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Part 31: Pretty Much Just Me Sighing For Several Images (Prep)

Chapter 13: Pretty Much Just Me Sighing For Several Images (Prep)

Welcome back to the main run. Last time we managed to take back Archanea Palace.

Now it’s time to hate video games.


: the dreaded “Wooden Cavalry”. Missiles crashed down, rocking the earth as the enemy ballistae rumbled forward. Had Marth and the League any hope of triumphing over such firepower?

: No.

: No.

: No.

: No.

: Nae.

Time to give Marth those boots, they’ll come in handy on this map, because crossing it as quickly as possible is pretty important.

Make sure to bring Midia along on this one. I dropped Jeorge for her, otherwise our lineup is looking pretty typical. It’s a good idea to restrict fliers and squishy units for this map.

There are three main “Lanes” here. The top one is the least dangerous.

The middle is where you’ll want to put Midia, as well as probably a healer, because there are a lot of dangers ahead.

The bottom group only gets three character slots, so put your hefty guys here. Vulneraries aren’t a bad idea for this map. They’re never a bad idea, really.

And, if you haven’t guessed already by my consistent whining throughout this entire update, I would now like to present you with the cast of enemies for this chapter.

FOUR OF ‘EM and also this guy, who Midia has to talk to. Why, no, she’s not very sturdy, why do you ask?

And three on bottom. And there are quite a few Arrowspates, so don’t think you can just Caeda this one. Welcome to Ballista Hell.

The boss should not be surprising.

There are 17 enemies on this map.

14 of them are Ballisticians.

Maybe this village will help us!


bonus content i guess

Let’s try and squeeze personality out of Tomas.

: Haha, that was incredible wasn't it? Did you see it, Steve?

: Yeah, but if you ask me, it was more like…

: Man, it swept over your head and THEN hit the apple!

: Did you forget it also grazed Sir Jagen's throat when he was passing by...? I'll never, ever forget the wrath in Sir Jagen's face at that time.

: Sir Jagen's tempestuous and unending sermon was just as incredible!

: He even got angry at me, too... Honestly. We're lucky nothing bad happened since Prince Marth stuck up for us, but...

: Yeah, Prince Marth is really kind. I must polish my bow skills more and more so I can repay my debt!

: You're really stubborn aren't you, Tomas...? Oh well, if you're going to train now anyway, I suppose I'll keep you company. ...We'll be in trouble if somebody else got hurt, after all.

: Yay! Thank you! Then, please take this! Thanks!

: Huh? A grape? Wait, didn't your target shrink too much all of sudden?

: Ready, go!