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Part 13: Ocean's 14 (Battle)

Chapter 6: Ocean’s 14 (Battle)

Let’s all rob our new allies blind.

I think Emereus has the worst haircut of all the bosses so far.

: Grrr…Very well! Armored units: intercept the intruders! Archers: defend the throne ! Thieves, you go gather up the treasure while I make preparations to withdraw. You have your orders! Don’t let those rebels anywhere near this chamber!

He’s also a coward and an idiot. I might just be still upset I had to upload a portrait for this guy’s one line. I’m lazy tonight.

So, immediately I unlock this door with Marth’s Door Key from last map. We can get our new recruit on Turn 1!

It’s one of the rare non-Marth/Caeda recruitments. (Marth can recruit him too, though, but Julian’s conversation is way better.)

: So, funny story: I decided to break in here and clean the place out. And then I got caught. Hilarious, right? Comedy gold. OK, your turn. What are YOU doin’ here?

: Me? I’ve washed my hands of thievery and joined the forces of justice.

: Ohhh really? Justice? So then this wouldn’t have nothin’ to do with some new lady friend? You always did have a soft spot for a pretty face and the right features-

: Wha- Can it, you little fink! I said it’s about justice! I’m entitled to have a moral crisis now and then!

Julian’s great. It’s too bad this is his last line in the whole game because Shadow Dragon.

: …You know what? Just for that, YOU are gonna work for me, startin’ right now.

: What? Do I have to…? Well, all right. You drive a hard bargain, but what can I say? I missed ya, Chief. Just make sure I get a cut out of the haul!

Rickard is, sadly, pretty much completely redundant and not good. He has no growths better than Julian, and gets blown out of the water in a lot of those categories. He also shows up at a lower level three chapters later. You could deploy two thieves, but it’s sort of a waste of a deployment slot unless you REALLY want to open things quick, and with something you get at the end of this map, that’s rarely even a concern.

If Julian’s dead, this is your only backup though.

I also had Caeda visit the Armory and grab a Hammer, because I realized I forgot one, and it could be great against all the Knights on this map.

It...would help if Barst could use them. Damn you, one appealing part of Bord!

I take care to stay out of any enemy ranges.

This map doesn’t really give a damn. Most of the enemies just rush you. That 2-tile wide hallway is going to be a fucking warzone by the time we’re done.

It doesn’t help that most of these guys have high Defense. Thankfully, so long as Cord uses an axe, it’s a one round kill.

I’m playing it safe here and just trying to stick in the range of one enemy. There’s a Mage coming for us, and Draug can counter.

Opening chests is as simple as standing on the tile and picking this command. It doesn’t give any experience, so Rickard can get this one.

Small Bullion is just something you can sell for 1k gold.

And here’s where the complications come in. Enemy Thieves can ALSO open Chests. And when they get the treasures inside, they’ll make a mad dash for the exit. If you don’t take them out by then, you can lose valuable items, like this Seraph Robe, a consumable that grants 7 Max HP, permanently.

I believe each enemy thief will only steal one item, though, so there’s no circumstances like FE7’s Legault potentially just cleaning up the map by himself.

Mages are bad news because everyone’s Resistance is awful, pretty much. And it will stay that way.

Thankfully they’re squishy, and Draug’s speedy, so this guy doesn’t live to cast again.

Ironically for a former Knight, Hunter Draug’s weakest aspect is probably his durability, but the guy can melt people with doubles!

The enemy has now formed a pretty effective blockade. If I was a patient person, I’d wait and calmly lure them out, but there’s sort of an invisible timer here with how quick the enemy Thieves can steal the good items littered around the map. I don’t have time for my usual cowardly professional LP tactics.

This was just a long way of saying “Cord kills another guy”

This is almost the exact level Draug just got, but with Strength and Magic flipped.

Wendell, unfortunately, can’t quite kill the second knight, but he does leave him with 1 HP and basically cause him to be a free EXP bag for whoever decides to pop that.

It won’t be Hardin, he’s healing.

Abel takes care of it, using the javelin because I know that Archer’s out for blood.

Unfortunately, that whole hallway is now a bit of a killbox. There are two archers waiting in the wings up there, along with one to the west and two Cavaliers that are coming from the north, one with a Silver Lance. Nobody we have but Wolf can take that much punishment, but plugging that hole would divide the enemies. Unfortunately, Wolf can’t reach it.

Or can he?

This is Lena’s Warp Staff, and it is ridiculous.

The Warp Staff allows you to place a unit anywhere on the map, ANYWHERE, at the cost of one use. People who read the other Fire Emblem LP I did might remember me clearing the second to last chapter in one turn with this thing, and that’s not even the limit of how broken it can get.

Right now, though, it just plugs a gap.

It also grants a ton of XP to the user.

Draug and Navorbo team up to kill the last archer on this side, and the area is clear.

Just in time, too, given that the enemy thieves have reached the chests! I want this.

Also this.

Especially th-He just ran right past us! What a dick!

I don’t think we need to worry about Wolf.

Or Abel.

But ESPECIALLY not Wolf.

The rude thief gets deleted for his efforts.

Yeah, I’ll take that. The Physic staff is also great, but I’ll definitely be demoing it in the future.

With the enemy chargers locked on this side of the Wolf Door, we can start chipping away using ranged weapons to clear the path.

This Thief picked the wrong chest to loot today. Sometimes I really love Movement on Cavaliers.

By “Sometimes” I mean “roughly always”.

Literally Always.

The Armorslayer is a C Rank sword that deals triple damage to Knights and Generals.

The other Thief was a little smarter, but I can still get some chip damage on him.

Complicating things, this Curate isn’t content to let his allies just get whittled down. We can out damage him, so it’s not a huge deal.

Unfortunately, though, the Thief that stole the Killing Edge is already out here. The tunnel to the east is the map exit. It’s time to try and blitz through here as fast as possible.

Wendell downs the Cavalier pretty easily.

The death of that unarmed Curate has been censored for your viewing sensibilities, but what’s important is that Caeda can now charge through the gap. This might not be enough. I could use Warp again, but it’s really not worth blowing another charge.

Meanwhile, Cord and Barst get rid of this terrifying Silver Lance guy. Seriously, this is a rude surprise to drop in Chapter 6.

The reward is nice, though. I forgive everything.

So, now that all those Hallway Shenanigans are done, it’s time to actually make progress. The key here is that one of these archers has a tiny bit more range than his friends, making him easy pickings to get lured out.

But before that I need this back.


Thanks again. That’s probably the best prize here, Stat Boosters are great.

Draug lures this poor guy into a very bad position.

Also the dream is dead. Goodbye, Killing Edge. You have to be super aggressive to get that, though, so I’m not feeling too bad about this.

Draug does need to run, back into the loving embrace of our two healer dream team.

Abel passes the Armorslayer Baton over to Ogma before killing that Archer, and now we get to watch the magic happen.

Miraculously these both hit and the game doesn’t punish me for my hubris like usual, by the way.

Oh, Marth can also chat with Rickard if he didn’t recruit him.

: Just a small-time thief, mind you, but I’ve got big aspirations! Julian asked me to help you out, see, and what the chief says, goes! So here I am.

It’s not...super interesting. Rickard’s a fun character in the one chapter he gets the spotlight in, but that’s another game entirely.

Nothing too interesting here, Abel’s just killing this Archer, but I wanted to note that those pillars on the ground are actually terrain. They give you 10 Avoidance, like indoor forests. It’s...not really that useful of information, but hey!

I’m in the doldrums of a Shadow Dragon LP, what do you want from me?

Low Heal output from Hardin might seem like a downside, and it mostly is…

But it does allow me to double up on heals, and experience!

Caeda spends the rest of the map staring at the exit, wondering what could have been.

Now that all the urgency for this chapter’s gone, I’m reverting to cowardly lure mode for the last room.

Marth, at least, seems to be a fan!

This second pull’s going to be a bit more dangerous, with an Archer and a Knight, so the durable n’ hefty Barst is going to try it on for size.

Also Lena got the only one stat level up I really care about. Magic’s good.

Barst not only dodged this arrow, he doubled and killed the Archer.

This thread should really have been called “I Fucking Love Barst”.

I dunno how many people have even seen Brian’s Song.

The Armorslayer was the only way Nabarmorslayer could damage this Knight, by the way. That defense is really not to be fucked with.

I really don’t like Myrmidons much in this game, because since dodge-tanking isn’t really reliable anymore, thanks to the very generous hit rate, they just don’t have the survivability to be on the front lines where they want to go.

Barst could pull again, but that Mage is going to do quite a bit of damage to his poor 0 Resistance self. If only I could mitigate that in a scenario I set up just to show off this rather niche Stave.

So the Barrier Stave just gives a unit 7 free Resistance. It drops by one each turn, but it’s a good way to tank a group of mages, something that will rarely happen in this game. Good to know anyway.

It’s a little chilly in here.

Navarre, please don’t waste your crits on the healers.

So we’ve just got Emereus left now, be honest…

Lack of a 2 range weapon makes him completely useless. Cord slowly burned his HP down…

And the Rapier finished it. For style points.

This was not worth the style points.

If Rickard wasn’t enough you could probably effectively replace a dead Julian with the keys on this map anyway.

And now, for the first time in several chapters, plot!

: ‘Tis Archanea’s burden to protect the world of crisis- a duty I have striven to fulfill. But Dolhr has laid waste to my kingdom, and now I find myself powerless to stop the world from falling into ruin. Marth… Please, pick up the banner where I have let it fall. Lead your might against Dohr , and free us all.

So, there are some other changes in different versions of the script than just Caeda and Navarre’s names. The version I’m transcribing has Dolhr as “Doluna”, Macedon as “Medon”, and Archanea as “Akaneia”. Sort of odd for a modern game.

: Of course, Princess Nyna. Altea swore fealty to Archanea long ago, a vow we have always kept. And, as you know, it is in my blood – House Altea’s blood – to destroy Medeus just as Anri did before me.

: House Archanea bestows it only upon a true champion, one we believe has the power to save the world. With it, you gain the right to open treasure chests across the land and wield the precious items within. I know you will use them well. Never give up, Marth. Fight, until the day you restore light to our world.

We get a special extended item fanfare for this one. It’s plot important...kinda.

The Fire Emblem is now permanently glued to Marth’s inventory and allows him to open all chests. Kinda like a Thief without the doors. It will proceed to do nothing else for the remainder of the game.

Next time:

Not that.

: Steve?

: Hmm?

: I actually made all of that up.

: Wh-

: Pretty much everybody died and then we went to the beach.

Next time, we return to the alternate Normal Mode timeline for a bonus chapter where pretty much everybody dies and also Jagen goes to the beach.

Bonus Content

Holy Woman of the Saved Country, Nyna