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Part 35: Welcome To Wizard Hell (Prep)

Chapter 15: Welcome To Wizard Hell (Prep)

Today we embark on a beloved Fire Emblem tradition.

It’s a gimmick map.

: You just said that.

: I said OASIS of Magic. It’s different.

: the sands surrounding it had run red. Many knights had tried to oust Gharnef, but what defense did they have against the mages the fiend had bent to his purpose? One by one the heroes fell to blades unseen and fires within their armor; and it was not long at all before Khadein’s wickedness outstripped its wisdom.

We have full deployment slots for this map because no allies will be joining us. I’ve put all of our fliers in because the terrain on this map is a killer.

For the same reason, I temporarily reclassed our Cavs into Myrmidons.

Why am I going to all this trouble?

It’s the customary Desert Map that nobody likes.

There are mages everywhere. Our starting position here actually doesn’t count as a desert, so movement isn’t impaired, but I’ll talk about Desert tiles real quick.

Desert tiles slow everyone down except Magical Units (Tome/Staff users) and flying units.

Most classes have their ranges chopped in half, having to pay 2 movement points per tile crossed. Paladins, Archers, Ballisticians, and Generals pay 3. Cavaliers pay 4. Horsemen have to spend 5.

You can probably see why this is incredibly annoying. In some previous games, thieves could find treasures buried in the sand. That doesn’t happen in this one.

The enemy is taking advantage of this by fielding mostly only casters and fliers. More of the former, which can be tricky because of the sheer lack of Resistance in this game. Still, they’re mostly quite low level. If I were to promote Maria and give her a tome, she could probably solo tank them and not take a point of damage.

These thieves are the only enemy units affected by the terrain, but we’ll still want to take this guy out before he loots the treasures on this map. But I’ll get back to that.

The boss here is a nameless bishop. He’s got the unholy offspring of the Ballista, the Swarm Tome, which is a Ballista but magic. It really doesn’t do much damage, though, and with this guy’s pitiful defenses, he’ll melt as soon as one of our physical fighters reaches him.

The map’s also lightly peppered with Dracoknights, though they’re a bit gimped by only using Javelins, which aren’t particularly powerful. They shouldn’t be too worrisome.

The treasure chests for this map are in the southeast corner, which is being guarded by a Sorcerer.

Specifically THE Sorcerer, Gharnef himself.

We do not want to fight him. Imhullu renders him completely invulnerable to any attacks. So just leave him be and give him space. There’s a way around this.

This one’s not so bad as far as desert maps go.

Bonus Content

We saw most of Catria’s supports last LP. So I grabbed one of Palla’s.

: Do you have a moment, Commander?

: Palla... Is something the matter?

: I wonder if I could receive some training from you?

: Is there a special reason? A knight of your caliber should have no need for any training I could give.

: I am... ashamed by my own weakness. It feels as though the feelings hidden deep within my chest could leak out any moment... and it frightens me.

Palla’s implied to have a bit of a thing for a certain fellow green haired mounted unit. It’s not Sedgar.

: ...I understand. I shall inquire no further. I have only just accepted what part of me I should cast away, myself. Let us spar, for the first time in a long while.

: Thank you. Then… Here I come!

: Though we're training, don't hold back. Cast the shadows of your heart onto your spear and come at me. Let us battle!