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Part 89: Bonus Supports - Dolph 1, Macellan 1, Katarina 1

Support Update 9: Dolph 1, Macellan 1, Katarina 1

Oh, hi. So, uh, these BS Chapters take me a while to do because I fumble those maps like crazy, so I figured I'd fill some time with a support update including some exciting characters! Like...Dolph. And Macellan. And uh, Katarina, she actually might have something interesting to say.

Fatman (Dolph 1)

: Man, this is good! I could eat this all day. Today's food is incredible!

: Eh? Sir Dolph...? Didn't you finish eating a while ago?

: Hm, you're, if I'm not mistaken...

: My name is Steve.

: Oh, just as I thought! I saw you. You did a really good job!

: Why, thank you. I can't say my performance in battle was that great, but...

I mean she's pretty good. Everyone undersells Steve. Even Steve.

: What are you talking about! I'm talking about the food.

Apparently, in addition to everything else, Steve is the army chef too, because Marth absolutely refuses to employ more than 15 people to work at once. Manpower is a serious issue.

: Eh? The food?

: Indeed. The speed, quantity, order of the dishes... There was nothing I could criticize!

: I-I see. I suppose it's because, when it came to food, my grandfather taught me strictly. ...However. Even so, isn't this quantity excessive?

: What are you talking about!? A knight must fight, as a shield to his people. For that purpose, what's more important than building your body!? Can you answer that? Dame Steve...?

: I understand what you want to say. But still, you're clearly...

: What?

: Eating too much. I can see... flabs of skin in the gaps of your armor...

Wouldn't that pinch?

: Guh...!

RudeMan (Macellan 1)

: Excuse me!

: Wah, don't startle me like that...! May I ask you to be quieter in the kitchen?

We find Steve in mid-cook.

: Sorry! But, there's a urgent matter...

: Ah! Don't tell me... an enemy ambush!?

No, Jagen would let you know that was happening and advise you to do fuck all about it.

: Who made today's soup?

: Hm? That would be me, but...

: Oh, so it was YOU! I am Macellan!! Can I ask your name?

: I am Steve. I tried to season it properly... Did you enjoy it?

: No, quite the opposite! It was really horrible!!

: Eh?

: The ingredients were good! But the seasoning wasn't! It ruined everything!

: Ooooh...

: That's all! Excuse me!!

: ...That was kind of frustrating...

Steve will never get any respect from anyone.

KatMan (Katarina 1)

: Hello Steve. Are you training today, as well?

: Yes. It's important to do it everyday, after all.

: ...

: Hmm? What's wrong?

: Oh, it's nothing... I was just watching you, Steve.


: Well, I know that, but... Don't you want to ask me something?

: Ah, well, er... Steve, is there anything you'd want me to do for you?

This is getting inappropriate, who's the HR officer for this army? Is it Jagen? Fuck.

: Something I'd want you to do?

: Yes. After all, it's all thanks to you, Steve, that I can stand here like this... So, I want to repay you. I'll do anything for you, Steve.

: A-anything?

"give me your Mag"

: Y-yes... ...I'd do... anything...

: ...I-I see. Then, could you train with me?

: Huh...? Is that all?

: Yes, training becomes more intense when you practice with others.

: All right. Then, I'll do it with you.

Well...I actually think Dolph and Macellan were more interesting. Huh. That was unexpected. Anyway, hope you enjoyed that support update of fat men, food critics, and super awkward conversations.