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Part 3: Update III - Don't Fire Emblem While Tired

Update III - Don't Fire Emblem While Tired

Alright, we're on the world map. Nothing has changed here. However, we have two new units to look at!

Vanessa - Pegasus Knight:


LV: 2 (+1)
HP: 20 (+3)

STR: 5
SKL: 8 (+1)
SPD: 11
LCK: 6 (+2)
DEF: 6
RES: 5

MOV: 7
CON: 5


HP: 50%

STR: 35%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 65% (+5%)
LCK: 55% (+5%)
DEF: 20%
RES: 40% (+10%)

Slim Lance: Rank E. Range 1. Weight 4. Might 4. Hit 90 (+5). Crit 15 (+10). 50 uses (+20).
Javelin: Rank D (formerly E). Range 1-2. Weight 10 (-1). Might 5 (-1). Hit 65. Crit 0. 50 uses (+30).

So, the first thing you'll notice is that Vanessa got herself a new haircut. Why? I don't know, and stop asking, because if you'll ask that for every change, we'll be here all day. Otherwise, Vanessa didn't see too much of a change, which I would have expected, given that she's already top tier. Then again, Franz is top tier too, and he got a buff, so again, don't ask, we'll be here all day. Vanessa mainly seems to have gotten a free level with a bit of extra HP, which will help her survive just a bit more. Nothing major on the growths either.

The slim lance got the crit boost we've already seen with the slim sword, and the javelin got possibly nerfed? It got lighter, which helps, but it lost a point of damage, which doesn't. However, the global 50 use thing seems to push it back into buff, at least as far as the "throw four javelins on one unit and just have them counter everything forever" strategy goes.

Moulder - Priest:


LV: 3
HP: 20

MAG: 5 (+1)
SKL: 4 (-2)
SPD: 9
LCK: 1
DEF: 3 (+1)
RES: 5

MOV: 5
CON: 9


HP: 65% (-5%)

MAG: 50% (+10%)
SKL: 45% (-5%)
SPD: 35% (-5%)
LCK: 30% (+10%)
DEF: 35% (+10%)
RES: 50% (+25%)

Heal: Rank E. Range 1. Weight 2. 50 uses (+20). Heals 10 HP + MAG / 2. Use gives 15 EXP (+4).

Seems like Moulder is getting a bit more tanky and a bit more powerful, but less accurate and fast. Which I guess is appropriate for a manly man like Moulder. Otherwise, not a lot interesting here. The light boost to EXP for healing is welcomed, should help in getting healing units up to promotion levels without spamming Barrier or Torch or whatever.

Now, on to the actual chapter.

This map is by and large unchanged, which is fairly uncommon. However, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Now, let's start by looking at our recruits-to-be.

Garcia - Fighter:


LV: 4
HP: 28

STR: 9 (+1)
SKL: 8 (+1)
SPD: 7
LCK: 4
DEF: 6
RES: 1

MOV: 5
CON: 12 (-2)


HP: 75% (-10%)

STR: 60% (-5%)
SKL: 40%
SPD: 30% (+10%)
LCK: 40%
DEF: 40% (+15%)
RES: 20% (+5%)

Hand Axe: Rank D (formerly E). Range 1-2. Weight 11 (-1). Might 7. Hit 60. Crit 0. 50 uses (+30).

Garcia seems to have been made a lot more well-rounded, gaining growths in his weak points and losing them in his strong points. A 50% increase in speed growth in particular (in that his rate went from 20% to 30%, increased by 10 percent points) is very welcome. He has however lost some weight and will be weighed down by some high tier axes, which seems to point towards Hero for his promotion choice.

Ross - Journeyman:


LV: 1
HP: 15

STR: 5
SKL: 4 (+2)
SPD: 5 (+2)
LCK: 8
DEF: 3
RES: 0

MOV: 4
CON: 8


HP: 65% (-5%)

STR: 45% (-5%)
SKL: 50% (+15%)
SPD: 45% (+15%)
LCK: 50% (+10%)
DEF: 30% (+5%)
RES: 25% (+5%)

Slim Axe: Rank E. Range 1. Weight 5. Might 5. Hit 85. Crit 15. 50 uses.

Ross is in a lot better position than he is in vanilla. Boosts to skill and speed right off the bat help him hit and not get doubled / possibly double himself, which will help him gain EXP and get over that early difficulty curve of surviving to his first promotion. His growths overall have gotten a good boost, and much like with his father, the big speed boost is very welcome. And as you might have noticed, Ross has a completely new weapon: A slim axe. This essentially replaces his hatchet, and while he doesn't get a light 1-2 range option, as with the other slim weapons, the crit boost will be very helpful.

So, we start with the usual moves for this chapter. Pick up Garcia...

...get some stuff from the villages...

...Eirika proves herself to be a Master Of Disguise (and gets a red gem)...

...and the rest of the gang moves forward.

...uh, hang on.

...right. I was supposed to rescue *Ross*, not Garcia. I, uh, kinda fell asleep at the wheel there. Let's try that again, this time with, uh, less derp.

Resets: 1

Yeah, we're keeping track. This number is going up eventually.

There. Turn 1 done, and this time I actually went and rescued Ross.

Nothing much going on turn 2 either. Recruited Ross and kept moving forward.

Turn 3, Seth starts moving towards the village, Vanessa rescues Garcia for eventual recruiting, and the rest gets ready to fight, with Franz taking point on the fort with a sword.

Eirika keeps getting myrmidonier.

Franz, meanwhile, just gets better.

Surprise! Of course this map has a few more extra reinforcements, and they additionally mix up the weapon triangle situation on this map, going from very axe-focused to still axe-focused, but with everything else mixed in just to make things a bit more complicated. The myrmidon makes it more difficult to get the village, since he spawns right in front of it, but I don't think Seth will have any trouble.

So we split up. Garcia and Ross head for the soldiers, Eirika takes the reinforcement brigand, Seth keeps going for the village, and Franz takes the rest of the brigands. Vanessa and Gilliam just kinda hang around.

Surprise! The reinforcements were so nice, we do them twice! Things are actually getting a bit crowded. Thankfully, weapon triangle advantage will help us deal with basically everything.

One turn later, and things are a lot more cleaned up.

Ross gets a kinda crappy level cleaning up a soldier.

Seth picks up some stuff I'll probably sell, and we're now down to just the boss. And I hope he won't go for Seth, but for Franz, because I kinda want him to get that EXP.

Speaking of the boss, he gets +2 STR, -1 SKL, +3 SPD, +6 LCK and +4 RES compared to his vanilla hard mode counterpart. Not too shabby.

Thankfully, he does go for Franz.

Then Eirika and Franz soften him up some more. Vanessa misses a 27 hit javelin chance for a kill, so I just end turn and let the guy pick his death.

He picks Eirika.

Eirika, you have a 45% strength growth. FUCKING HIT IT.

And that'll be it for this chapter. I guess I'll stick with one chapter per update for now. If I build up too much of a backlog, I can always post faster. Anyway, see you next time, when we get a new map again!