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Part 21: Questionably Canon Dragon (Prep)

Chapter 9: Questionably Canon Dragon (Prep)

Time for some more Fire Emblem. We’ll be facing a whole new kind of enemy boss unit this time, and I hope you’re excited to see what it could be!

...Or the game could just spoil it right there.

: Py-what?

: Pyrathi.

: I don’t remember that place at all. Are you sure it exists?

: Of course! It’s...that island just southeast of Port Warren. Look at the map! See it?

: That’s my fingernail, Sir Jagen.

(The Pyrathi Isles are, to my knowledge, never mentioned or acknowledged again in the series after this chapter.)

: and their king, Mannu, was wroth when he heard of the League’s unexpected visit. There were whispers Mannu was a dragonkin- rumors soon to be proved true.

In case people wanted to compare our two Mercenaries, I’ve got them here for you.

Ogma’s got the advantage right now, but Caesar’s not too far behind. I’m considering reclassing Caesar into some sort of physical unit (Pirate?), and I’m open to suggestions. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with multiple mercs.

Also, I want to clarify that I did make fun of Caesar’s Magic growth last time, but Miacis pointed out in the thread that he really does make a solid Dark Mage. He’s one of only three non-natural spellcasters to even have a Magic growth, alongside Cord and Jagen. Thanks for pointing that out, Miacis.

To try and rectify Navarre being the squishiest man to ever be potenitally squished, I swapped him into Cavalier to try that out. The biggest issue I’m seeing right now is that absolutely atrocious 2 Skill. We’ll see how it plays out.

Here’s the preliminary roster, the usual team + Caesar and Roger. Might as well show that lovable dork off.

This map is a little complex, but it’s nothing we really haven’t seen before. We’ll start here, and move to that center island.

A locked gate bars the path, but we’ve got a certain sneaky rogue who can get past that for us, as well as grab the treasures inside. This also opens a shortcut to the southwest island, which houses the boss.

We’ll want to go around north first, though, as there’s a village for the visiting, and you probably don’t want to miss out on this one.

The southeast island has this tiny building containing only a chest. Huh. That seems worth checking out.

And the final part of the map, regardless of which way you reach it, is crawling with enemies. The Pyrathi don’t like us very much.

Especially not this guy. King Mannu might look like a complete pushover, but don’t forget that his Firestone is going to boost his stats. His real attack is 27.

However he’s still 1 range and thus still a pushover. Oh well. Next time, we cleanse Pyrathi of all life and relevance from the series.

Bonus Content

Roger needs some dating advice.

The Dork Knight

: Steve, sorry for earlier. I wonder if you could give me some more advice?

: O-oh, alright. If it’s within my capability.

: But honestly, I had no idea somebody thought of me that way. No idea at all. I wonder if I should confess my love right now? Steve, what do you reckon's best?

: Huh…? I don’t know, that depends on the other person.

: Why are you talking like it's got nothing to do with you...? Weren't you waiting for my confession? That's the reason you felt jealous when I talked about my ideal woman, right? Anyway, Steve! I love you!!!

: Eh!? W-what, me? I’m sorry, but I…

You can only do that sort of thing to the OTHER Avatar characters, Roger.

: There you go, looking all embarrassed... You put up a cold front, but you really like me, don't you?

: No, you’ve got it wrong! I don’t feel that way at all!

: I-I-I see… If you deny it that strongly… then I guess I’m back to being a sad man again…

You know Roger probably uses the term “friend zone” in feudal times.

: Oh… I-I’m sorry. I spoke too much.

: If you want to apologize… How about you introduce me to another girl, then?

: O-oh, right. I can't think of anyone at the moment... But, well... I've, er, heard whispers... of a girl who, um, secretly admires you, but who's too shy to confess her feelings... These are just whispers though, but I don't think anybody can positively prove they're false.

: I see, you’re right, I can’t deny that. So it’s a shy girl. I had no idea.

: What if you took the initiative, Sir Roger?

: You’re right, I should be proactive and seek her myself! Thanks, Steve! I’ll give it a shot!

: ...I wonder, did I do the right thing?