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Part 87: Bonus Supports - Belf 1, Leiden 1, Robert 1

Support Update 5: Sable Knight Extravaganza

I'm gonna be totally honest here. I have not touched Chapter 13 yet. I've been busy with some personal stuff and when I have free time, I've not really been in a Fire Emblem mood. So that'll probably be a while coming. To kind of fill that update gap, let's take a look at some of our newest characters that probably won't get used because our current team is going pretty strong still (Aside from Marth, but benching him is not even an option).

Here's the first supports with Steve for all three Sable Knights.

When In Doubt, Pinky Out (Belf 1)

: Sir Belf... Sorry for the suddenness, but there's something I'd like to ask you.

: I don't mind. What can I help you with?

: Are you well versed in etiquette?

: Etiquette? Well, I have ordinary knowledge of it, but... Why do you ask?

: It's embarrassing, but I'm bad with etiquette and decorum. I was just wondering if you could teach me...

: Is that so? As far as I'm aware, you've been managing it flawlessly.

: No, not at all. I'm actually rather clumsy... For instance, speech... I come from the countryside, so some sayings are difficult for me. Just lately, I bit my tongue trying to say "I see everyone is in good spirits"...

You are now reading all of Steve's lines in a ridiculous southern accent.

: I see... In that case... I don't know how much help I'll be, but alright.

Will Belf be of much help? Can Steve ever manage to not injure herself during a support? Maybe we'll find out later if people actually want to hear more from Belf!

The Unstoppable Steve (Leiden 1)

: Training, huh? I see you're full of spirit today.

: Ah, Sir Leiden. It's rare to see you around here.

Especially since we just met him but shh this is the non-canon alternate universe where everyone just sits around and chats.

: Your willpower and vitality are admirable.

: Not at all. It's all thanks to continuous training. ...Besides, you can easily handle this amount of training as well, right?

: The training I can handle... But weren't you checking around the platoons just a few days ago? And you even tinker with the food... Are all Royal Guards jacks-of-all-trades?

Steve desperately hopes noone else saw her steal Jagen's Raisin Bran Crunch.

: Y-you have good sources. Naturally my duty as a Royal Guard comes first. But I think it's equally important to forge bonds with my comrades.

"That's why I have supports with literally all the characters, you guys have what, 3 max?"

: And why is that?

: ...That's because I believe trust can save people.

: And you think that trust will allow you to save your liege... Is that it?

: Exactly.

It always comes back to Marth.

: Okay, well, I'm sorry for asking such a rude and contrived question.

: No, no, talking with you was an honor.

Hay is for Horses (Robert 1)

: Sir Robert, there's hay on your back... Were you in the stable again?

: Again, you say...? So my secret's been exposed.

: I've seen you there rather frequently. You seem to be well accustomed to dealing with horses.

And then we unlock Robert's secret class, "Were-Horse", it's a Manakete with Paladin movement and...

: It's nothing special. I know a bit because I ride horses, that's all.

Nooo, my brilliant class idea.

: I see...

: I'm a Grustian knight, but I hail from a slightly bizarre family. I've been riding horses a lot ever since I was a kid.

A lot of Grustians seem to do that though? Like most of the recruitable ones?

: Ah, that explains it.

: Explains what?

Oh no... The groom was mighty impressed. He said that you must really like horses to speak to them.

I don't know what's up with that "Oh no", it's only in Female MU dialogue and it doesn't seem to flow with Robert's question at all. Might be a typo? There's a ton of text in this game, that's definitely understandable.

: That guy talks too much. There's a foal over there right now.

: Oh, is that so?

: I think he'll let you see him if you ask.

And then Steve ran off with the promise of seeing a pony. Seeing being debatable, because, y'know, Steve.

So yeah, Sable Knights. Hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to some characters added just for the remake!