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Part 17: Update XVI - Purge Panic

Update XVI - Purge Panic

Alright, we'll start out with some preps. I decide that Marisa is going to be my next dedicated training unit, so I give her the dragon tear and star seals, since Ewan is good enough he doesn't need them any more.

We also do some shopping, I'm running out of light tomes, anima tomes, and some other stuff. I'm kinda careful with money because I still need it for something this chapter. I'm also selling some stuff, including that Orion's bolt I've been having lay around for a while. I'm not promoting Neimi before the postgame.

Now, let's get going.

No changes to the map here, just more and stronger units. Also, the units on the map aren't what I'm bringing, I had to take these screenshots after the fact from an older save because I forgot like a dumb dumb.

The first group is relatively easily dealt with by our units right off the bat.

And L'Arachel levels while the other group does the same. One guy left on each side, but meh, we can take it.

The enemies from the second group coming down also don't fare much better.

L'Arachel levels after killing on enemy phase. This is going to be a thing for a while.

See? L'Arachel levels after killing on player phase.

Ewan gets a level too. I'm probably promoting him ASAP, he's already super good.

We see the two sides meet as I forgot to give Lute a staff to heal with and we could kinda use it.

We're moving up pretty quick. We're probably going to attack the gatekeepers on the third turn. Of course, there will be something that slows us down in a bit (it's Purge).

Tethys also levels in the process.

We do get some archer reinforcements on both sides, but eh, we can deal with those.

Dozla levels in the dealing.

And Natasha does as well.

Cormag hits 4 crit to take out the hero and levels. He just has all the strength and defense. Just don't let him anywhere in a mile radius of magic users.

And L'Arachel flattens the warrior on enemy phase.

Tethys picks up another level from an archer.

Status staves!

We spend a turn setting up to bust through the door, since we have like five enemies we want to kill right behind them.

Some more reinforcements - knights left, mercs right, but not a real issue.

Vanessa gets chosen to deal with the mercs and levels.

Ewan gets promotion ready from killing one of the knights after we open the door on the right.

And Gilliam level caps.

The right side ends with everything but one knight dead.

Amelia kills the valkyrie on the left side and levels.

On the other side, we get all of the enemies.

And now, the Purge assholes come in. So, here's the thing: Basically, we just need to have everybody with around 15 resistance or higher hang out in the zone. Everybody without just can't participate. But then, the Purge assholes are completely neutralized, because they just can't deal damage. And the thing is, we have more than enough units with that much resistance to still make this fairly workable.

Rennac makes his entrance, so L'Arachel is going there right away.

Tethys gets another level.

Duessel starts working over the general.

Franz levels up taking out a shaman.

Rennac will steal this chest, so we can pick him up soon since he has to go past L'Arachel at some point to get to the next.

Marisa takes over merc reinforcement duties and levels.

Some more reinforcements - cav and wyvern from both sides.

Ewan gets the general kill.

We set up for the next door opening.

More wyvern/cav reinforcements...

...and mage/shaman reinforcements from both sides too.

L'Arachel picks up Rennac. Let's take a look at him!

Rennac - Rogue:


LV: 1
HP: 35 (+7)

STR: 12 (+2)
SKL: 16
SPD: 22 (+5)
LCK: 10 (+5)
DEF: 9
RES: 14 (+3)

MOV: 8 (+2)
CON: 7


HP: 65%

STR: 45% (+20%)
SKL: 45%
SPD: 55% (-5%)
LCK: 25%
DEF: 35% (+10%)
RES: 25% (-5%)


HP: 60

STR: 20
SKL: 26 (-4)
SPD: 30
LCK: 30
DEF: 22 (+2)
RES: 22 (+2)


- Open doors and chests without keys
- Steal items
- +5 AVD

Rennac got some big upgrades. Two more move, pretty big stat boosts, and a big boost to strength growth. Rennac can actually be a combat-effective unit, mainly because of his boosts to speed and luck making him very dodgy.

And, of course, he's got a lot of swag with him. He holds a fell contract, which for some reason replaces the ocean seal. It does the same thing, promotes pirates and thieves. Not sure why this change was made, but whatever, we can promote Ross now. That'll be happening this map. We also have a handy stat booster - speed is always good - and the member card! This will come in handy soon.

Ross deals with some of the reinforcements down at the bottom and levels up.

While we're just letting those monks plink off our units, I should mention that these two monks have two Purge tomes each, so that's twenty uses of Purge between the two of them. Of course, we have enough units with resistance to largely make this just a minor annoyance, but I guess it could really fuck with some people.

L'Arachel gets more levels fighting the magic reinforcements.

Duessel becomes an even better tank.

And with that, we've largely got the throne room cleared out.

Lute levels clearing out the magic reinforcements on the other side.

Surprise! Reinforcements! Of course it wouldn't be that easy.

So let's pull back a bit.

Another L'Arachel level!

By this point, Rennac had reached Ross and we could get the promotion. Note that Ross basically already has capped skill. Just for comparison:

Dozla is basically outclassed in every way.

And given the growths, that probably won't change.

Tethys levels as we learn that the reinforcement units only move if they have someobdy in range.

L'Arachel levels again, fully clearing out the magic reinforcements on the right side with the last use of her Shine tome.

Surprise! Some Purge assholes (which also have Shine) start spawning when you open the door to the center chest room.

Rennac starts pilfering the chests. A rescue staff will be pretty handy.

Natasha levels fighting the knights in the throne room.

As does Tethys.

At least we get to clear out the Purge guys in the throne room, even if we now have new ones to deal with.

It seems like the enemies prefer using their equipped weapon if they can attack with both what they have and the other weapon in their inventory without being countered? At least it seems like these guys don't want to switch to Purge. Fine by me!

Blah, more reinforcements.

Garcia levels as we take them out.

Rennac picks up some more money. Now that we've basically taken out all the units on the map, let's give Vigarde a look.

+6 HP, +5 SKL, +4 SPD, -10 LCK, -1 DEF, + 3 RES compared to vanilla hard mode. He also doesn't have a hoplon guard, so we could just effective him to death.

Since Duessel is a tank, we let him try to contribute chip damage for now.

L'Arachel is going to like this Physic.

It does seem, however, that Ross will be a much better choice to deal with Vigarde.

With some critting, Ross drops Vigarde down to 9 HP, then some chipping from Natasha and Ewan takes him out completely. I missed the opportunity to steal from him, but I guess that's just a theme now.

And finally, Tana opens the last chest to grab an angelic robe. I'll figure out who that goes on eventually, but there's one more thing we need to do.

The secret shop! And what will we find in here? Well, amongst other things, it's what I've been looking for:

Promotion items! We buy three knight crests, an elysian crest and a guiding ring, running us completely out of money. Well, not completely, we still have gems, but still.

And that'll be it for this chapter!

Gleipnir: Rank E (formerly S). Range 1-2. Weight 13 (-7). Might 20 (-3). Hit 100 (+20). Crit 20 (+20). 30 uses. +10 MAG. +5 SKL. Effective against monsters.

Jesus. Massive stat boosts, 100 hit, 20 crit, less weight... this shit wrecks. And everybody with dark magic rank can use it. Say hello to your new boss killers.

Garm: Rank E (formerly S). Range 1-2. Weight 13. Might 20. Hit 100 (+25). Crit 20 (+20). 30 uses. +5 SPD. +10 DEF. Effective against monsters.

Hoo fuckin' boy. Now that is a fucking axe. That'll wreck most of everything. Only 30 uses again though - the legendary weapons are open to everyone, but limited use. Still, I'll make good use of them for bosses. Bosses can go fuck themselves.

And that's it for this update. Next time, we hit the desert and I probably get pretty angry at something. I don't know, I haven't played that part as of writing this.