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Part 14: Chapter 6x: A Vonderful Day To Die (Prep)

Chapter 6x: A Vonderful Day To Die (Prep)

: Sir Jagen, I’m afraid I don’t understand.

: I may have mixed up a few minor details. Such as downplaying my glorious contributions.

: Glorious.

Hi. So, uh, you might be wondering what I’m doing here, and the answer is that because it’s Normal Mode and a side run, I’m just Boss Abusing here.

Boss Abuse, which I explained in the regular playthrough but I’ll restate here, is using the fact that bosses regenerate their HP on thrones to just endlessly milk experience off of them. I’m doing it with Jagen and Norne here. Norne can simply sit out of his range and plink away at him, but Jagen has to be healed up by Wrys.

The only real casualties here (besides my time) are weapon uses. I burnt out Wrys’ whole starting Heal Stave here, which conveniently got him a lot of EXP as well.

: And then we hit Gazzak. And then we hit Gazzak. And then we hit Gazzak. And then we hit Gazzak. And then we hit Gazzak.

: …

I stopped once Norne had hit Level 10, broken two entire Iron Bows, and maxed out her Bow weapon level. In chapter one.

Naturally Jagen got the kill, though.

It only took...94 turns.

To be fair most of them were just using Norne or Wrys, so it didn’t take nearly as long as it looks.

Norne was so buff she just obliterated poor Darros before he could even recruit himself.

: We had little time to mourn the loss of Cord.

: Bord?

: No, I’m having a great time!

On Normal, Castor can’t one shot Caeda. How generous.

Ogma still does fine.

Things didn’t go well for Cord here. In case you didn’t read that part of the OP, yes, mass unit suicide is REQUIRED for the bonus chapters in this game. It’s dumb and bad. Thankfully they never brought it back.

: Next, we entered the Samsooth Mountains...

I missed his attack line last time around, so here you go.

: You go on ahead…Save yourself! Here, I could use this Warp staff to send you someplace safe-

: Uh-uh, honey. No can do. I didn’t betray my boys back there so you could zap-


: Damn.

Lena didn’t make for a great chokepoint.

: Naturally, I held the line, defending the valley against the foul marauders who slew the cleric!

: Sister Lena helped you get into this bed, Sir Jagen.

: The Scarlet Swordsman was nothing before the might of my Silver Lance!

: Then I absorbed his powers.

So, once you reach Chapter 4, AKA the first one with the prep screen, you get this conversation with with Malledus if you don’t have enough units to max out the deployment cap.

: Naturally, the possibility of espionage worries me… but they seem honest enough.

: We do sorely need the help… If they still wish to fight, tell them I will gladly have them!

Any prep screen where you don’t have enough units to fill the available slots for that chapter will supply you with Generic Units like these guys. a lot like normal characters, only lacking portraits and any support bonuses. They have their own growth rates, base stats, etc.

It’s not enough to save them from the bloodlust of the Gaiden chapter requirements.

Oh, they also don’t have any dialogue. But, again...Shadow Dragon.

You can even send them into the Arena!

On a semi-related note, the Arena guy has unique quotes if someone dies!

: Then I became a wizard.

: With my own special spell!

+10, by the way, is the Might cap for weapon forging.

: I was the most powerful elderly Sage in the land!

: …I made sure of that. Thankfully Sir Sedgar joined us!

: What about the rest of the Wolfguard? Or Hardin?

: ...Don’t worry about it.

I also found out that if you take too long on this chapter, some cavaliers and Pegasus Knights start to spawn from the forts. I think this is the first instance of reinforcements in the main game.

Sorry, Rickard. You’re worth a lot of Experience.

I got it this time.

: And then we went to the beach.

: The War Beach!

To unlock this chapter, as well as any other Gaiden chapter in the game, you have to have less than 15 units remaining. This means you’ll have to keep killing off recruits if you want to continue getting them.

I love that guy in the front doing the Jerry Seinfeld shrug.

: Pirates had struck the war-torn village at its weakest and abducted its children. Marth could not ignore such an injustice, and rode with his army to the rescue…

These characters, and Draug slightly offscreen, are all that’s left.

This map is pretty straightforward. We’ll need to make our way along these coasts and bridges to reach the southwest island.

The enemies are pretty numerous, but they’re decently scattered and pretty low level, there’s not much to worry about in terms of large scale attacks or chokepoints.

Notably, this Village is in the northwest corner of the map, as well as a Mage. Those are always worth noting because of awful Resistance pretty much across the board in this game.

The boss is really nothing worth noting. He’s got less Attack than that Silver Lance regular Cavalier from the last map. He’s even there on Normal, by the way.

Also Barst is a Pirate now.

Next time we meet the best Gaiden character.