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Part 5: Update V - Monster Mash

Update V - Monster Mash

Alright, time for the first monster chapter.

It's gone a lot more vertical than before, and has three branches for us to take care of: The two paths to the boss, and the Ross Training Zone on the right.

I tagged in Artur for Colm, since there's nothing to steal here. And with that, let's take a look at him.

Artur - Monk:


LV: 3 (+1)
HP: 21 (+2)

MAG: 6
SKL: 7 (+1)
SPD: 8
LCK: 5 (+3)
DEF: 3 (+1)
RES: 7 (+1)

MOV: 5
CON: 6


HP: 60% (+5%)

MAG: 40% (-10%)
SKL: 50%
SPD: 50% (+10%)
LCK: 25%
DEF: 20% (+5%)
RES: 50% (-5%)

Lightning: Rank E. Range 1-2. Weight 6. Might 4. Hit 100 (+5). Crit 15 (+10). 50 uses (+15).

Artur seems to have gotten a bit of help on defense and with his horrible luck. He's also trading magic for speed, which can be helpful, especially given what is happening with light magic.

Light magic has been given full permission to become The Crit Magic, and as such, even the lowly Lightning gets 15 crit. Spoilers: Yes, I know what you're thinking, and yes, that means that Purge now has 20 crit. I'm looking forward to running into that.

Neimi hails Satan with her level. At least it's speed.

Artur starts off by double critting this monster.

Garcia keeps working on his accuracy.

And Moulder gets in on the leveling as well. I think I missed one of his levels in an earlier update, but it was garbage anyway.

And with that, we set up and see what comes our way.

Artur double crits again and murders the fuck out of this zombie. Alas, his streak ends after that.

Nothing much else, but we get our reinforcements - two skeletons to the right and two zombies in the bottom left. Those skeleton reinforcements are of particular interest to me, because as you might remember from the map, I have plans for them.

Ross is going to set up and fight these skeletons, particularly the iron lance guys, with Franz and Neimi for support for the iron sword ones. Everybody else will move down south and slog through the zombies.

Artur gets a mediocre level.

Gilliam becomes even more impenetrable to these monsters.

L'Arachel makes her appearance and bails as usual.

More reinforcements. It's gonna get crowded.

We set up the Ross Training Zone and everybody else moves up. Can't help but feel that Vanessa placement might have been a bit overeager though.

At least she makes us proud of having given her that Dragon Tear.

Ross starts his training.

Even more reinforcements. And yeah, that Vanessa placement looks a bit rough now. Good thing she can just bail and get healed by Moulder.

Gilliam gets ready to move to that area over to the right on his own to clear it out, since he's basically invulnerable to anything but the eyes.

Another Ross level on the next enemy phase.

Reinforcements keep coming. We're probably bogged down here for a bit. Well, except for Gilliam.

Another Ross level.

Garcia gets more fit for monster clubbing while fighting the zombie horde on the left.

Gilliam does his thing. The reinforcements stop on this turn, so we should be able to push forward soon.

Another Ross level.

Gilliam keeps being more Gilliam.

At this point, Garcia, Vanessa and Artur have largely cleared out the zombies. Franz also starts moving out since Ross can deal with the remaining enemies on his own.

Another Ross level. Only one to go!

And Moulder levels up too for good measure. I didn't even notice he was this fast.

So now everybody starts moving forward while Vanessa javelins the snag, and Gilliam has the right side completely cleared out now and will be moving forward as well.

Two turns later, Vanessa has Ross in tow and everbody else is ready to move.

Ross is set up to bait out a zombie and gain his last level of the map. I'll get to decide on what to promote him to next map.

Franz gets another good level on wiping out the zombie Ross damaged. He's looking like a Waterside Renvall promotion target right about now.

Vanessa keeps getting stronger on enemy phase while clearing out the area around the village that Lute is in.

See? All cleared out.

Oh. Fucking reinforcements. I guess Gilliam can take all those skeletons on, and Franz can clear out the zombies.

We also start plinking at the boss because hey, free EXP.

Some of the skeletons try their luck with Artur, but they don't do well.

Franz picks up Lute, and that means it's time to look at our other new unit!

Lute - Mage:


LV: 5 (+4)
HP: 20 (+3)

MAG: 9 (+3)
SKL: 8 (+2)
SPD: 8 (+1)
LCK: 8
DEF: 2
RES: 8 (+3)

MOV: 5
CON: 6 (+3)


HP: 50% (+5%)

MAG: 55% (-10%)
SKL: 30%
SPD: 45%
LCK: 45%
DEF: 25% (+15%)
RES: 35% (-5%)

Fire: Rank E. Range 1-2. Weight 4. Might 5. Hit 90. Crit 0. 50 uses (+10).
Thunder: Rank D. Range 1-2. Weight 6. Might 7 (-1). Hit 80. Crit 5. 50 uses (+15).

Alright, looks like we have our first major level boost. Lute gained four whole levels (even if they were mostly bad levels, looking at the stats she gained), and as such should require a fair bit less babying to get up to speed because, well, she's already fully up to speed. Not to mention she's bulked up quite a bit and now no longer gets weighed down by fucking Fire like a literal child.

As for anima magic, doesn't look like it's changed a lot yet. I mean, Thunder got very slightly weakened, I guess to maybe reign in its status as the best anima tome in general.

Anyway, nothing much else happens that turn.

Gilliam status: Pretty good. Though we do need to send Vanessa in to help out with the eye, because it's dealing decent damage.

We give the kill on the boss to Lute because why not.

And finally, Artur and Garcia help out in cleaning out the last group of enemies.

One more decent level to play us out.

And that's it for this chapter! Next time, another two new units, and things get a bit tougher in parts.