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Part 88: Bonus Supports - Bantu 2, Tiki 1, Xane 1

Support Update 8: Dragon Special Edition (Bantu 2, Tiki 1, Xane 1)

Chapter 15 is a lot more painful than I remember it being. So that might take a while. On the other hand, support updates don't take that long. Let's at least have some content and I might finish the LP by the time civilization collapses.

Speaking of things that go on forever, Dragons. They're a pretty big deal in the Shadow Dragon/New Mystery duology, and in several other FE games as well. In fact, we have 3 of them in our party right now! That's about the right amount for a support update. Let's start chatting with old man Bantu, introduce ourselves to the Divine Dragon, Tiki, and get owned by Xane yet again, as is Steve's lot in life.

Stone Searching (Bantu 2)

: Oh dear...

: Is something the matter, Sir Bantu?

: Oh, hello Dame Steve. Did you, um, see... a stone around this size?

Bantu, are you going to get upset with me for not buying the Dragonstones too? I'm sorry. I need that gold to feed my horrible Drill Grounds addiction.

: A stone...? I'm sorry, I don't recall seeing one like that...

: I see, I see... What a predicament.

: Was the stone important to you?

: Indeed, my girl. Do you remember tasting the pickled vegetables a moment ago? I need that stone in order to pickle them...

Wait, why do you need a stone to do that? I'm not a chef, but isn't pickling vegetables pretty much just submerging them in salt water? Do we have any thread pickling experts?

: Oh, I see. That is a predicament indeed...!

: As you age, you start forgetting a lot of things... A long time ago... Tiki told me she wanted to see what vegetables looked like before being pickled.

: I see, that sounds like something a child would say.

: It brought me great joy seeing Tiki hold an interest in the outside world... So I broke my word and took her outside.

: I... would have done the same.

: However, I lost my dragonstone when we were near Pyrathi. It was terrible...

: Eh? You lost your dragonstone?!

He did that this time too, Steve.

: I'm afraid so, my girl... Which reminds me, Prince Marth found it for me, back then. I'm truly grateful for his help. ...Dame Steve. I'm sorry to bother you, but if you happen to find my stone, could you bring it back to me?

: Why, of course. I do want to taste your pickled vegetables again after all, Sir Bantu.

Time to find the less important stone!

Munch. (Tiki 1)

: Huh? What's that?

: Oh, this? This is a fried apple. You remove the apple's core, add butter and sugar and fry it. We used to fry and eat old apples like this quite often, back in my village.

This update is entirely food based.

: Is it tasty?

: Of course. Do you want a bite?

: Yeah, I do.

: Alright, then here you go. It's hot so be careful.

: Thanks... It is hot...

: You'll need to blow on it so you won't burn your tongue. Here, like this.

: Okay, got it. Huff, huff. Munch, munch...

: Heehee, yes, just like that. But, even though she's just a little girl now... She becomes a mighty dragon during battle... The dragonkin sure is mysterious...

Steve you are monologuing with her right there.

: Munch?

: No, nothing. Do you want more?

: Munch!

Illusions of the Dark Pontifex (Xane 1)

: Sir Xane! Sir Xaaaane! Oh, c'mon, the war council is about to start. Just where has Sir Xane gone...?

: Oh, c'mon, the war council is about to start. Just where has Sir Xane gone...?

: Huh...? Y-you're...?

: Y-you too?

: I am Steve...

: I am Steve...

: I-it can't be... Damn... Then, this must be an illusion created by the Dark Pontifex...! I won't lose to an illusion... Prepare yourself!

: Hey, wait wait!

: Don't hurt me, it's me, it's me! Couldn't you tell it was a joke!?

: S-sir Xane!

: Hey, you and princey take everythin' far too seriously. So I thought I'd try lightenin' the mood. But it looks like my joke backfired. I thought you were going to kill me...

How many people has Steve nearly killed in Supports now?

: F-forgive me. But Sir Xane, you should cut the bad jokes.

: Well well, I didn't mean any harm y'know. I just wanted to put my special ability to good use...

: Check me out. I look exactly like you, don't I?

: Well, you might be right, but...

: Hm? Aw, shucks. I thought I looked the same, but I guess I was a little off.

: Huh? Where?

: Well, I look more feminine and my body is sexier. The real thing looks kinda manly and burly, I guess...

: ...Sir Xane... Could you please repeat what you just said?

: W-wait, l-let me explain...! Don't kill me or torture me or gimme a fate worse than death...! I-I was kiddin', see? Just kiddin'. Hahaha! See ya later!

: Sir Xane, come back here!

Constantly in a loop of getting owned by Xane.

(I knew keeping those old portraits on hand would be nice one day)