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Part 21: Update XIX - Reinforcements Everywhere

Update XIX - Reinforcements Everywhere

Alright, let's get away from the bad place. No more bad place. Only good place from now on. I hope.

This map can get kinda crazy, but as soon as you save the villagers, you can really just take it at your own pace, so we shouldn't get into trouble unless some reinforcements surprise us. Which is definitely possible - I still have nightmares about my first run where a berserker popped out of the lower cave and just harassed me with his ability to stand on the mountains and just dodge fucking everything. Let's see if this works out.

We're going to try and snipe some more kills with Myrrh to get her those juicy levels to make those last uses of the dragonstone even more effective.

And speaking of levels!

The fliers head up to help out and recruit Syrene. We'll get to her then.

Also, the phantom will get to help out with distracting or knocking down the snag.

A lot of the crew is going to move to the right. Not sure why particularly I made that call anymore, I think I thought the right side was more dangerous? I think.

We can't really effectively reach the other side, so we just set up on the river line and wait.

I think Syrene's got this.

Duessel laughs at your puny heroes.

Since Syrene seems well equipped to deal with the general, the phantom deals with the snag.

And now, let's take a look at Syrene.

Syrene - Falcoknight:


LV: 5 (+4)
HP: 40 (+13)

STR: 17 (+5)
SKL: 19 (+6)
SPD: 19 (+4)
LCK: 17 (+5)
DEF: 15 (+5)
RES: 16 (+4)

MOV: 8
CON: 8 (+1)


HP: 60% (-10%)

STR: 55% (+15%)
SKL: 45% (-5%)
SPD: 45% (-15%)
LCK: 40% (+10%)
DEF: 40% (+20%)
RES: 20% (-30%)

Syrene got massively buffed. Four levels, but +4 or more in every single stat, plus a massive +13 on HP. She also got a whole bunch of changes to the growths to make her massively more all-rounded. And with her, we can now throw out triangle attacks if we need to. Let's see if I can eventually find some use for that.

For now, we just deal with the general. These three are going to be hanging out here just in case something surprising happens.

Tethys picks up another level.

Crew on the right moves on and will soon move to take out that sage.

And the crew on the left sets up to take the next group of enemies on on enemy phase.

They do pretty well at that.

The second group moves in as well, setting themselves up for a player phase beatdown.

Natasha picks up a sweet level on that player phase.

And L'Arachel gets one sniping the swordmaster in the east.

This miniboss sage is kind of a pain in the ass because he's dodgy as fuck.

I thought about Myrrh, but really, even she doesn't do too great, at least considering that the dragonstone is a limited resource right now.

So instead Myrrh will be blocking this cave. No reinforcements here for sure.

Team West wipes out the approaching enemies with gusto.

Whoops, missed that chance of death there. Oh well. Never punished.

Also, the minibosses have status staves. Sage got Silence and the bishop got Sleep.

We get our first batch of reinforcements. Thankfully, we were already blocking some forts. These will be coming for a bit, so Crew East is going to be blocking those forts for a while.

Crew East is starting to take on the miniboss. I'm going with Cormag attacking and L'Arachel healing, let's see how well this goes. First round is a hit, anyway.

The phantom sets up to eat a purge.

And Team West moves forward to meet the next enemy group.

The paladin moves in to attack Ephraim and regrets it very quickly.

The phantom does his job - using up a purge use and letting Knoll get more EXP by summoning another one.

Sadly, the miniboss likes using his status staff, meaning we don't get a counterattack opportunity.

However, we get another lucky hit for Cormag...

...and Franz doubling gives me a good chance to kill, and I get it.

Can't get a good level though.

At least Lute gets a good one killing one of the great knights.

And then Ross follows it up with a stinker. Swings and roundabouts.

So Team West sets up defensively to meet the next reinforcements, which goes well.

I also hand Cormag the talisman I wanted to give him but forgot.

Crew East sets up to move on those rangers and mage knight.

And Team West sets up as well, since these guys don't seem to move.

Let's go, phantom!

Holy shit, dodge master phantom!

Oh wow. The reinforcements actually paused for a round to then come back in the round after that. There's basically no chance you reach the top forts, so you'll always see the reinforcements from there, but you (like I just did) can block the southeastern forts. So the reinforcements stop, you think "oh they're done", move your units off the forts and bam, reinforcements after that. That's fucking sneaky.

Ewan gets a good level wiping out the rangers on enemy phase.

By this point, I'm just very slowly advancing on the eastern front and the western front is just stuck dealing with the reinforcements.

And phantom continues being credit to team with dodges.

With the reinforcements over, for at least a turn anyway, we make moves with Team West. Amelia gets crit by the miniboss bishop and doesn't give a fuck.

But even that small bit of damage she took was too much and she's taking steps to rectify that situation.

OK, yeah, that might be trouble. That berserker does not look like a fun time.

I did not know for sure at this point that crits only calculate on hits. I just kinda yolo'd it.

Ross fucking annihilates the other miniboss. So at least those are dealt with now.

Knoll's developing pretty well.

Phantom's also pretty useful as a chipper on strong defensive units.

Things are getting pretty crowded up on the top.

Pretty fucking crowded.

I really should have been blocking more forts.

We get some degree of cleanup on the northern front, but there's still some annoying stuff around.

Saleh takes out a ranger and gets a decent level I guess?

Garcia gets a level on next enemy phase.

Nice chance of death, Lute.

Two falcoknights and a paladin in reinforcements. Nice. We're kinda just chillin' with Cormag down here because there's a fair bit of guys up there, plus some siege tomes, which are not fun.

Phantom again credit to team.

Alright, so that's two rangers up top, two rangers on those forts, a fucking berserker from the cave, and the two falcoknights and one paladin. Is that enough reinforcements? Of course, this won't just happen on one turn, too.

Level for Gerik.

L'Arachel still going strong.

Ephraim levels going after the rangers.

...OK, I did not expect the berserker to go in the direction of my fliers. That could be bad. I don't think I have any swords on them because I'm fucking dumb. Well, I'll just send Franz and Marisa. It'll be fine.

55 crit. Noice.

Rennac gets a level fighting the ranger on his side.

And Cormag gets one fighting the paladin.

OK, yeah, I like those odds.

Not sure what I was thinking there. I rechecked, I had swords on the fliers. I think I might've just thought "well, that's a guaranteed kill to feed to Myrrh so she gets a level".

We're kinda just big chillin' up here until the reinforcements let up. Lyon is a big fucker and needs all our attention.

Have I said Duessel is fucking great yet this update? Duessel is fucking great. Look at those defensive numbers.

Things are getting pretty crowded up here with those reinforcements.

Amelia picks up a level.

God, I hate these reinforcements. Amelia actually ran some chance of death thanks to those fucking killer lance falcoknights.

Basically all my units are either on "take care of reinforcements" or "block reinforcement spots" duty.

Thankfully, the reinforcements seem to be tapering off, so we can start working on those mages back there and then Lyon.

Speaking of Lyon... +34 HP, -4 STR, +9 SKL, +9 SPD, +10 LCK, +4 DEF, +3 RES and +4 CON compared to hard mode vanilla. He's strong. Also note the flat 30 caps. I wonder what his stats will be in the final chapter...

Uh, yeah. I'll pass.


But then there's the secret weapon. +5 SPD from Siegmund, the crit protection from Siegmund and Ephraim's skill causing him to hit super hard with high might weapons combine to become the real bosskiller.

And yes, this time I actually remembered to steal.

And then Ephraim fucking annihilates Lyon.

And some more legendaries to cap us off.

And a high-tier healing staff as a reward for saving the civilians. Works for me!

Next time: Egg.