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Part 86: Bonus Supports - Roger 1, Maris 1, Samto 3

Support Update 6: Roger 1, Maris 1, Samto 3

Hi everyone. Today I was thinking "Man, I should play Fire Emblem", and then a desert chapter happened so I did this instead.

Today Steve is going to go hang out with both the gooniest and probably the coolest of our newer party members, and then she will commit murder. Let's do it.

Steve: Matchmaker (Roger 1)

: Sir Roger.

: Ohh... Caeda... She's so dreamy... this a bad time?

: Sir Roger?

: The other ladies in this army are all so beautiful, too... Ooh, I want to date somebody so bad...

: Sir Roger!

: Wah!? ...Oh, it's you, Steve. Don't shout so suddenly. You gave me one heck of a fright.

: Actually, I called you many times... So you desire to date someone, Sir Roger?

Steve is always the diplomat.

: Huh? W-were you listening? Oh boy. Well, what's done is done. Since you know everything already, can I ask you something? Could you, um, give me some advice so I can score myself a date?

: ...To be honest, I've no confidence.

: But, I won't know until I've tried, so I'll give it my best shot. What kind of girl do you like, Sir Roger?

: Eh? Now that you ask me, I don't think I have a preference... Well, I'm not exactly pretty myself, so I don't really have high standards. I guess anyone in this army would do.

: Anyone...?

: Eh? Did I say anything wrong?

: Sir Roger... "Anyone" just doesn't cut it. No girl wants to hear that.

: I-is that so? I had no idea... Well, it makes sense, I suppose. Alright, I'll make an effort and think harder about my tastes; I'm counting on you, Steve!

Well, I mean, he's trying, at least.

You'll Poke Your Eye Out (Maris 1)

: Miss Maris.

: Er, you are...

: Steve.

: Yeah, the girl always milling around Prince Marth, right?

: Wha!

That shocking moment Steve realized she was not technically the main character.

: You sayin' I'm wrong?

: No... I guess you could say that.

: So, whadya want from me?

: I saw you fighting during the previous battle. It was a style I had never seen before... Self-taught, perhaps?

shh no steve those failed attempts weren't canon don't break the story

: Yeah.

: Your movements looked way too elegant for something martial..

: Wha! Whadya say?

: Huh!? Did I... say something rude?

: ...No, it ain't your fault. But... don't praise me. Somehow, it makes me nervous.

: A-alright.

: ...You know about my Pops, right?

: Yes. I heard he loves gambling.

His name is fucking "Dice".

: Damn old geezer. No matter how much gold we have at home, he uses it up in the blink of an eye. That's why I learned this fencing, for show.

: I see.

: Oh yeah. Wanna see it?

: Yes! I'd love to see it.

: Alright, gotcha. I usually charge money for this, but... Just this once, I'll show you free of charge.

If you have a male MU, she still charges them She also draws her sword on them when they say her style is "too elegant to be martial".

The male MU Maris supports are a fair bit different than usual, actually. There's a lot more angry near-murders. Maris has issues. But also a cool eyepatch.

Steve murders Samto (Samto 3)

: Heey, Steve baby.

: ...

The only appropriate response is the ErrNavBarl defense.

: Huh, you still angry? You're so innocent, Steve baby. But I adore that part of you too.

: ....Oh no, I'm not angry anymore.

: Oh, that's a relief. Then, you wanna go somewhere?

: Sure... Will you accept my invitation for a sparring match?

: Sparring? Well, I got no trouble with that, but take it easy on me, 'kay? I might, um, kick the bucket if you're too serious on me, Steve baby...

: ...We'll know when the time comes.

: Eh? Say what? Steve, your eyes are kinda scary...

Oh god. The mask is down.

: You sure you're not angry? 'Cause you look really angry.


ERROR: PORTRAIT NOT FOUND: Teehee, why would I be angry...? Come over here!

: D-don't hurt me...! Gaaaaah!

The End.