drawn out "Jagen is old" joke.

: It was like that the last time I watched the new knights training. When the young apprentice knights passed by me in the castle, they'd say "you do your best, too!" I can't help but think they mistook me for an apprentice like themselves...

Well, at least they didn't see you in the first game, Gaggles.

: S-so you've experienced that.

: That's not all, some even wanted me run errands for them... Because of things like that, I want to become respected. Steve, could you tell me if you ever find a good way?

First step: Reclass to Myrmidon

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts (I might have already used this one) (Cecille 2)

: S-say, Steve...

: What's the matter?

: Er... Did you hear that rumor? I-I don't believe it, but I'm just curious...

: What rumor?

: Y-you know... The rumor that there's a ghost haunting this army...

: Oh, that nonsense.

: Nonsense!? They say the ghost of a long-haired girl...

: Yeah, that was just some dry wood. Someone was just seeing things. It's just a joke at this point.

How the hell do you bend wood to make it look like a "long haired girl"? Was it a statue? This is probably Bord's fault, the trees are getting revenge.

: A-ah, I see. Yes. Of course. There's no way it could have been a ghost...

: Cecille, don't tell me you're afraid of ghosts?

: N-no way! Something like that couldn't possibly exist! I'm not a child anymore... Ghosts are silly. But just to be on the safe side...

: Hm?

: What? Is something wrong?

Probably just Hardin or Astram or Jeorge or any of the other super-statted monstrosities bearing down on us

: Didn't you hear that strange sound, Cecille?

: Huh?! Kyaaaaaaa!

: Cecille!?

: W-where, where!? Where did it come from!? Where is it? N-no... Noooo!

: Wait... Calm down, Cecille. I can't move with you clinging on to me like this.

: B-but, but...! It's t-the gho-ghost... Begoooone vile spirit!

Ask Marth to make a call.

He knows a guy.

: Cecille... L-listen to me...! M-my neck... Stop squeezing my... I can't... breathe...

: Someoooone! Save meeeee!

: T...that's my... line...

Oh, those silly geese. Now, then, who's up...oh.

My Sins (Arran 3)

: It happened a long time ago, when I was a knight for my old kingdom. There was a rebellion and my liege ordered me to suppress it. But what I met was no army... They were poor peasants, unable to survive the harsh winter due to the poor harvest.

: ...

: They didn't intend to fight. But, in order to survive... they had no choice but to make themselves heard. My liege understood that and ordered me to slay them to set an example. And I... followed that order.

: ...Sir Arran...

: I used to think absolute loyalty to one's liege was a knight's most important duty. But, I was mistaken. So, I left my liege and spent a long time wandering...

: That's... But it wasn't your fault, Sir Arran. The one responsible for it was...

: No, I... can't forgive myself. "I was just following orders... It wasn't my fault..." I could tell myself that endlessly, but deep inside I'd never be convinced. And it would not erase my sins. I can't forgive myself more than anyone.

: Sir Arran...

: A liege I could swear loyalty to from the bottom of my heart... I searched far and wide for such a liege and finally I found him. Prince Marth is my liege. As long as I fight for him, I can be a true knight.

: So that's why you're fighting so hard in this war...

: I won't last long. I probably won't survive this war at all. But, I have no regrets. A knight isn't a puppet that blindly follows orders. That is not loyalty. To fight for a cause I believe in, under a liege I believe in. That is what it means to be a knight.

: Sir Arran... Sir Arran, please let me follow your path.

: Steve...

: After listening to your words, I can now see it clearly-- The path I must follow as a knight.

And that's how FE12's Base Conversations turned a random terrible unit you had a 50% chance of getting about 2/3rds of the way through the prequel into one of the most memorable and depressing characters in the game.

Hope you'll join me next time when we confront the main villain for the first time.