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Part 90: Bonus Supports - Matthis 2, Abel 1, Etzel 1

Support Update: Halloween Special! (Matthis 2, Abel 1, Etzel 1)

Welcome to a very spooky update. Although I cannot access my game file, my screenshots, or anything else, I can still do a support update. Because I refuse to let this important Fire Emblem Holiday go by unused.

Because it's Halloween, we'll be confronting 3 spooky spirit supports! First off, we have the phantom of being The Worst Character, Matthis. Then, the spirit of "I was so much better in the prequel", Abel. Last of all, the crippling ghost of loneliness in "I'm the only person in my class", Etzel.

Let the horrors begin.

i instantly regret my decision (Matthis 2)

: Steve, I'd like to ask you something. I wonder if you could help me get stronger?

: You want to become stronger?

: Me just standing here worrying isn't going to help anyone and I haven't the foggiest idea where Lena even is... But, once I DO learn where she is, as her big brother, it's my duty to save her! That's why I want to become strong.

This would be touching if he wasn't so creepy.

: I see. That's a smart idea.

: Think about it. What if another man saved Lena? If that happened, she would probably start falling for him, right?

: Uh-huh...

: So, if some creep tricked her and then dumped her... Never! As her big brother, I can't let that tragedy befall her!

: S-sir Matthis!

: As her big brother, I must become stronger so I can protect her from all the creeps lurking out there! I'll become the strongest man alive, for Lena's sake!

: Uh, all right. I'll do my best to help you, if I can.

(No I won't. Do not listen to Steve. She is a demon of lies and trickery.)

: Good, I'm counting on you. ...But, I'd prefer it if it didn't involve too much physical exercise. I don't want to get hurt, see...

Altea's Worst Merchant (Abel 1)

: You're... Steve, right? Why the befuddled look on your face?

: Oh, Sir Abel! The truth is I'm trying to light a fire, but to no avail. I was considering going to the storehouse to collect another flintstone, but...

She could...class change to Sage and use a fire tome. Heh. Heh. Heh. hehhhhhhhh.

: Ah, I have a flintstone if you need one. Here, take it.

: Oh, thanks.

: Use this tinderbox as well, if you think it'll be useful. I have some pieces of wood, too...

: Y-you're awfully well prepared, Sir Abel.

: I used to run a small shop in Altea, you see. I dealt with these kind of items there.

: So that's why. In that case, should I be paying you...?

: Nah, no need. Just tell me whenever you want them.

: I appreciate the favor, but... Is it really okay? Won't it be problematic for a merchant if you give away things for free?

So, this reminds me a lot of the day I bought my first Fire Emblem. I was coming home with Radiant Dawn, and I went to pick up a cake for a party I was going to. It was a local shop owned by these two really old women. I paid for the cake, and she took my money, gave me the cake, then gave me the money back and said "Thank you" and started to walk away. I had to remind her that you don't actually just give the customer the money back.

The store went out of business the next month, presumably because I was the first person to tell her this.

: Yeah, if you put it that way... Est often got mad at me for it, saying the shop would go bankrupt because I'm too nice...


Bord (n' Cord) Of The Rings (Etzel 1)

: ...

: Sir Etzel, it's time for the meeting.

: Hm? Oh, got it. Sorry, I'll get going right away.

: That ring... Is it dear to you?

: Yeah... Can you tell?

: Uh-huh. I noticed you staring at it every now and then. Was it a gift from somebody close to you?

Steve's only job is to spy on all our other units.

: Kind of... This is a memento of my late wife.

: ...I see. I'm sorry.

: No, it's all right. My wife dreamed of a peaceful world, and I'm fighting to make her dream a reality. ...But, I suppose I think of her too much.

And that's the end of our special HALLOWEEN EDITION of Bonus Supports. Hopefully I'll be back to the main game soon enough.