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Part 12: Update XII - Sometimes, You Just Say "Fuck It"

Update XII - Sometimes, You Just Say "Fuck It"

Ugh, this chapter. I have bad memories about this chapter. But we'll get into that later.

First, we get ourselves another promotion.

And it's really not a question.

Gotta get the horse. And apart from the skill deficit, she's looking pretty good! I feel like if I hadn't given Forde that booster, she'd be competing with him.

Artur ends up getting both boosters we picked up last map that didn't end up on Colm or Amelia, since he has pretty big deficits in both defense and luck.

Now, what's my problem with this chapter? Well, as you might remember, keeping all green units alive awards you a knight crest. And since I've got Franz, Kyle, Forde, Gilliam and Amelia all in use, knight crests might be useful. It was similar in my first playthrough, where I wanted four paladins ASAP. So I really wanted that crest.

Well, let me tell you... keeping those fuckers alive is incredibly annoying. I restarted so many times trying to get that crest, getting more and more frustrated. They're decent enough at keeping the pirates off their backs, and their vulneraries healing 20 HP helps them a lot, but once Cormag shows up... they're just fucked. Cormag in particular seems to just hate the green units and will fuck their shit up.

We'll see how it goes this time, but I refuse to reset over the green units. If they die, they die. And with that, let's get going!

So, the first priorities are to clean out that first defensive formation and that Purge asshole.

First of all, our pegs clear out that Purge asshole. They're going to be heading east for a bit first and doing some stuff before rejoining the main group.

Vanessa caps speed.

Forde does well for once in killing one of the mercs.

And Franz kills the fighter and does almost as well. Franz doing almost as well as Forde. Weird world.

I'm noticing these mages on the forts are quite dodgy. In the end, Ross and Seth were the ones to get above 70 hit and get the job done.

Selena gets replaced on the first enemy phase.

We can see the pirates can deal some mean damage to those green cavs and don't get doubled back. That's not pretty.

Back on player phase, Artur picks up a good level as we work our way closer towards Duessel.

All these magic units on forts are being quite annoying.

The pegs are getting closer to their target - that troubadour has Physic and Restore, with Restore being droppable. So taking her out will help both in taking that Physic off the board and getting ourselves a free Restore.

Seth puts his 9 move to good use and rushes out to try and defend the green units.

The rest of the gang head to the central area, and I'll figure out what they're going to do eventually - I'll probably have some head down and some head towards the boss, because I think I can end this map early with a strike at the boss. We have 17 turns to survive here, after all, and I don't think we'll need that much.

Franz gets into quite the pickle, needing to dodge this attack from the ranger to not die, but he manages to do so.

Cormag gets ready to move. We also get some reinforcements - a constant trickle of pirates down south, a merc from a fort near the boss, and an archer from the fort near the bottom right village.

Tana takes out the troubadour and gets ready to head south to meet up with Cormag. Vanessa tags along.

The ranger is quite dangerous - his skill allows him to attack first, even if somebody attacks him - but we can attack him at 1 range and have Ephraim fuck his shit up something fierce. Amelia gets the kill after this.

And after we've by and large cleared out the central area, Kyle picks up the secret book. This will be going on Amelia for sure.

Seth, meanwhile, supports the green units by working on the approaching archers.

I appreciate the speed and strength, Amelia, but I have to be honest, I'd kinda like some skill now.

We have a Cormag Moving Alert. Hide your green units, we have a Cormag Moving Alert. Cormag is coming to fuck your green units up.

Next turn, we get our pegs back into the action, which is nice.

We also start getting some units to move south to help Seth out. We might be able to work this out.

Franz caps speed after taking out a knight.

The way we split up makes me think that taking the boss out isn't going to be that big an issue and ending the level early is definitely a possibility. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure the reinforcements are just storing up their power before they unleash hell.

Kyle levels up from fighting a cav.

I kinda need to think about what I'm doing with Cormag now.

Also Franz nearly died. I am absolutely lucking out here. And to note, we've had the reinforcement trickle for a few turns now. It's starting to add up, though I guess the green units are taking out the pirates mostly (apart from the one that knocked Franz's HP low enough that he almost died here).

OK, so Cormag is here. He is absolutely going to fuck one of those green units up if we don't block or distract him somehow. He has a killer lance, so I'm not exactly interested in the "block" idea, because I can't imagine that I have two units that survive a crit from him. So it'll have to be a distraction of some kind that I hope will work.

Tana can't get anywhere near right now, so I definitely mistimed that. I absolutely could've just gotten her close, recruited Cormag with her, rescued her with Cormag and bailed, and everything would've been fine. Alas...

You know, I know that I've already seen it and therefore should know it, but damn, Natasha's magic growth is nuts.

Now, here's the plan. We take Gilliam, take away his weapons, and set him into Cormag's path. Now we just hope the AI prefers attacking units where they don't get counterattacked, because I feel like that's a thing.

Vanessa gets more strength after killing a cav. And I see a lot of mercs over there and think that sending a few lance users there should mop this up pretty quick.

And now it's time to see what happens on enemy phase.

...what did you think was going to happen on enemy phase? Of course. Cormag will not rest until he has annihilated every single green unit off the face of this earth. Not even unarmed units can distract him.

And of course the other wyverns go for Gilliam. It's just Cormag that has this anti-green AI, apparently. Either that or they have it too but decided they can't reach any green unit. At least I can now stop giving a shit about those green units.

And of course Tana can't reach.

Well, let's just position units as if Cormag won't go for them and instead attack more green units. This surely cannot backfire in any possible way.

Lute picks up a level cleaning up the other wyverns.

And Ephraim gets ready to style on this entire group of guys.

On enemy phase, Tana gets to fight a pirate and levels.

Ephraim almost caps speed while in the process of styling.

My gambit works out as Cormag decides that these green units have to fucking die.

And finally, Tana gets to recruit Cormag. Now I just need to get that village and Ephraim can murder the boss.

Ross is going to cap strength, skill and speed before promoting. Now, let's look at Cormag.

Cormag - Wyvern Rider:


LV: 14 (+5)
HP: 35 (+5)

STR: 16 (+2)
SKL: 14 (+5)
SPD: 12 (+2)
LCK: 7 (+3)
DEF: 15 (+3)
RES: 4 (+2)

MOV: 7
CON: 9


HP: 70% (-15%)

STR: 60% (+5%)
SKL: 50% (+10%)
SPD: 40% (-5%)
LCK: 35%
DEF: 45% (+20%)
RES: 20% (+5%)

Killer Lance: Rank C. Range 1. Weight 9. Might 9 (-1). Hit 70. Crit 30. 50 uses (+30).

Cormag? Good. Like, he's promotion ready right now and comes with the item for it. I'll leave him unpromoted for a few more levels, but still. His growths are really good too. Just an all around great unit.

And since we're close to murking the boss, let's check him out.

+5 HP, -3 STR, -2 SKL, -2 SPD, +2 LCK, -2 DEF. Went from lancereaver, killer bow and longbow to a steel sword and steel bow. God damn, Beran got hit with the fucking nerf bat. That is so weird. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it's just weird. I guess this is a good time to bring up the ranger's skill.


- Always attack first, even during the enemy phase.
- 2DMG when equipped with bows

Honestly, give a ranger a brave weapon and they'll turn into an enemy phase wrecking crew. Alas, it won't help Beran here.

Vanessa breaks through to get the village next turn. There are no enemies left that move, so enemy phase is uneventful.

The game does give me a pretty good incentive to haul ass, though. This doesn't show two cavs that also spawned in the area the boss is in.

Vanessa gets another booster, which will come in handy for somebody.

And it's time to show the boss what's what.

Beran misses his attack, Ephraim misses his first, and then fucks his shit up with a crit.

GG no re. Not sure why I had so much trouble with this map the first time through - had I only kept Tana closer, I could've recruited Cormag easily and saved the green units. Oh well. I'll live with the consequences of my actions.

Next time... ugh.