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Part 85: Bonus Supports - Samto 2, Bantu 1, Rickard/Julian 2

Support Update 5: Samto 2, Bantu 1, Julian/Rickard 2

Welcome to the desert. It's hot, nobody can move properly, and everything sucks. That said, it doesn't mean we don't have time for these totally important and canon conversations.

First we'll be creepy with Samto, then see what's up with our old dragon pal, and end on the ambiguously gay duo, Rickard and Julian.

Creepin' (Samto 2)

: That girl's sweet, but she's already taken. That one's too young. Way outta my range. That other one's kinda... too strong, I guess? But I could get used to that...

Well that's a lovely way to start the update. Good to know he's not a pedo at least. One up on Lang

: ...You've been muttering to yourself for quite some while... What about?

: Hm? Oh, I was just thinking there's a ton of cute girls in this army.

: Now that you mention it, I think you might be onto something. I can't believe I never noticed before.

Wow, we haven't had a good "Steve Is Blind" joke for a while. Breathe it in, folks.

: And, naturally, you're one of them, Steve.

: ...Wha!? I-I am a mere knight, I discarded my womanhood long ago! I'm not cute or-or anything...!

Steve, womanhood isn't a class. That was Mage. You discarded Mage.

: That reaction was pretty adorable, too.

: Y-you jest! ...E-excuse me!!

: Heey, Steve! ...She's gone. Did I tease her too much?

You're weird, Samto.

Pickle Dragon (Bantu 1)

: ...Good, this seasoning is quite fine.

: Sir Bantu?

: Oh, you're, if I'm not mistaken...

You're not Mistaken, she's Mistaken. Who's on First. I'm so sorry.

: Steve. Are there... vegetables inside this jar?

: Indeed, my girl. Vegetables pickled with salt, among other things. This way, not only are they preserved for longer, but their taste becomes more exquisite as well.

: Oh... Pickled vegetables, is it? I've eaten some before, as army provisions.

I hear this is a bigger thing in other parts of the world, but I've never seen a pickled anything aside from the usual pickled cucumbers in my US suburb.

: How very convenient. Dame Steve, could you taste them for me, please?

: How is it, my girl?

: Wow, it's delicious!

: Hohoho, I'm glad to hear it. I've honed this technique for centuries, all to fix Tiki's disdain for vegetables...

I like to imagine Bantu in the time before humans settled, cobbling together jars out of rocks and stealing vegetables from their early farms. No wonder Hunter/Gatherer took so long to go away, it was this dick.

: Gosh. For say?

: That's right, Dame Steve. The next portion will be ready soon, would you like to taste it as well?

: Yes, gladly!

Purse-uit of Happiness (Julian/Rickard 2)

: Oops... S-sorry!

: What are you doin'? Are you sick or somethin'?

: It's weird... I ate my breakfast just right... Maybe not enough veggies?

: Be careful, you.

: Ehehe... Purse, get! Seems like Chief's been gettin' rusty. Or maybe I've improved? Now, let's take a looksie... Wait, what... No purse. Not even mine. W-why?

Because I haven't used you once, you doof.

: Why, I wonder? Did you get rusty, or am I just better?

: Chief! So you knew...

: You just don't learn, do you. Oh yeah, I got your purse like this the first time we met, didn't I?

: Yeah. Heh heh, I've challenged you many times after that, but I always lose.

: And I can tell there are goin' to be many more times to come. You're an obstinate brat sometimes.

: I'm gonna tag along until I show you I can snatch your purse, Chief!

: Heh, it's not goin' to be easy. Keep tryin', kid.

Aww. Bonding over petty theft.

Next time, sand and sorcerers and sadness.