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by LordHippoman

Part 91: Chapter ???: Begin Again


It seems that not even the spontaneous combustion of my hard drive can stop Steve and her motley crew from saving ??? from ??? because the plot hasn't really been explained yet!

Here are the new stats. Let's start with the expected.

I can't even remember if he leveled up in P8. These might be about the same.

Not bad, he got one or two good levels. Might see some use.

Still not using you.

Dropped him at around the same time.

Now for the good ones.

Luke was performing incredibly well. I think he's going to be an asset for the whole game.

Holy fuck, Ryan. He has as much Str and more Def than Luke. I have never seen him do this well. Almost considering reclassing him to a melee class, because DAMN.

And now...the sad part.

Steve. Steve Steve Steve. What have you done. You see that Mag? I want you to go back to Update 1. The one where we fought Jagen.


I honestly don't know what to say. But if you don't get fucked over by the RNG once, it's not an authentic FE experience. So we'll keep on trucking.

Anyway, I'm pretty busy, but we should see Chapter 1 soon. Glad to be back, though.