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Part 44: Sable Showdown (Prep)

Chapter 18: Sable Showdown (Prep)

So, back to the main story now. I know it’s been a while, but Shadow Dragon is still happening in here somewhere.

Found it.

The word “orb” will never not be funny to me, I’m sorry.

: Marth and company set off to Chiasmir and the Fane of Raman to find them, but in their path stood a cohort of Grustian knights known as the Sable Order. The bridges across the strait would soon be choked with the brave and the dead…

As far as bridge maps go, this isn’t too bad. It’s no Path of Radiance Petrine pitfall hellscape.

Actually deploying Minerva and Palla here, pretty much just because flyers are good, you guys.

We’ve also got some promotions to take care of. Barst becomes a Berzerker.

18 strength is going to make him a hell of a heavy hitter for roughly the rest of the whole game.

Caeda goes Dracoknight and...actually loses stats? For some incomprehensible reason...split promotions ARE in this game. Kinda. Only Pegasus Knights can use them, and can also choose to become Falcoknights by using the Elysian Whip.

Falcoknights aren’t as strong as Dracos, or as physically durable, but they get more resistance and speed, basically just being “Pegasus Knights But Moreso”. They can also wield swords instead of Axes.

The reason I’m telling you this instead of showing you is that getting the Elysian Whip requires buying it from the Nintendo Wifi Shop, a feature that is no longer active with the shutdown of the DS online capabilities. Sucks, but oh well. It had some pretty great items too, like Brave Weapons and more Master Seals.

Anyway, this map. It’s honestly not much to look at at first. There’s a giant bridge we’ll want to push south across.

The Sable Knights deploy almost exclusively Mounted units. Paladins, Horsemen, and Cavaliers will be making up the enemies here. Why, yes, that Ridersbane you probably have should come in handy, and a Poleax would be lovely. Marth and Caeda’s special weapons work great too, but watch out for bows in Caeda’s case.

There’s a small town area here with an Arena that might be one of the most useful in the game if you plan on using a very specific character. I don’t, but I mean, it’s there.

As I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear, there are a smattering of forts behind enemy lines. Be careful of suddenly appearing horses.

There’s really nothing remarkable about Sternlin. Poor guy doesn’t even have a 2 range weapon, and unlike Morzas, he doesn’t have the defensive stats to make up for it. He’ll be the least of your concerns.

This guy would be a Troubadour but they don’t exist yet.

Next time Marth crosses a bridge.

Bonus Content

Today we’re going to talk with the first character whose name I saw on the list, so hi Caesar!

: Do you have a family back in Warren?

: Yes… I have a little sister.

: You’ve a sister…? I’m sure she’s really cute. Is she alright without you?

: Well, it’s rather complicated, you see… My sick.

: I see...

: Her life won't be in danger as long as she takes her medicine, but... The medicine is expensive. I couldn't pay for it with just the salary I earned at my old job in Warren, so I had to look for faraway work like this.

Not to ruin the emotional scene here but I love picturing Caesar running into the shop and slamming gold on the counter to come out with a small handtruck of Vulneraries.

: ...Then you must return home alive, no matter what, for your sister's sake too.

: Yeah. And I'm counting on you to make that happen, Steve.

: Me?

: Steve, I believe you are the cornerstone of this army. It's not just because you're Marth's Royal Guard. It's pretty clear to anyone who sees you in battle. The way you fight will decide the outcome of this war... That's how I see it.

: ...

: Suffice to say, Prince Marth isn't the only one relying on you. I know I'm asking too much, but... Steve, that is why I'll lend you my strength. In peace and in war.

: Thank you, Caesar.

: No need for thanks. I am a mercenary... Ultimately, I only think of my own profit. So, don't be shy. Feel free to ask me if there's anything I can do for you.