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Part 16: Death from Above, Also Below (Prep)

Chapter 7: Death From Above, Also Below (Prep)

So, after our brief detour into that parallel playthrough, it’s time to get back to the main game of Shadow Dragon.

(i’m sorry)

It’’s one of these save files.

There we go.

: They followed the Middleroad south, bound for Archanea Palace- a perilous route, for it took them right into Lefcandith Valley and the jaws of trouble. The countless fortresses lining the valley made it a veritable gauntlet, and compounding the danger was the presence of the Whitewings, a knightly order led by Princess Minerva of Macedon. It would be a fierce battle

Minerva sounds like bad news.

I’d like to note that, in a nice detail, the name of our forces is “Arch. League” from now on instead of “Altea”. Because now Marth has the Fire Emblem or something.

Just going to bring the usual team for this mission. You’ll probably want at least one bow unit for this map, because fliers are about to rear their ugly, dragon/horse heads. Wolf and Draug should work for us. Also, countering lances is good, so if you’ve got a powerful axe unit, say with high durability, stren-

Barst. I’m saying use Barst.

Sadly, I want to keep the squishy units to a minimum in this one, and movement’s at a premium, so Hardin’s going to have to quit being Minwu for now.

Lefcandith Gauntlet is...a gauntlet. We’ll want to run most of our units down that long path to the west. We do have a few complications, though, aside from all those red dots.

Namely, I’ve got to send Marth to this village...which is oddly well defended, with two archers, two Mercenaries, and a locked gate. So he’ll want backup as well.

This archer has a nasty surprise, the Longbow. It’s the only 3 range weapon in the game, so he’ll be able to avoid counters, even from other archers! I’ll probably want to rush him down.

This whole path is pretty empty and easy to run through. Well, for now, at least.

There’s a thief with a redundant door key here. I assume that’s in case you have no other way to open the gate. Unfortunately, that’s not our only foe. There are a lot of forts scattered along the south side of the valley...and they’ll be pumping out enemies each turn. That’s bad, bad news, especially on Hard Mode. We’ve got a fight ahead of us.

To add to our problems, Macedon reveals their main gimmick in this chapter, flying units! The Dracoknight is a promoted Pegasus Knight. Imagine Caeda but buff and also she’s got an axe.

Thankfully the boss is nothing special. Another General without a two range weapon. Cord fodder.

He’s probably not the most notable face here, though...

Princess Minerva is a badass with a dragon and the best axe in the entire game, and she hates us right now. It is in our best interests to stay FAR AWAY from the Dracoknight.

She’s also brought her underlings. Est’s packing a Ridersbane, so despite her fragility, she’ll hit our cavaliers hard.

Palla’s the strongest of the Pegasus Knights.

oh fuck it’s the queen of the skies

Clearly we’ll have to prepare.

Fun fact, Caps take up extra space in this game. So “BARST OWNS” didn’t fit. “BARST Owns” did!

Next time we run the Gauntlet and I probably regret my choices.

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